Legal Redemption Of Our Strawmen – 7 July 2012

Ok listen up Americans, U.K. and Canadians! I’d like to either formulate or request the formulation of a group dedicated to the legal redemption process of our fictional entity known as our Strawman. I have gathered much information on this topic and wish to corroborate with several individuals to discuss assisting one another in this totally legal, totally hidden from our government, totally existent truth! Many of us have received information regarding this process or have heard rumors of this existing, but many don’t know how to go about claiming ownership over their legal fiction.

If we all work together to carry out this task, we can literally SEPARATE OURSELVES FROM THE GOVERNMENT and remove ourselves from their control! They control us through our social security numbers, our driver’s licenses, our birth certificates, our credit history and through various other methods. Once you claim ownership over your legal fiction aka your birth certificate (which shows your name in full capitalization and includes a serial number on the form) you are no longer under government jurisdiction and are not held accountable for their laws! I was told about this a couple of years ago by a friend of mine, but I never followed up on it as I could not get assistance from anyone to help me unless I was willing to pay a fee.

Why on Earth should I pay for a service that should have been disclosed to me decades ago? Why would another free and peaceful citizen want to charge you money to help you become free yourself? Anyone interested, who has their original birth certificate or can obtain their original birth certificate, please contact me. Below you will find plenty of resources to which explain more about this process as well as videos showing the strength of ONE citizen entire court and legal system. You will also see references to forms of which are needed to help get this process started which I will provide to anyone who requests it. I will keep this thread bumped to ensure everyone is given a chance to consider this option. We can gain control back by simply saying NO to their rule and order. We are all highly powerful individually, but together we are a tidal wave of tyrannical destruction. God Bless. Diana M Thurston

Introductory video:

Documents and other reading material:

Following the link below will explain the meaning of Straw Man. YOUR LEGAL FICTION. Upon arrival at this first link, to the right you will see other useful documents that relate to common law and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)

Following the link below brings you to the same site as above however this link brings you to a document that explains Federal Reserve Notes and what money really is.

The following link gets into more detail about copyrighting your own name.

United States Criminal Code:

United States Uniform Commercial Code:

The US Bill of Rights:


Security Of The Person: Robert Menard

United States, New Jersey Freeman handles himself well in court:

Canadian Freeman stands up to judge in court, dismisses his own case:

Canadian Freeman vs. Cop, know your rights:

UK Raymond St. Clair stands as a sovereign in a US court:

UK Raymond St. Clair vs. judge, judge arrested for treason:

UK Freeman Raymond St. Clair Interviewed By Police, watch the videos in order 1-3:

Raymond St. Clair’s website

Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception:

Magnificent_Desception: Robert Menard

The Magnificent Deception Part 1 of 2

The Magnificent Deception Part 2 of 2

Birth Certificates Traded on NYSE Stock Exchange:

How to look up your Birth Certificate on the stock market:

For Instructions on the birth certificate to see if they are trading on it go to Click on Research. Click on Quote. Click on Symbol Look Up. Type in the Birth Number on the Birth Certificate, the first three numbers. Make sure the top two areas say MUTUAL FUND and FUND NUMBER BEFORE You do the search to find out who is trading on the FUND for the Birth Certificate.

Notice regarding the use of names bonded at birth and traded for value on the Stock exchange.

How to obtain up to 3 social security numbers:

How to discharge your debts by Acceptance for Value:

UCC-1 Related Videos:

How to fill out a UCC-1 financing statement 1153 #1:

How to fill out a UCC-1 financing statement 1154 #2:

How to fill out a UCC-1 financing statement 1155 #3:

UCC-1 Package Information – “Done Right” All 5 Modules

Sovereign Status and Standing Package

This is a combination of all 5 Status and Standing modules, that when implemented, will provide the most comprehensive Status and Standing package available anywhere at the best possible value as well.

This 5 level process goes way beyond the typical one dimensional programs:

Module 1 – Status – “Who are YOU?” – establish your identity

Module 2 – Separation from the “Strawman – keep the real man or woman out of the public

Module 3 – Remove Adhesion Contract and Redomicile – redomicile the “Strawman”

Module 4 – Capture the “Strawman” – create a legal means where others can appear in court to help you.

Module 5 – Discharge “Strawman” Debt – discharge the “Strawman” debt and use the “Strawman” as your financial ally.

Also included as part of our latest research are such things as:
The “Strawman” trust which creates a legal means where others can appear in court to help you.
Certificate of Non – U.S. Citizen National Status that will certify that one is outside of the taxing system. Statement of Redomicile that will correct the erroneous record created by your birth certificate that you are domiciled in Washington D.C. link to original article


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