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Exopolitics TV – The Latest Update On This Class-Action Lawsuit Against Church, State, And Big Pharma – 10 July 2012

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Lucas – Watch Mexico! – 10 July 2012

(the picture of the probably not elected but self-pro-claimed president Enrique Pena Nieto.)

Ignored in the most  mainstream media are the huge protests in the streets of Mexico. The people are robbed again from an elected president. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – If Not Now, Then When? – 10 July 2012

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Things are definitely beginning to change quickly now. The foundation of the dark ones world is now crumbling from aged decay. Finally the ultimate controller of the darkness is under investigation, the Big Pharma companies who control and run this country are being called on the carpet for their crimes. While they don’t seem to be going to jail for these crimes, at least they are being recognized. The citizens of this country also seem to be saying enough is enough and challenging the banks for their crimes, thank goodness. It seems as if daily a wee bit more of the dark is exposed or knocked down allowing us to view the truth at last, and this is just the beginning. I think when all is said and done we will be shocked by what is revealed. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Being The Presence Of Love – 10 July 2012

Boy, did I wake up with a sudden jolt this morning… of course, at 2:30am!!  It was with an absolute realization that we, as a Self Aware species, has lost something so important to ourselves.  That is: Being The Presence of Love.

We seek to be loved, but how much are we seeking to Be Love?? Continue reading

NaturalNews – PF Louis – Activist Mom Launches National Movement Boycotting GMOs – 10 July 2012

(NaturalNews) Occasionally, an outraged citizen turns on the establishment and starts a grass roots national campaign. One such citizen is Connecticut mother Diana Reeves. She quit her promising career with an upscale accounting firm to take care of her young son with cancer, who died before turning five.

With her other two children suffering from health problems, Diana channeled her grief into researching food and its relationship to health, including the effect on health from GMOs. Continue reading

Suzanna Posel – Codex Alimentarius : UN Food Securitization Scheme – 10 July 2012

( Lucas : Comment : the UN Codex Alimentarius is so you can say an effort to get control over herbs, vitamins and minerals. They get regulated in it in a way that criminalised  and targets those who use herbal medicine or herbs, homeopathic and other plant and mineral based medicine, food supplements and additions. You should not be looking up if you can not get any vitamin C any more freely soon. Only on subscription by a doctor or pharmacologist and then only in maximum doses of 50 mg. You can be prosecuted for having certain plants or herbs, etc. It goes further than that but you now get it reach.)

In 2008, using the toxic industrial chemical melamine in liquid infant formula, 6 babies died while more than 303,000 became deathly ill from exposure in China. Continue reading

John Ward – Rate-Rigging : New Toxic Tory Link To ISWAP – The Libor Of Derivatives Trading – Revealed : The Secrets Of Michael Spencer’s ISWAP, Michael Fallon, Page 19901,And Controversy About Derivative Rates – 10 July 2012

Last night at 7.15 pm BST, the Telegraph’s James Kirkup posted a piece on Paul Tucker’s ‘evidence’ headlined ‘Libor scandal may be going on elsewhere’. It must rank as the least assumptive and most understated headline of all time. I can think of a few that could beat it – ‘Some criminals may commit more crimes after release, says new report’ – but not many.

As I posted a couple of days ago, Liboresque scandals are going on everywhere all the time. But this morning I bring you news of senior Tories engaged in a similar sector to Libor – and one which is open to all the crookery, skulduggery, fraud and law-bending of which poor Paul Tucker only became aware just a few short months ago – right under the regulator’s bloody nose. Continue reading