Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Next Pair Of Eyes You Look Into – 7 July 2012

God said:

Are you feeling blue? Are you feeling down? Then this is the time to look up. Look up at the blue sky. Look for Me, and you will find Me. You can find Me in the next pair of eyes you look into. You can find Me anywhere and everywhere. Start with the sky and look up. Look Heavenward, and you will begin to feel chipper. Even the idea of looking up will nourish your waning heart. What is feeling blue but looking down? Of course, look up. Look high. Look at something worthwhile to look at.

Raise your sights. Hearten yourself. Climb by your bootstraps, or soar right up to great heights. No props are really needed. If you think you need props, grab a hold of a golden ladder I hand to you. Start climbing. Raise your arms and legs. Raise your heart. Let your heart be your heart. You can’t keep a good man down, not for long can you. Even boxers get up before the count of ten. Imagine what your heart can do. Your heart can revolutionize your life.

Attune yourself. Don’t wait. Moods are like shifting sand. Come stand with Me. As you reach higher, I lift you. Come over here to the Heart of God and claim Our Alliance. Do not forfeit your heart of gold to odds and ends of feelings of despondency. There is no reason to. Whatever led you to feeling blue, dismiss it. It is a trifle. It is nothing. Next to the world of love, it is nothing. Join Me in love.

When you are feeling down, don’t stay there. Don’t justify it. Get out of it. Get up, little dogie, get up.

Join a march of hearts to Heaven. Be the leader of the band. You can do it. You must do it. Why would anyone squander life on blue moods? Why would you? Look at the blue moon instead, or the white moon, or the yellow sun, or the sky blue or the ocean blue or eyes of blue or eyes of brown or green leaves of grass. Look at yourself wide-eyed in the mirror and smile. Show your teeth. Open your smile wide. Show those dimples. Get that smile out there where it belongs. Don’t submerge it.

When you feel down-hearted, lift your heart. Don’t stay glum. Whatever for?

Come into a garden with Me where you will change your mind from glum to plum of joy. Hum a happy tune. Glumness doesn’t have to get a hold on you. Get glumness behind you and leave it there.

If you are feeling weak-kneed, start standing tall. I mean literally, stand tall. Shoulders back. Eyes forward. Pose if you have to, and I will take a picture. If you could only see the picture I have of you, you would never feel down. You would be a-glow. You would be ignited. You would see yourself as the Light of the World, and you would cast light before you, and you would be the light before you. You would know that you are My light before you.

You would know that your feeling down doesn’t make sense. It is senseless. Feeling down does not reflect Truth. You hold semblance of despondency as Truth. You claim it. Claim something else instead.

Get out from the shadows. You don’t have to stay there.

You have sunshine to give, and sunshine is for you to give today, so give it. Give it for all the world to see. You are the foreteller of the world. You set the tone. You sing the tune. link to original article

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