Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters – We Come To Issue A Message Of Celebration – 12 July 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: Celebration is a subject the Ascended Masters via yours truly have been discussing often, so I felt it appropriate to title this message very similarly to their last one (Now is a Time to Celebrate).

Events on your world are heating up significantly in favor of the agendas we have set forth in neutralizing the dark cabals. We come to you at this time to issue a message of celebration, of victory, for many of you are reaching your own personal victories and strides that are seeing your individual energies work with the energies of the overall collective, to line such energies up in alignment with the many evens to manifest on your world.

Long have we grown away from the need to issue a specific date for the happening of these occurrences, as we have realized that doing so is a bit hollow and can only hurt the collective. There are some who may still lean and rely on dates for the many beginning events to play out on your world and there are as well, many who are at present looking to the mere beginning of a new and better Life as they see the old crumbling around them everywhere they look.

All of you are witnessing at present, the greatest unfolding movement in the history of your world since She entered the lower dimensions by the will of all who entered Her surface, for the will of the lower vibrations is finally reaching its end on your world as so very many of you make your intents and proclamations to align yourselves fully and purely with the energies being given to you from innumerable Loving realms and beings all throughout this wondrous Creation of all of ours.

We have been assisting you for so very long and we are feeling our own personal sense of ‘victory’ and of happiness for you all to reach these states of consciousness that we have so dearly been waiting for you to remember more fully once again.

You have all been asleep and unawakened to your true and inherent, pure selves which are making themselves known within you and your complexes in increasingly pure ways at this time, and we encourage and implore you to continue on in your own personal enacting of disciplines and Lighted changes in yourselves, which will see you aligned more than you have ever imagined possible with these energies which are increasing in purity with every alignment you reach and pass through.

The most current alignment you have passed through is that of the 7-7 [now it would be the 7-11], and while many on your world have still been asleep to the miraculous dates that are these alignments, the many of you who are becoming awakened to the significance of aligned dates along your calendars in relation to the giving of much more pure Logos energy to the Earth than has been attained thus far; you dear souls are yourselves reaching incredibly and wonderfully pure strides in not only anchoring these much purer energies unto the Earth and unto yourselves, but in continuing to perform these actions with each unfolding alignment.

There are many who are still practicing and becoming familiar with their Multidimensional, inherent selves, and complacency has still kept many a’ Lightworker from realizing the potential that they have to utilize on the many unfolding alignment dates and every single moment of your experience on Earth as well. The Earth has long been a planet which has not hosted only lower dimensional Life and actions; rather, the Earth has always and forever featured the best and worst that the two polarities have had to offer.

One can look within some of the darkest times in the history of your world and in other parts of the world in such times, see much happiness and inherent higher dimensionality that is not perhaps noticed or discussed anymore within the mainstream, current perception of many on your world.

Yes indeed, you have continued to hear of how your history has been distorted and one specific element of this purposeful distortion has been to discuss many of the darkest things that have happened on your world within your history, with an incorrect explanation of how such things were brought about and who were responsible for such things.

You do not hear of much of the good that has occurred throughout your history, and anyone and everyone who has incarnated upon your world has experienced the best of experiences to be had, along with the most difficult of experiences to be felt and went through.

The majority of the collective has much latent fear to work through and this fear which has been discussed before, has long been the source of much of the continued feeding of density that humanity feeds every day of your experience on Earth.

Many of the dear unawakened souls upon Gaia’s surface are trying to work through these dormant fears that truly need acknowledgment, healing and release for one to be able to work through. Unconsciously as many souls work through these veils, they find themselves with much stress, frustration and anger that they seem unable to break through much of the time. Some will hide this frustration and fear from others, but one way or another these souls will always be made known of this pain which is held inside.

To those who are experiencing this pain and not understanding where it seems to be continually coming from, we tell you that you are not alone as the collective as a whole is experiencing these pains as these pains have laid just beyond your collective and individual perception for every bit as long as the pains were garnered and forgotten about.

