Lucas – A Post Of Order – 10 July 2012

I see on the net al lot, read a lot and know myself a lot. I have been detecting revolutionary videos posted in several places.  Though some of them have content that is educational and do inform people of the situation, a few have pictures, words, titles  or voice-overs that propagate violent uproar and people going into self justice. That I will not tolerate. Now  a lot of sweeping up the masses is being done in the intermedia and that is not right. It does not stand and is what the constitution and “We The People” shall and should be standing for.

This is not why we  want to be free from oppression of the corporate state  and international institutions and banking cartels that keep you debt-slaves and unfree people. We are not wanting to restore freedom and peace and honour the constitution by violent actions or uproar.  That is not the same as assisting the civil authority to make arrests or defend the constitution in an under the constitution stated lawful way. We are not going to go for lynchings  and all that coming with it.  We do not go kicking ass from someone without any lawful reason or just for fun or pure hatred.

I myself go for peaceful action and civil disobedience, meditation and visualization, but I know a lot of you think about things different and that is OK but keep it peaceful and just and righteous under the constitution. Do not make irreversible mistakes.

This is why I will not post or remove postings in my groups that propagate violent action that are not authorized by the civil authority that has to defend the constitution and by rightful  means based on common law.Use your freely given minds and stop a moment before action an know if your heart says this is wrong. If so than don’t.

Love and Light,


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