Lucas – A Hell Lot Of A Matrix To Conceive – The Red Or The Blue One – 11 July 2012

Trust,  is with some ups and downs a factor now in finding your true way in conceiving the matrix.  It is like it is.  A game full of duality played out and you feeling in the middle of it being crushed.

You will not see the  secret doors and openings till you make a choice what pill you’ll take. Is it the Red one or the Blue?! Oh boy what shall I do. It is like in the first movie.  The key lies in giving  your unconditional trust in the choice that is been given to bring a new future and understanding to what is hidden from you now  or you otherwise never know and keep everything as it is and was.  The choice for the right pill you will make. You will get more and more glimpses and understanding of what is happening and what is wrong in what you believe to be your reality.

It is like now that many of you feel that in their lives and the society we live in  things are wrong.  You now feel the  urge to change things, but you still not understand that you are trying from within the matrix to change things. If you chose wisely, so to say, you will find in your unconditional trust in the source that is  One and Unconditional love that what you seek.  You will learn to experience being outside the matrix.

Seeing the true meaning is your freedom. You will see the illusion for what it is.  It is a school in duality. We have learned hopefully how to manage the concept of conflict resolution and  learned to use the concept of duality knowledge in bringing forth new ways we can  (co-)create in our new cycles to experience in 5D vibrational levels. All who will not choose right will have the choice always open to them to do choose the right pill.

What a wondrous pill it is to choose. It is no poison and makes you not forget but opens you up via your heart  to new realms of endless possibilities your maker-god- source has given you to use in service of all, oneness and unity. You will be surprised what this will bring you. Imagine what you already can do now with this knowledge. Maybe then you will understand what incomprehensibly for us the possibilities are after our ascension.

The creator has given you a choice of free will to choose that what is in every soul, every cell, every atom and quarks, level and dimension at the core and is called Unconditional LOVE. It is easy to find your pill to choose quickly and go on your journey out of the matrix into that what is for you to explore. You only have to open up your heart chakra. Let go of your ego and dualities. The struggle in being holding to 3D is over. Now let go and see your new-found reality out of the matrix.

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One Pill for Oneness and Unity in Unconditional Love : 999 micrograms .

It is freely available for you at every corner, just seek the right intent and state of feeling it works  instantaneous and has no side-effects.

Love and Light,


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