Lisa Gawlas – Removing The Veil To Open The Heart Of Life! – 11 July 2012

I feel like I am sleeping my way thru July.  I have never taken so many long naps close to every day since I was a child.  Yesterday was the topper tho, for this crazy sleep stuff.  I feel asleep about 2:30 in the afternoon, woke up at 8:30pm thinking it was morning since it was still daylight out… talk about disorienting.  Went back to sleep before 10pm and slept til after 4am this morning.  Geeeeeezzzzz!!  I don’t even know what a normal, or at least regular, sleep cycle is any longer!!

However, I did manage to see some magic in readings yesterday.  The absolute complexity of our “incarnations” and how much is still currently entangled in our perceived ”current” lifetime.

There is only a thin layer of Light AKA the Veil that separates a lifetime that is happening hundreds of (perceived) years ago and yet, the energy of it manages to penetrate our “veils” to aggravate or enhance us today.

Wow, I just got something (have I every said how much I LOVE sharing in the mornings!!)

I have always said YOU are my/our greatest teachers.  By your desire to want to know/understand more and give me the privileged of your trust to help you in whatever way we work together… we all benefit from your desires.

I have a beautiful lady that I have been reading for, who is also, for lack of a better word/description, being haunted quite literally in her current moments from a relationship entanglement, that can at first, seem rather puzzling and should be benign, but it’s not.  And every time I tell her I am not qualified to help her, she tells me otherwise!  lol, gotta love a good push in the rear end, for which my gratitude right now is super expanding towards her!!

I had done all I knew how to help protect her in this current lifetime, her present energy field from the psychic attacks she has endured for years.  It only works for a small minute, then returns again.  Baffling!!  At least until yesterday morning when she and I met on skype.  This is actually really exciting just given my current moment of things of unfolding.

I started to realize we had to go back to the lifetime this anger, discordant connection started.  I have done this sort of work on a massage table, but never in a reading.  So all kinds of new things were unfolding in our time together.

I could see her in her present moment and realize this connection of attack started 3 lifetimes ago.  I was amazed to be able to access that lifetime thru her current energy field like moving thru thin clouds of energy that were below her feet.  I found the black tap-root that actually became stronger in her next lifetime and grew solidly into this one as well.

Suddenly, with a heart bursting open in this moment, I know she is also teaching me how to open the energy fields to that time of Love I have been writing about the last several days.

Now, to straddle two story lines (smile)… since the first day I had opened that door and let that electric Indian and his community in, I have felt that energy ever since.  Not as amplified as in the meditation, but here and present none the less.  Leaving me wondering, hoping and deeply yearning to return to That.

By learning to help someone who is being attacked by the past connections, she is giving me a guiding Light of how to let the fullness of the past into our present too.  Again, the word past is really a perception, it is ALL happening now just filtered by thin layers of Light we call the Veil.

We have a second session together this morning, I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this intense, wonderful learning curve she pushed me into (smile, with faith, not force!!)

Now my last reading of the day, at first had me confused, which is my natural state of Being these days!!  lol

At first I thought I was too tired to connect, all I could see was light everywhere.  I pulled in some extra energy from my home into my spine and wham…. I could see!!

There she was, in a circle of light permeating from the earth up all around her as if the earth was shining a light on her whole body.  The encircling light got wider as it went up her body and appeared in sort of wave energy.  I could barely see her in the center, the light itself was having its way with her.  I could not tap into what as happening to her, but something unique was indeed transpiring simply because it was the earth herself engulfing this ladies close light field/body.

I took my vision and moved it outwards and her whole life field was filled with this thick-like white cloud energy that didn’t let me see a thing.

And then she filled in a detail that made it ALL make sense.  She just started day 6 of the apple meditation!!  Well Holy cow batman!!  If you think, for a single second, not much is happening during your apple integration, let me tell you, your wrong!!!  (smile)

Obviously, earth herself is participating and enhancing your life to the tree of wisdom that is YOU.

WE have broken new ground together!  I knew in January we were all handed our new shovels and asked to build this new energy upon earth, and really, for the last 6 months it would be so easy to think and feel like we have done nothing…. but ohhhhhhh contraire!!!  Together, we have moved Heaven and Earth into the same Space!!!

And now, we shall continue to grow life’s fertile garden of new energy, of truly living Heaven on Earth.

To my fellow Gardners, THANK YOU!!!  Your seeds of Love are growing exponentially!!  Just wait and SEE!!

I love you all so much and appreciate you more than I can ever truly share in words.  YOU are my lifeblood and together we are growing a whole new body of life!!

Happy Dancing…..

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