John Ward – Planetary Rates Scam : Nobody Can Deny It Now – 10 July 2012

Reuters joins MSM chorus accepting global knowledge of Libor frauds

Further to previous Slogposts about the multinational nature of Libor manipulation – and the authorities’ knowledge of the same – Reuters said this today….

‘The Federal Reserve Bank of New York may have known as early as August 2007 that the setting of global benchmark interest rates was flawed. Following an inquiry with British banking group Barclays Plc in the spring of 2008, it shared proposals for reform of the system with British authorities.

The role of the Fed is likely to raise questions about whether it and other authorities took enough action to address concerns they had about the way Libor rates were set, or whether their struggle to keep the banking system afloat through the financial crisis meant the issue took a backseat.

A New York Fed spokesperson said:

“In the context of our market monitoring following the onset of the financial crisis in late 2007, involving thousands of calls and emails with market participants over a period of many months, we received occasional anecdotal reports from Barclays of problems with Libor. In the Spring of 2008, following the failure of Bear Stearns and shortly before the first media report on the subject, we made further inquiry of Barclays as to how Libor submissions were being conducted. We subsequently shared our analysis and suggestions for reform of Libor with the relevant authorities in the UK.”‘

It is hard to believe than anyone with a brain could still believe that rate fixing is restricted to any one continent, let alone one bank in one country. link to original article

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