Blossom Goodchild – Extra Including Audio And Video – 8 July 2012


A month or so ago I went to see a healer/reader. A lovely young indigo lady, to whom White Cloud had appeared two years previously. As he left he told her he would see her in two years time. Enter me on the healing table!!  … and White Cloud showed himself to her through me. Lovely! She then went on to tell me that White Cloud and I would always be very close … almost as one … yet it had been agreed that he is now happy to step aside and another energy is to come and speak through me on a regular basis. This energy being that of the gracious Quan Yin.

It was a ‘reader’ that told me White Cloud wanted to connect with me. It was a ‘reader’ who told me to sit at my computer and a new energy would connect with me … The Federation Of Light … so it made total sense that it would be a ‘reader’ that would show me the next phase of my journey.

 I arranged a meeting at my house, and invited eleven trusted friends in order for this introduction to take place. I knew White Cloud would come through first, which he did and I think he always will. I would miss him greatly if he were to disappear off the radar altogether! I ask you to breath for the 3mins whilst Quan Yin prepares to talk.  Her energy is very strong . I send out this recording for all who choose to hear … and I am sure it will not be the last. I feel that those who listen to it will experience a shift. I feel it was designed to do so. The recording is almost an hour long and I would suggest one look upon it as a meditation rather than listening whilst walking etc.

It will be interesting as our energy blends how ‘She and I’ learn to work with each other ! 13 years ago … White Cloud and I ‘sounded’ very different indeed.

I am WELL AWARE of the pace in which both White Cloud and Quan Yin deliver their words. Although it may appear to be very slow … I know that there is reason for this … to allow the soulself to absorb the words and the energy they carry in their fullness.

At the end of the session White Cloud used my singing bowl to unite our vibrations.  I had used it at the beginning for the same reason. At first it may sound a bit ‘weak’ , but I urge you to listen to the end and breath with it. That old injan KNOWS how to get the most out of that little singing bowl!

Here is the link to the channelling. I do hope you get something from it. All I ask is that if you post it on blogs, sites or face book etc … please would you also post the above explanation. Thank you .   54mins


And this very interesting snippet from a movie made in 1981! A Higher Conscious Conversation.

via newsletter: 8 July 2012

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