American Kabuki – The Awakening Of Russell Brand – 8 July 2012

Russell Brand rails against the Capitalist Elites at the MTV Awards 2012

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I’d missed it: the MTV Awards 2012 took place in June and nobody told me about this year’s host Russell Brand, naughty ikkle wikkle boyman that he is, who went on a MASSIVE anti-Illuminati anti-capitalist anti-New World Order RANT at the MTV Awards.
It was just on terrestrial TV, here in UK.
Brand was taking it upon himself to inform the mind-controlled millions of impressionable worldwide yoofees how Twilight was about “elite vampires living of the blood of the average joe” and how Hunger Games was about “the misery and suffering of poor people being used to entertain the elites” about the cynical lie of capitalism and commercialism and consumerism…
He said other interesting stuff, and I thought, “You know what, I bet someone wise soul’s uploaded the whole rant onto youtube already.”
Reuters had uploaded a clip where Brand was ineffectively dogging Justin Bieber and Katy Perry and Kanye West et al. But that wasn’t the clip I was looking for. The anti-Illuminati shocker. The truth of the Secret Agenda. The war on YOU THE PEOPLE. Someone connected with the Prison Planet forum had found it, or uploaded it, then it went missing. No longer on the internet. Wiped clean. Hm, and we can only hope noone will ever see this shit again.
Victory for tyranny.

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*P.S. By Lucas : An reader Chaline1  found the Russel MTV opening monologue : therefore it just to find, mister Kabuki:  link to MTV Awards Opening monologue 2012 by Russell Brand


3 responses to “American Kabuki – The Awakening Of Russell Brand – 8 July 2012

  1. Found this when searching:
    The relevant bits (perhaps not all of them) happen for ca 1min around the 5min mark)

  2. “…it went missing. No longer on the internet. Wiped clean. ”
    That’s why I posted the link, only one I could find.