Visionkeeper – Trudging Upstream – 8 July 2012

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A quick trip around the internet to all the various sites these days will give you a good idea how difficult the going is for many people right now. Between what the Government is doing to everyone or not doing as the case may be, the constant bombardment of solar flares, the shifting of global situations and the never-ending saga of war, life is a challenge on so many levels.

That is bad enough, but are you trying to tow your boat upstream against the current as well? Life is hard enough, we need not make it any harder by not going with the flow downstream. It is time to stay anchored inside and listen to what your gut is telling you to do. If we go with what feels right to us we usually are going with the flow and life is easier by far. It is so important right now especially, to listen to yourself, for if you do, you will not waste precious energy fighting your way through life. Instead go with the flow and allow the currents of life to pull you along effortlessly, having faith and trusting that you will be taken to where you need to be.

For so many of those struggling along today, ego is the main culprit for that unnecessary struggle. We go against ourselves determined to do things our own way, totally ignoring the tug within to go another way. Ego can have its useful moments, but by in large it is a yoke around our necks. We listen to this obscure voice within telling us who we should be, what we should or should not do and worse we actually obey the commands. This is not the real you. It is important to isolate this ego entity and recognize it so you can avoid its beckonings and go the route your higher self and your gut are telling you to go. Life is easier that way.

It always frustrates me to see so many choose the hard way just to avoid doing something different or going outside their belief comfort zones. I know trusting and putting our belief in something we cannot see or touch is asking a lot, but that is what surrendering is all about. Surrendering to the understanding a higher power knows the best road for us to travel. Why not give it a try? You might be surprised how much easier life functions when you go with the flow. Once you feel fully connected to this higher source you are never alone, you always have support and love and your confidence grows.

We are never alone on our journey, it is important to remember that. We always have our higher selves to guide us along, and we are always connected to source if we allow ourselves to be. If we be ourselves, follow what our hearts want to be and stay anchored in love, life will flow and be kind to us. Do unto life as you would wish life to do unto you. There is such a total disregard for life today, nothing and nobody has value anymore. It is thanks to the immoral programming that we have all  been subjected to on a daily basis. Over time it has eroded our morals and principles, steering our priorities onto materialism, stripped away our spirits and destroyed our self-worth. We have been left empty shells of who we once were, and it is imperative we cast off this brainwashing and reconnect with who we REALLY are!

If we don’t find the courage to flow along WITH life then the struggle becomes too much for us to bear. If we don’t find ourselves again and regain our self-worth then we have no courage to surrender and we find ourselves trudging upstream exhausted, depressed and hopeless. Spirit is alive and well in the world despite what the dark ones would have you believe. It lives within each of us and is there to guide us along and keep us centered. Spirit requires nourishment just as we do to survive, and the nourishment for spirit is love and gratitude. Feed your spirit and your heart love and a gratitude for life and your spirit will thrive, and as a result you will thrive. Allow yourself to dive into the current of life and be carried gently along to wherever your spirit thinks you need to go. Enjoy the journey!

Blessings to you all,

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