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The Lightworkers Secret Knowledge – 12 July 2012

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John Ward – Gold Price Manipulation : Telegraph’s New Enfants Terrible Spills The Beans – 12 July 2012

(picture of John Ward AKA The Slog)

The London Daily Telegraph’s new young City whistle-blower Thomas Pascoe has encouraged the longstanding band of gold manipulation spotters by writing this piece today. It is pretty much a vindication of what The Slog’s been saying for six years: that gold sales, auditing, location, price, market size and mining statistics are a load of old bollocks – a feast that moves in mysterious ways to suit the Sovereign agenda of the hour. Continue reading


Djwhal Khul – Uranus Retrograde – 12 July 2012

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi delek.

We have a very interesting Uranus going retrograde on Friday the 13th and quite a little bit of interesting dancing going around with that and I do expect some things to be misinterpreted or go wrong, basically.

As a spiritual seeker, one of the best things that you can do is to focus on Love, self-love first and foremost. And then use your discernment heavily, especially around political things, financial things, celebrity news, world leaders, that sort of thing. So I think that this particular Uranus retrograde is going to have a strong effect on famous people, famous places, famous things. Continue reading

RT – ‘Spain Is Rising Up!’ – Raging Miners Invade Madrid – 12 July 2012

Uploaded on 11 July 2012 by .Coal miners shout slogans in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol at the end of their “Marcha Negra” (Black March) Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 12 July 2012

Did scientific study ever sub- seed your development and progress in any way? No it did not. Scientific study, research, examination and experimentation have always led to greater understandings of the nature of yourselves, of the world, and even beyond into the universe around you. We of the Galactic Federation of Light have also been conducting research here in your world, but this is not why we are here. We are here in offers of our assistance to you to help you find your way, and once found, help you now create what it is you want from the crystal-clear canvas that you have manifested to paint your dream portrait upon. We did not come here for scientific study, research or even exploration, as there is nothing that we wished to learn that motivated us to team together millions of individuals from thousands upon thousands of worlds and other alliances throughout this universe to travel all the way here in order to conduct this research. We are conducting this research and these studies, and in a way, infrequently conducting experimentation here in your world because this is beneficial to your people as we are devising better ways and higher standards for your people, and as such, an understanding of your mental and physiological processes are very necessary before we can even begin to discuss plans to implement projects and programs to better assist you increase your living conditions here in your world. Continue reading

Honoring The Circle 1st September 2012 – 12 July 2012

“Honoring the Circle”

!! COME !!

Oglala Lakota Grandmothers

Rita and Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance Continue reading

Billl Ballard – Asheville Star Knowledge Gathering 21th-24th September 2012 – 12 July 2012

O’śi-yo, Bill, please post, thank you.  Wa do. Gramma SilverStar. Wiċahpi Mazaska Wasté Wiŋ ~ O sa da dv ~ Mitákuyé Oyasiŋ

Sacred Star Knowledge:  www.starelders.net/index.html 

O’śi-yo, Star Family,

Greetings !!

Here is the new website for the Asheville Star Knowledge Gathering, Sept. 21-24, 2012. 

Spread the word !!  https://sites.google.com/site/starknowledgeasheville/. Continue reading

It Seems LIBOR Is Hitting All Alarmbells – Prosecution And States Step In – 12 July 2012

U.S. states look to enter Libor manipulation case

(Reuters) – State attorneys general are jumping into the widening scandal over whether banks tried to manipulate benchmark international lending rates, a move that could open a new front against the top global banks.

http://www.reuters.com link to original article Continue reading

Drake – 2 Updates – 12 July 2012

Financial – The Biggest Banking Scandal the World Has Ever Seen

Certainly couldn’t have explained it better myself.

The Biggest Banking Scandal The World Has Ever Seen Continue reading

OpEdNews – Richard Clark – Moyers & Taibbi Explain How The Wall Street Mafia Holds America And The World Hostage – 12 July 2012

Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith join Bill Moyers to discuss our criminal global financial system.   A synopsis of their discussion follows here.

Rolling Stone editor Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith (the creator of the finance and economics blog Naked Capitalism) join Bill to discuss the interlinked folly and corruption of banks and government, and how that tag-team is leaving deep wounds in our democracy and economy.   Taibbi’s latest piece is “The Scam Wall Street Learned from the Mafia.”   Smith is the author of “ECONned: How Unenlightened Self Interest Undermined Democracy and Corrupted Capitalism.” Continue reading