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Max Igan – Globalism By Distraction (4 Parts Video) – 7 July 2012

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Spirit Science – Male And Female Energy – 7 July 2012

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Deepak Chopra – Learning To Meditate – 7 July 2012

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Lisa Gawlas – Opening Our Door To The Promised Land Is Our Rsponsibility…Coupled With Action!! – 7 July 2012

There is but one single word on my heart this morning.  A word I would much prefer to put in the mailbox and send back to the universe.


We hear this word, do our best to own it in our life.  However, the human tenancy is to be surface seekers and application-ers.  Present company included. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – Powerful Corporates, Unrepresentative Politicians And Apathetic Voters…Really? – 7 July 2012

Stephen: That’s it. Tell them what you want them to hear and they might just believe it!

This study may have been released in the UK today. Yet it could apply to the world over – but only in old paradigm terms.

I wonder who funded this ‘survey’ and I seriously question: are we really all apathetic?  I don’t think so. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Three Quarters Of A Million Voters Set To Be Disenfranchised In Pennsylvania –

Over 750,000 registered voters in Pennsylvania may be disenfranchised under the state’s new voter ID law, election officials on reported on Tuesday.

(photo: video still from The Ed Show see link below) The three quarters of a million figure represents 9.2 percent of the state’s voters. Continue reading

Serious Fraud Office To Investigate Barclays Libor Fixing – 7 July 2012

A criminal investigation has been launched into alleged rigging of the Libor rate within the banking industry, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) confirmed today.

SFO director David Green QC formally accepted the Libor issue for investigation after Barclays was fined by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) last week for manipulating the key interbank lending rate which affects mortgages and loans. Continue reading