Wes Annac – The Pleiadian Council Of Nine : Expect Much Truth And Light To Be Brought Forth – 9 July 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

As you grow as a collective and newer strides are reached, so do planned events change in minute or bold ways. There are many plans that have been set forth and some of these plans have been discussed but dear souls, not everything has been set in stone.

We should explain that we have been closely following every possibility and scenario that has been brought forth by the Angelic souls who are Guiding us in our endeavors in assisting Earth, and we have been convening with many different Councils over the best possible plans of action in relation to the neutralization of the elites on your world, who would otherwise continue to wreak havoc if our intervention would not take place.

Either way, bold and uprooting change is to be taking place on your world and currently, this change is occurring at a personal level within your cores as many of you are finding the intense uprooting of your former selves. The Light-holding that has been taking place on your world by so very many incarnate starseeds who have incarnated on your world for the very purposes of holding the Light, is seeing the collective consciousness shift in very profound ways and in ways that we have been anticipating for some time.

There are now millions of incarnate wanderers and starseeds upon your beautiful blue world, and those of you who are opening up to your true and full, higher selves in many pure ways are also the ones who are going through the most intense and uprooting lessons at present.

The lessons that you are going through, while in many cases being intensely difficult and bringing you to your cores in many instances, are literally shifting the collective perception and consciousness and since there are millions of you who are holding very pure Light while subsequently going through very intense Life lessons, the overall collective consciousness is shifting in a way that the [seemingly] bolder and less forgiving physical actions on your world are less and less becoming a necessity.

We have intended to let you dear souls in on as much information as possible in relation to the unfolding events on your world but there is indeed much that cannot be disclosed due to the sheer nature in which our plans can change, in quite bold ways, in accordance with the rising Light energies and the continually pure Light-quotient of the majority of humanity.

Many unawakened souls on your world are finding themselves going through much more difficult Life lessons as they are pushed toward discovering the distorted nature in which they have been experiencing your beautiful world and the beautiful consciousness that accompanies third dimensional Life.

The crucial balance that is needed for the collective whilst much energetic uprooting and subsequent collective and individual learning is taking place, [sees that] we must be extremely careful as to how we proceed with the events which are to take the elites on your world away from their positions of influence while subsequently informing humanity of all that has happened on your surface for nearly a millennia.

The Light quotient is seeing these events able to manifest in the time windows that have be hoped for and as has been endlessly expressed, there is indeed a set time and date for the complete removal of the dark souls on your world, in whichever way it is to be specifically brought about.

We say that at present, there is no concrete decision and [again] nothing is set in stone as to how the ultimate removal of the influence of these souls is to take place. The scenario of these souls being arrested publicly in mass numbers was one that was widely weighed-on and heavily considered to the point that we and many others began to become comfortable with expressing this scenario unfolding through channels, but what was perhaps missing from some of the communications was the truth that even that scenario was not as set in stone as many of us within our Councils of the Galactic Federation had anticipated.

This entire endeavor has been an immense learning experience for us, as we are helping you to ascend to the states of consciousness we currently exist in and enjoy quite immensely, while at the same time receiving Guidance and continual advice from the souls Guiding us who are further along their paths, and these would be the souls whom you know best as the Archangels and Angels, Ascended Masters and such.

We say that there is not one set group of ascended souls who are further along on their paths and who assist us, and rather there are very many ascended souls coming from all throughout this beautiful Creation to assist us in the ascension of Earth in their own specific and needed ways, and we are meeting new Guides every ‘day’ who have come now to enthusiastically help us to help you to help your planet to ascend into the wonderfully pure states of consciousness that you all deserve to exist within.

We have learned so very much whilst working with your world and one lesson that we are absorbing currently with the bringing-forth of alternate possibilities in the removal of the influence of the dark, is that nothing specific [in relation to the elite’s exposure] has yet ever been as assured as we had assumed was so with the possibility of the dark souls on your world being arrested in mass numbers, as we have been discussing many different possibilities while assuming in no uncertain ways, that the ‘Mass Arrest’ scenario would always be the most likely scenario to be brought forth.

It is a lesson that we are learning and suffice to say, we quite appreciate the opportunity to learn it.

It is a collective lesson for humanity as well and for all who are reading and absorbing the many communications which have predicted this possibility of the dark heads on your world being publicly taken away in handcuffs, and suffice to say dear souls no matter which way the influence of those souls is taken from your world, they will answer for what they have done to your world through the natural Laws of Karma and as a result of the strong and immense desire of so many awakening souls on your world to see the dark heads answer for what they have done.

With this statement, we do not refer to those who may take to vengeful or violent mindsets when learning about all that has be done – we mean instead those who have known what the dark heads have been doing on your world and who have taken to Peaceful and Lighted means to get the truth out and spread awareness of all that has been done.

Many of you have been working so very hard to see these end times come about and while we understand fully that it can be unnerving at times to follow our continually-changing plans and to have to be told when such plans could or could not be changing; this is wherein the difficulty in sharing every bit of unfolding information and development lays.

