Lisa Gawlas – “What Is It That Is My Dream?” And What Energy Creates The Dream? – 7 July 2012

This second sharing is all thanx to a beautiful soul /friend I have on facebook named Diane.  She asked a question that is so vital to our understanding, of the true Harvest at hand, and to rattle a space within me I take for granted.  Her question is:

“What is it that is my dream?”

What a truly profound and important question.  But before we even scratch the surface of that reply, we must first and foremost discern Who is doing the dreaming.

We all start out with two aspects of ourselves dancing thru life.  The Ego personality and the quite, allowing Higher Self.

Be sure to understand that the higher self will NEVER interfere with the Ego processes.  The higher self has stepped into created matter for the joy of the unfolding adventure… no matter where it leads too.

In the higher self aspect, there can never be a wrong choice, an avenue to be avoided, because it’s soul purpose for being Here is to learn and experience.  Every breath of created experience, is a learning lesson in progress.  That alone is celebrated every single moment of every day thru out the multi-verse!

If we never ever become aware that there are two guiding forces within us (ego vs soul) it doesn’t matter.  The game still went incredibly well, however it turned out.  There are a million incarnations left up the higher self’s sleeve to one day awaken into created matter thru the heart of the host human.

So to make this even clearer, your spiritual guides will NEVER tell you what to do, where to go or how to do it.  Nor will the soul itself.

Like the banks of the river, it is all there to guide you us on the ever flowing journey of the river of life finding its way back to the Source.

All of life will send you energy, warning flags, detour routes, exciting potentials coming up, but never tell you that is the way you need to go or how to get there.  If any aspect of you is “telling you” you are hearing the ego talk.

Do not mistake “validation” as telling you.  The universe supports your journey every single second of the day, and will validate that the choices you are making (depending of course, how you ask the request for validation) is in alignment with your desires.  Again, to be very very clear, the spiritual realm really doesn’t care if you are following an ego plan for you life, or a soul plan, the two are tightly knit together anyway.  One all-ways enhancing the experience of the other.  All-Ways.

The ego learns by things falling a part.  It kicks and screams, blames and condemns, assuring itself of yet another bigger, louder lesson to part take in.

Eventually… it does get it and releases the hold of that aspect of experience back to the greater, true reality.

Discernment in all aspects of life are Key!

So to discern who the dreamer is: Ego vs Soul.

Keep in mind, the ego is a fear based entity designed for survival in created matter.  Your soul, knows the game is not real and truly, could care less about details.  It’s only true rule if you will is Do No Harm. Period.

Of course, our idea of harm and it’s idea of harm are often times in two very different ball parks!!  But that too is learning to swim the river of life fluidly and consciously.

The ego has details, agenda’s, and a sight set on what would appear the final outcome should be.  It is, after all, part of its creation to do just that.

The soul flows as if on the breeze.  Experiencing.  Expanding.  The is no outcome, just the moment.  There are no details, just the experience of feeling. There is no agenda, only expansion.

How does one fulfill or even understand a dream that appears to be elusive like the souls.

Understanding why we are even playing this game called Life is also key.

We have created a masterful game of hide and seek.  We were so masterful at this game we placed two dreamers into our energy.  The illusionist of the dream  (ego) and the true master of the dream (Self.)  We have gotten so good at this game we think the illusion is real and the real is illusion!!  We indeed are master creators!!

So, how do we awaken to the Real, to the true Source in our river of created Life?

Feel your way!!  There are no details to follow, just pure energy trails.

When you are in the truth of feeling, in your SOUL presence, there is no need to justify, condemn, belittle, berate, pick a part, did I say justify… anything that is experienced.  It just knows and loves and grows even more in the next experience.

But yet, there is a story building in all your feeling experiences.  An Aliveness setting into the cells of your created reality.

The illusion drops.  You can see what was never seen before.  Yes, your spiritual vision is part of your process of full soul merger energy into your creation.  So is your soul hearing, smelling, tasting, and holy freakin cow batman FEELING!!!

This is the true DREAMER waking up within you and you are becoming so aware of the exchange…. the change of it ALL.  Without all your faculties on-board and alive, there is still the illusion that your ego would love for you to believe… you are not capable of this.  It IS your birthright!!

Now we do have this complex system to work out and trust.  For many it will take lifetimes to master… hence the frequency and multiple incarnations.

We have an abundance of help at every turn.  Earth angels, spiritual helpers, animals, you name it.  We placed it all in our illusion to wake up us.  Everyone and every thing.

Some are just starting out on this journey of mastering created matter, but I assure you, THIS time we are in, is the time you can quicken and facilitate yourself like never before.  No Soul left behind.  Unless you choose it… a very valid choice by the way.

So what is the dream anyway?  To bring the full expression of your higher self into created matter and allow the full mastery to take each moment of experience to the next.  The dream builds and has no completion.  Just the next exciting adventure along the way.

Like my ongoing dream of living Shambhala.  I cannot really tell you what that is or how it works… it is purely an energetic understanding and depth of experience, that no matter what words I use, pale to bring the story to life.

Even to go into details about what I do understand about Divine Counterparts (a mass dream many are holding in their hearts) I cannot put the fullness into words, god knows I try.  And what we shall do and experience in that Aliveness…. WILLingness of connection, Holy-ness of RE-Union… words cannot go there.

It is funny to hear all this come thru, as spirit had said so many times over the last several months, let go of the details.  Now I really and fully understand why.  I hope you do as well.

In my own personal story.  I never set out to do what it is I am capable of doing now.  There was no way of pre-conceiving what I do.  I cannot teach you what I do either, for it is mine.  I can take you to the doorway of your own mastery, help you to learn how to harness your true energy… but you too, are so uniquely you.  You have come into this life with skill sets no one else can teach you to use.  I can teach you how to eat of your own tree of life… but you have to figure out how to digest it all (bring it into created form as YOUR expression.)

To allow yourself to let go that things must be one way or the other is to give yourself full freedom on this game of hide and seek.

Have I mentioned how important, co-creative, full conscious participation in meditation is??  I am sure I have…!!!

At any given time there are only ever two doors to choose from.  The illusion of ego or the Intangible of the Divine.  Either choice taking you ever closer to the Source of Life and Awake as the true Dreamer.  We bob and weave until all we do is let go and flowwwwwwwwwww!

I love you all so much, so very very much.


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  1. Your question is, What is it That is my dream. The answer is really very simple. It is what makes you happy, yet doesn’t jeopardize another’s happiness.