Much of this pain that we speak of is residue of past scars and traumatic events from past and for some, current, Lives that you have taken whilst on the surface of the Earth.

Many have been hurt by Loved ones in previous Lives and as a result, find themselves having trouble getting closer to others for reasons that they cannot consciously understand but deep within, these souls know exactly what is keeping them back from attaining such closeness.

There are many souls on your world who have incarnated for the very purposes of helping the collective to work through this pain on an accelerated level by themselves willingly going through some of the worst of such pain as they subsequently go through the most difficult and challenging of lessons that the Earth experience has to offer.

Some of these souls that we speak of are those who have taken Lives within the Illuminati families, and these souls who are undergoing incredibly difficult circumstances for the purposes of healing much collective density, are not limited to just those who have incarnated within the Illuminati families.

Dearest souls, the very act of a higher dimensional soul incarnating upon your world to experience many different types of difficult and perception-shattering lessons for the ultimate purposes of healing the manifested densities and perceived sins of the collective, is what the original message of the intent and will of Jesus was meant to display in an undistorted version of your Bible.

There is and will be much discussion as to how the Lighted teachings of Christianity were taken and distorted into controlling doctrines and false Church-states that are meant to control, and one of the biggest distortions that has been fed in any given current version of the bible is that of the [interpretation of] the crucifixion of dear Jesus.

Dearest Jesus is with all who are absorbing this communication now, as He is speaking with the rest of us in the collective, United fashion in which we funnel our energies down to any scribe who wishes to become open to our energies, in any specific collective or individual fashion that one may wish to do so.

Jesus was indeed put to death during the Life in which His Lighted teachings gained the most exposure but the reasons, and by this we mean the true and pure reasons, that He went through such crucifixion were not to solely heal all collective sins and keep all of humanity from entering hell.

Dearest souls, the very concept of entering hell for simply being a part of the lower dimensional experience which can itself be considered quite hellish, is a mindset based in control and based under the assumption that you are undeserving of the chance and opportunity to undergo the lower dimensional experiences while subsequently being a part of such experiences, rather than undergoing them and being sent to lands even denser, simply for actively playing a role in and being a part of the experiences, mindsets and heart sets that the lower dimensions have had to offer.

Dearest Master Jesus was crucified in His most famous Life for the Lighted teachings he was attempting to bring forth and for the religion in which he was to base such Lighted teachings in; religions which are now distorted to this day in an effort to control.

There was indeed a significant collective clearing event that took place with the crucifixion of Jesus, and this is because whenever any soul experiencing and inhabiting a Light quotient that is vastly more pure than that of the overall collective of a planet they would be inhabiting, experiences very traumatic and painful events; an energy-transfer takes place between the collective and this Lighted soul and because of the sheer capacity in which this soul is able to absorb energy within their temples in any form that it has to offer, the pain and trauma experienced by this soul mirrors and heals much of the collective density and pain that has been built up, and this is wherein the energy transfer takes place.

So you see, dear souls, Master Jesus did indeed help to perform a major collective clearing event, the positive effects of which did have far-reaching effects for generations of your time after, in the specific timelines wherein the collective turned to utilizing the amazing, inherent potential that they then had with the clearing of such density through the crucifixion of dear Master Jesus.

However, were it the choice of dear Jesus Himself and of those higher parts of Himself and His own Guides whilst He was on your world directly, the collective clearing events would have been much more gradual as He, His disciples and many other Lighted individuals would have worked for generations of your time to undue much of the control that had been forced on to your world in such times, from many different avenues and interests.

The collective clearing would have happened in a longer timeframe, but the collective as a whole would have benefited from this happening much, much more  than one giant clearing event taking place, without the conscious knowledge of the majority who were directly involved in the initiating of the events that led to such a clearing.

Dearest souls, there have been many of us Ascended Masters who have incarnated on your world and attempted to spread and bring the Light forth while spreading truth in various different facets, and one can look to every single generation of your current history and notice those who were clearly of the Light, using the various positions of influence they had garnered on your world and in your cultures to spread Light and truth.

