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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 10 July 2012

Stampeding now towards progress is your people towards a new, better, safer, more peaceful, more productive, more caring, more determined, more rightful and more prosperous way of being. We have come this far with you, our dear brothers and our dear sisters, and we assure you that we will continue to walk the last mile with you. We will not stop and allow you to go on up ahead without us, without our guidance, without our assistance, without our protection, without our love, for we have traveled step-by-step and hand-in-hand with you for many eons of time and it was never our plan or intention to discontinue our journey with you, not even for one step or one day of time. Continue reading


John Ward – Planetary Rates Scam : Nobody Can Deny It Now – 10 July 2012

Reuters joins MSM chorus accepting global knowledge of Libor frauds

Further to previous Slogposts about the multinational nature of Libor manipulation – and the authorities’ knowledge of the same – Reuters said this today….

‘The Federal Reserve Bank of New York may have known as early as August 2007 that the setting of global benchmark interest rates was flawed. Following an inquiry with British banking group Barclays Plc in the spring of 2008, it shared proposals for reform of the system with British authorities. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – German Constitutional Court May Take 3 Months To Rule On ESM; Finance Minster Wolfgang Schäuble Warns Of ‘Uncertainty” – 10 July 2012

The “fast track” for constitutional review of the ESM in Germany just got a lot slower. Via Google Translate (further modified by me for clarity), Der Spiegel reports ESM Review Probably Longer Than Planned

Karlsruhe – The Federal Constitutional Court fast track review of the euro rescue ESM and Fiscal Pact may take more time than previously thought. Chief Justice Andrew Voßkuhle announced at the hearing on Tuesday a “constitutionally reasonable inspection” of complaints could extend beyond a normal emergency procedures. This could, according to those involved take up to three months. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – The Quest – 10 July 2012

Dear Internet friends.
I will be on retreat until the first week in August. I am going on a Quest, so to speak. We are going into the Lemurian lands from Mt Shasta and into Washington.
In the form of a true Quest, we have made no reservations and do no know exactly where we are going. In other words, we (my husband an myself) are going into Nature to BE with the Mother. We will simply BE where we ARE and follow the NOW of where we are going. Continue reading

Lucas – A Post Of Order – 10 July 2012

I see on the net al lot, read a lot and know myself a lot. I have been detecting revolutionary videos posted in several places.  Though some of them have content that is educational and do inform people of the situation, a few have pictures, words, titles  or voice-overs that propagate violent uproar and people going into self justice. That I will not tolerate. Now  a lot of sweeping up the masses is being done in the intermedia and that is not right. It does not stand and is what the constitution and “We The People” shall and should be standing for. Continue reading

Elders Renounce Relationship With Kevin Annett & Withdraw His Mohawk Name [Video] – 10 July 2012

Uploaded by Kanyen’keháka Ronyáhten

Mohawk Elders ended their relationship with Kevin Annett on May 29 2012. The English statement by the Mohawks begins at the 2’23″mark.

This entire situation saddens me deeply. I gave Jason Bowman 3 days to refute the truth and accuracy of this video. He has not yet done so.  ~G

via http://www.shiftfrequency.com links to article


Drake – Update – Minuteman – Enemies Of The Republic -10 July 2012

(Lucas:  People discern al things you read,hear, see!)


Subject: Enemies of the Republic

I would appreciate it if you would post this link on your website. I’m going to try to post it also in a .pdf document, but it might take awhile. I want to see this list downloaded everywhere possible. I’m also working on a PowerPoint presentation for WRAM that I want to go viral. I will let you know when it is completed.



http://www.americannationalmilitia.com link to original article

Exopolitics TV – The Latest Update On This Class-Action Lawsuit Against Church, State, And Big Pharma – 10 July 2012

Uploaded on 9 July 2012 by . Thanks Andrea!

Lucas – Watch Mexico! – 10 July 2012

(the picture of the probably not elected but self-pro-claimed president Enrique Pena Nieto.)

Ignored in the most  mainstream media are the huge protests in the streets of Mexico. The people are robbed again from an elected president. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – If Not Now, Then When? – 10 July 2012

(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Things are definitely beginning to change quickly now. The foundation of the dark ones world is now crumbling from aged decay. Finally the ultimate controller of the darkness is under investigation, the Big Pharma companies who control and run this country are being called on the carpet for their crimes. While they don’t seem to be going to jail for these crimes, at least they are being recognized. The citizens of this country also seem to be saying enough is enough and challenging the banks for their crimes, thank goodness. It seems as if daily a wee bit more of the dark is exposed or knocked down allowing us to view the truth at last, and this is just the beginning. I think when all is said and done we will be shocked by what is revealed. Continue reading