We do not want to frustrate, aggravate or unnerve you dear beautiful souls who have been waiting and working for so long toward this inevitable conclusion, which is why we must express that again, no matter how these details play out there are still a few key and crucial elements that will remain.

Such elements are:

1. That the influence of the dark heads and of the lower astral entities alike who employ them will be completely removed from your surface and from any and every other realm throughout Gaia’s beautiful structure.

2. The aims and agendas of the dark souls are going to be discussed, and humanity will have much to soak-in and much truth to absorb as you are all let know of your true history and of the nature to which your true history has been distorted.

3. The dark heads on your world will indeed undergo trials. These will be Peaceful trials which will be carried out under the authority of the Galactic Federation, the Universal souls [and Councils] whom have always overseen Earth’s Creation and the balance and sustained funneling of Logos to all of Her realms, as well as the Highest Councils overseeing the Earth and [overseeing] all whom take Lives upon Her beautiful and marvelous surface.

The collective of humanity will have explained to them, the extent to which forgiveness of the dark heads and elite families is needed. It is to be explained that there are many within such families who have incarnated for Lighted purposes, to spread Light in such families from some of the darkest corners of the Earth experience. Some of such souls will choose to step forward with their experiences and help to expose many of the most devious inner-workings of the Illuminati rituals and of the false doctrines that are forced onto every soul within the Illuminati.

It should be expressed, dear souls, that a few very important and key arrests have indeed already been [privately] made, and the Angelics and the higher Earthly Councils who are deciding what is to manifest next in relation to the exposure of the aims and agendas of the elites; such souls are to make the final decisions as to how the specific bringing-about of the exposure of the elites is to manifest.

They have been convening with us to garner our assistance in any ways that we can help with such a decision-making process, and they have as well been convening amongst themselves to discuss the repercussions and such that we could not yet be able to understand for indeed dear souls, there is again much [we are learning] about the Earth experience and about the sensitive nature in which your world must be kept in complete balance as these events are manifested, as this balance is crucial to the evolution of innumerable realms throughout this Creation which we all exist happily within and as.

Gaia is ready to see the exposure of those who have kept Her in the most pain and this is why She is calling for the exposure of these souls, yet in the most compassionate ways possible.

You are to see in the immediate period ahead, many souls whom could perhaps be recognized as being in the pockets of the elites, who will choose to enact Lighted change and measures within their respected spheres of influence. You will recognize these souls as working directly with the Archangels who have been imploring many of them to jump ship from their Illuminati counterparts and join the Light, which is ever-becoming the dominant energy and decider of the events to manifest on your world.

As a result of this happening, you are to see much Lighted change finally begin to be brought forth and we must reiterate that this is as well a steady and slow process as it must be to insure the balance and stability of the collective and individual consciousness of humanity as again, such a stability is very important to the stability and continual evolution of many, many other realms and planets whose ascension is nearly riding on the ascension of the Earth.

Expect much truth and Light to be brought forth in the immediate period ahead through your mainstream media as indeed, at this moment it is still bringing forth much falsity and many are still being deceived by tuning-in to the mainstream propaganda that is continually and boldly passed off as truth, but these constraints are being broken step by step, little by little as each and every one of you make it your intents to proclaim your willingness to yourselves break away from the influence of the  mainstream perception on your world, as you realize the true and hollow nature of such mainstream perceptions.

For many of you who are awakening to these truths, you are seeing around you at this point a continuation of the old and a continuation of the employment of all of those former mindsets that you once existed within quite happily, grew away from and now recognize as hollow. For some, this can be mentally and emotionally painful, especially when seeing and noticing others falling for the traps that one has long grown out of, and we must of course stress the importance of never employing judgment when looking upon the Life experience of another.

You are all on this world experiencing differing and varying levels of consciousness, and not every soul who is on your world currently is here to experience the ascension of your world. Some are Earth-Natives or Natives from Mars who chose to undergo experiences on Earth for various different reasons, and some will not choose to accept and integrate the energies of your Universal ascension which are being given to your world in increased acceleration and purity at this time.

As above, so below dear souls and every change that you enact within yourselves and every discipline you find yourselves bringing forth in your own Lives that will see you ultimately better aligned with your own continually unfolding ascension process; these happenings are bringing forth the beginning of the exposure of the elites on your world as well as their beginning-compliance with the Ascended Masters and various Angels and Archangels who are working in conjunction with the insider defectors who are now working for the Light, while they [Masters] work as well with the Higher Councils overseeing the Earths realms.

Indeed dear souls, you are seeing and will continue to see many examples of Light and truth brought forth and change enacted on your world that has needed to be enacted, by those who will clearly demonstrate themselves as working for the Light. We say that the souls who are now making those choices to turn away from those who have abused them in many ways and join the Light forces, will be and are finding much protection given from the Light upon using their positions of influence to bring forth Lighted change as well as truth.

We know each and every soul who has been exposed to the actions and inner-workings of the elites, and we have Guided our allies in the various positions they have taken to whilst on Earth, to contact many people within the [United States] Military as well as many other highly influential and high-ranking souls within establishments such as the Military, in an effort to get such souls to come forth with what they have experienced so that the collective of humanity can begin to learn such things.

