Republic Roundtable Call – 5th July – 6 July 2012

Host and Moderator: Robert Zuluaga
Producer: Jeanine Stewart

Introduction and Opening Prayer

A Year in Review
Today marked one year that we have been bringing updates on the progress of our collective efforts as we re-inhabit the Republic. A look back to a look forward.

Assembly’s Voice
Yavapai County members shared what makes them so inspirational as a group.

Judicial Activism: Taking Back the Bench
Minnesota is following Alabama’s lead in setting up a district court, and they shared their experience in front of the de facto federal court house.

Showcase a State
Republic members who attended the tour meeting with the President and Speaker of the House shared their experiences.

Education: Plato’s Republic
Not only did our Western Philosophy come from ancient Greece, but 2000 years before our founding fathers rolled out the Republic, Socrates and Plato were laying the foundations for a form of government wherein the people rule. Download “Allegory of the Cave” here.

Q&A Session

Closing Prayer

Call to Action
We’d like your feedback. What do you like and what do you see that can be improved to better reflect the voice of We the People on the Republic Roundtable?  Email

Please join us each Thursday evening at 6:00pm Pacific/ 9:00pm Eastern for the live Republic Roundtable Call: 712-432-0075 Code 594637#

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