Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Hollande And Merkel Want A “Super Mr. Euro” Position; I Nominate Max Keiser For The Job – 6 July 2012

Eurozone announcements are often as amusing as attempts to herd cats on horseback.

Today is no different. Via Google translate please consider Hollande and Merkel Want a “Super Mr. Euro”

The ever-present Jean-Claude Juncker will probably continue for some months at the head of the Eurogroup, but it is only the beginning of history: France and Germany are working on the installation, from the Next year, a “super Mr Euro” in order to provide the single currency a more responsible policy, more visible and more international than the current Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Reinforced that stature should be the president of the Eurogroup level equal to the President of the ECB , Mario Draghi , or to the Executive Director of IMF , Christine Lagarde , told the BBC French and German sources. The mandate would be five years. Function become exclusive, forcing the person to give up its national responsibilities.

Sign of the strengthening of the position, the new owner would participate in the summit of G20, which instance Jean-Claude Juncker has so far found excluded, despite its greatest.

The Ever-Present Jean-Claude Juncker

Actually, the eurozone could stand a lot less of the “ever-present” Jean-Claude Juncker who famously stated “When it becomes serious, you have to lie”

G20 Totally Useless Except for Humor

The idea that that a “Super Mr Euro” can lead breakthroughs at the G-20 is farcical. Indeed the only use of the G-20 is for the ensuing humor.

In case you missed it, please consider the incredibly funny video Here It Comes Your 19th Euro Breakdown in which Nigel Farage blasts idiotic statements made by José Barroso at the last G-20 gathering.

Given the only use of the G-20 is humor, why not put someone on the G-20 guaranteed to deliver just that?

Nigel Farage could do the job, but he is already tied up in EU parliament.

Nominating myself would likely to be seen as too self-serving. Besides, I have a better person in mind: Max Keiser.

I hereby nominate Max Keiser for position of “Super Mr. Euro”.

I am 100% positive that Max is the perfect man for the job. Not only will he deliver much needed humor in these trying times, he will also strive to put financial crooks behind bars.

What more could anyone possibly ask from Super Mr. Euro?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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