The soul who is known as Bill Brockbrader is a prime example of this happening, as this soul has experienced so very much that deep within himself, he has long wished to inform the collective of humanity about.

He and many, many others will be and now are getting the chance to do so and we say to those who are still holding out and continuing to align with the elites, that such a feeling of ease, of relief, of general happiness and bliss will rise up within you, having exposed all of that which you have been forced into keeping secret for so very long.

Scenarios and possibilities are being juggled at this point as we are all bringing forth different possibilities as to how the exposure and removal of the dark souls who have installed themselves into positions of power on your world for so very long, is to take place. Those who are joining with the side of the Light are not necessarily being ‘contained’ in that they are not in any way being forced to bring forth the Lighted change that many will be choosing to bring forth in the immediate period ahead.

There will be many who perhaps think or feel that they are being forced into enacting the change on your world that has been needed, and we can foresee already that some will be quite curmudgeon about enacting this change and will feel that they are being forced to do so because their empires had crumbled without them getting to see the fruition of the agendas that others in their bloodline had planned, generations before them.

However, there will be many who will happily choose to come over to the side of the Light and in any ways they can, be a part of the informing of the collective of humanity and we implore you to realize that the upcoming period and the period directly following, will be much more Lighted than many of you do perhaps realize.

Yes indeed, there will be collective anger and frustration at first and much collective emotion that has been long hidden within the subconscious is itself going to be uprooted, exposed to and expressed by the collective of humanity. The tests that you are all to undergo in such times [which have been discussed before] will be preludes to the wonderful and Lighted times in which we speak of; in which many of you will get together to inform yourselves and each other.

It has been spoken of as well, the collective Unity that is going to be garnered in the immediate period ahead and this will be a result of you all inevitably passing the final collective tests that you have all planned out for yourselves – those are, [whether one will] be in fear or acceptance when learning many startling and uprooting truths.

You will likely notice that the theme of uprooting has been expressed much throughout this message, and you will find as well that it is an important theme in the upcoming period for this uprooting that is to take place has the potential to vastly tip the collective balance, were we not here to assist with the energy movements and exposures of the elites in a way that sees this balance able to be attained.

Again, the physical manifestations and representations of just how these events are to come about are both assured and not yet decided on fully. What we mean by this is that either way these events are going to manifest and we have a select and certain few key scenarios planned out that we and our [and your] Angelic Guides as well, know fully will work out overall and we are simply working out these last few minute details and deciding just which specific events out of these few select possibilities, are going to be those to actually manifest.

The ‘Mass Arrests’ scenario and the scenario which has been generally labeled ‘Containment’, are two of such very likely possibilities and there is one more possibility as well that we are not currently at liberty to discuss, as it involves elements of the exposure of the dark heads that they have not been aware we possess or understand in any ways.

We have long informed these souls that we know everything about them that could be known; there is simply much that we will not [yet] disclose to channels about these individuals due to their freewill choices for the general public not to know such things before the period ahead which will expose the actions of these souls.

In such a period, the freewill of the dark heads will be no obstacle in bringing forth such truth as the collective will have entered such pure planes of consciousness in this beautiful Creation, that the exposure of the elites will have been ready to be brought forth and energetically prepared-for by the collective of humanity.

There is a very unbalanced measure of the freewill energies of the dark heads because they have very grossly and boldly invaded the freewill of so many on your world for so very long, and this is as well why their freewill will not be an obstacle in the immediate period ahead, in exposing and disclosing many things about them as such truths will as well be essential to the explaining of the many ways in which they have controlled your world for so very long.

In this current moment, there are still many on your world who would not yet be ready for such truths and so you see dear, beautiful souls, it is a balance of the freewill of the dark heads and the freewill of the souls on your world alike who would not yet be ready to hear such things.

Some of such souls are those who we have spoken of, who may not choose your ascension and who may instead choose to take Lives on other worlds, undergoing the lower dimensional experience.

Until our next communication, dear souls, we wish to express our hope that the aims of this communication have been brought forth as planned for. Such aims have been to inform you of the existence of scenarios and possibilities for the exposure of your dark besides those of the Mass Arrests, and to again affirm that no matter which way such exposures and clearing-away of the influence of the dark happens, there will be no reason to fear and the dark heads will have their actions exposed in the same, bold ways that will get the attention of your entire world.

It is to be the single greatest event to happen to your world and especially to your current society in your history, which has been distorted by the dark heads who have wanted you to believe that the Earth is so very much younger than She actually is and that your history has been little more than various small and big civilizations that did not fully develop [in the ways modern society has].

Rest assured dear, beautiful souls, that the dark heads are being exposed and the giving of Lighted truth and the technologies that are to follow such exposures, are indeed still on full track to manifest in the immediate period ahead. For now, you are seeing many souls who are choosing to come forth to the side of the Light, and this is something that has been planned for a long time and is a relief for Gaia [as well as all others].

Remember dear ones, that your own continual processes and the enacting of the disciplines which are to see you better aligned with your ascension energies, will as well see the Earth better aligned with these energies and will have an energetic effect so vast, that it will literally affect how and when any events manifest on your world and within your experience.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

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