There are many who are quite famous at present, yet are not yet known for bringing forth Light and truth, and you will be very surprised as to how many celebrities and influential peoples will suddenly be coming forth with much Light and truth to give to the collective of humanity who has been nearly blinded from the truth of the higher realms; truths which we have tried so very much to spread around your world in many different generations of your time.

Many of your fifth dimensional extraterrestrial brethren did not find the resolve and strength to be able to handle a directly-incarnated Earth experience, which is why many of such souls chose instead to directly contact many civilizations of your history without directly incarnating and becoming a part of the lower dimensional illusory experience.

Any and every soul who has incarnated upon your Earth from higher realms has done so because they are naturally at a level wherein they can handle such a difficult experience, and there are few fifth dimensional souls who find themselves with the strength and resolve to be able to handle the experience of a world steeped in dimensions which they had themselves just recently grown away from and ascended away from the mindsets and hearts sets that garnered them such experiences for themselves, whenever they were undergoing such experiences on their planets.

We have incarnated on your world directly to attempt to give much Light and truth to a collective who so very dearly needs such truth for your own evolution, and the many who are on your world now spreading Lighted truth and awareness, are souls who have taken thousands upon thousands of Lives within the Earth sphere to ready themselves for the final Lives in which you are undergoing as a collective and as individuals at this time.

Dearest souls, do you not understand the sheer importance of the times that you are in? For some, it simply takes looking at your Earth and your experience in general, from a zoomed-out standpoint for one to see the inherent significance and wonder of these times you are in currently, directly before many startling changes begin to be enacted on your world.

The collective of humanity has long been steeped and ingrained in a density that has held you back from realms of consciousness which have always existed right along with you during your experience.

It is becoming easier and easier now for many of you to open yourselves up to these realms and to us souls who exist within these realms and we take delight in you taking delight in discovering the plethora of ascended and evolved souls who exist in these realms and who are so very happy to be speaking with and through each and every one of you who absorb our communications and energies.

You will indeed find an infinite amount of different and Lighted souls who exist in these realms, and you are able to speak to us in many different ways.

For example, dear souls, the scribes currently bringing us through are speaking to us as a collective. There are individuals within our group who will at times, step out specifically and add their own specific energy signatures to an aspect of these communications, and perhaps some can recognize the signatures of some of us individual Masters who are speaking to you as a collective and who may again, choose to make ourselves known via the energies that we give to these communications.

Once cannot scribe a message from us without feeling our specific collective energies, in the same way that one could not notice the specific energy signature of an individual ascended soul if one is not feeling and recognizing such energies.

We notice many of our scribes beginning to pick up on the specific impressions and behaviors of us ascended souls and this is a marvelous way for all to begin recognizing us in more pure forms.

For example, dearest Archangel Gabriel thoroughly enjoys appearing before one in a human female [based] form, to represent the wonderfully pure Light that all of Creation holds within, and to represent to humanity [whom Gabriel would be appearing before] as well the need for the imbalance to be tipped on your world, to that of full, true and pure equality between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies.

Such balances are being reached now on your world and these balances being attainted have everything to do with the balance that humanity keeps in your everyday actions, as a collective and as individuals. With every action that you perform and every deed you bring through yourselves, notice the balance that you could or could not be employing in any given situation.

In any moment, stop to reassess yourselves and the actions that you are performing. Is what you are doing acting within the highest intent of your own personal power or potential, or are you steeping back into old and ingrained habits and mindsets? Only you will be able to make these decisions, dear souls, and while we are always with you and happy to assist you in any avenue of your personal development, there are mindsets and heart sets within yourselves that only you can be discerning enough to know if such mind and heart sets are helpful along your ascension paths.

