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Mish/ Mike Shedlcok – Merkel’s Magic Hat Running Out Of Rabbits; 54% Of Germans Believe Further Bailouts Pointless; 160 German Economists Denounce Summit Results – 7 July 2012

A pair of articles translated from German and Spanish further highlights the pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to not give into to further demands by Spain, Italy, and France.

160 German Economists Denounce Summit Results Continue reading


Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 7 July 2012

Justice is being served throughout your world as you read these words today. Arrests are taking place and beings who have committed crimes against the people of Earth are being taken into custody one by one throughout corners of your entire globe. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are monitoring these situations and we are noting the progress that the men and women who are on the front lines are making, and we are very happy to report that they are making good progress, steady progress, and that we see this momentum not fading away but growing in intensity as more of those who have conspired against humanity are brought to the justice that has always been for them inevitable. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Events Are Always Shifting And Changing – 7 July 2012

Written by Wes Annac

There has been a plethora of discussion over the ‘Containment’ scenario as possibly replacing the ‘Mass Arrests’ scenario to neutralize the cabal, as Archangel Michael has come through to Steve Beckow and discussed the uncompassionate nature of Mass Arrests and the celestial’s willingness to shift plans to one that will indeed neutralize and expose the cabals every bit as much as any other scenario; simply in a different way. Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – New Interview – 7 July 2012

New Interview

You might want to listen to Cobra interview with Alexandra Meadors:
Or read the transcript directly:

John Ward – Fake US Recovery: More Fuel For Slog’s Argument – 7 July 2012

Further to yesterday’s Slogpost about the chimera of American growth, I am indebted to an Asia-based Slogger for this massively helpful addition to an understanding of Obamacon:

‘Any time I hear anybody burbling about a US recovery, I ask them to explain this graph: Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – “What Is It That Is My Dream?” And What Energy Creates The Dream? – 7 July 2012

This second sharing is all thanx to a beautiful soul /friend I have on facebook named Diane.  She asked a question that is so vital to our understanding, of the true Harvest at hand, and to rattle a space within me I take for granted.  Her question is:

“What is it that is my dream?” Continue reading

Max Igan – Globalism By Distraction (4 Parts Video) – 7 July 2012

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Spirit Science – Male And Female Energy – 7 July 2012

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Deepak Chopra – Learning To Meditate – 7 July 2012

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