You will find in the immediate period ahead, the individuality of each and every Earth soul as you realize that each one of you have your own opinions about the immediate future ahead. There are going to be many local, national and worldwide governing bodies and decision-making groups set up, which will be led by souls who have proven very much to be of the Light and to have the best interests of humanity in mind and heart. They will lead these groups, but these groups will be comprised of each and every one of you and this, dear souls, is where and when you will realize the individuality of each and every one of you as you realize that again, you all have different feelings and opinions as to how your Earth is to be healed and as to how you are all to evolve.

The collective as a whole is going to begin to notice many things about each other and about yourselves, and you will realize commonalities along with your clear [perceived] differences, and it will of course be explained that your collective is comprised of all kinds of different beings and souls, coming from all kinds of different echelons and areas of Creation.

You Earth has been truly mind-boggling to behold as you all exist with each other and at times war with each other because of your perceived differences when really, despite your outer differences, appearances, opinions and heart sets, you are all the same energy of pure Love and you all come from the same realms of your dear Mother/Father Source.

You will all be returning to such realms upon your own ascension and for some, this ascension will take longer as they begin to realize it exists and as some realize the potential for their own individual evolution and ascension; they may choose to undergo further lower dimensional cycles before feeling ready in themselves to experience your ascension.

This is fine dear souls and all paths will be honored with Love and respect and to those who may worry of losing a Loved one because they will choose not to ascend, we say not to worry as you will be evolving to realms wherein time does not exist.

What we mean by this is that you will indeed be able to be with anyone and everyone that you have ever known upon ascending, because they will have already ascended to the lands where times does not exist as well, simply after having went through more cycles within the lower dimensions. It will make no difference to your perception once ascending into purer states of consciousness because time does not exist in these realms and we quite appreciate that such an illusion is no longer within our own perceptions.

As the manifestation of events on your world is fast beginning to reflect the continually pure energies being given to and through humanity, you are again asked to remain prepared and ready for any and all abruptions that could seem very sudden, as while we will not give out dates we say that the initial happening will be as abrupt and sudden as it has been made out to be by many channeled sources.

There is not currently and will never be a set date for the beginning of these changes to come, besides of course the final dates along your Cosmic Calendar wherein the energies being given to your world in such purity will simply not allow the mere presence of any type of lower or dense energies on your world anymore.

This is why it is always expressed that nobody should fear these changes coming about or even feed the fear of these changes not coming about, because they are coming about as physical manifestations which are results of the natural evolution of the Earth and of yourselves. The energies underlying and supporting this collective and planetary evolution are also supporting the events that are pushing the exposure of the collective dark and densely-fed energies of humanity up to the surface.

This [densely-fed] energy is now to make itself known through the exposure of the elites.

One can expect a noticeable difference in the way that many in power on your world will begin acting. Many will suddenly seem to have the bests interests of humanity at heart whereas before, such souls were purposefully doing anything and everything they could to stall the Lighted change being enacted. The American state of California will be and has been leading the collective energies and intents in manifesting positive change on your world.

Even right now, individuals within this state are working on enacting and legally implementing technology that will help to eliminate the widespread need for cars and the oils from the Earth which run such cars.

The very purposes of humanity being given only cars to get around in that run on energies in their specific forms as pumped from the Earth, have been of ravaging the Earth and keeping Her surface in poor states of heath, in an effort to keep the collective energies in poor states of health and of density and in this avenue, the dark have been very successful.

Now their reign is at an end and we as well vastly look forward to getting rid of all things on Gaia’s surface which still serves to hurt Her and subsequently hurt you all as well.

We Love you all so very much, and it is with the temporary closing of our line of energies in the form of this communication that we ask you to absorb the Love that we are willingly and Lovingly giving you.

At any time you feel you need our guidance or advice, we are here to counsel any of you who feel you need the guidance and energies from any ascended soul that you know within yourselves, will help you to better integrate the many Life lessons you are going through that can indeed be quite uprooting and intense, as the collective of Earth is seeming to itself become undone and subsequently uprooted in every way.

Many unawakened souls on your world still lack the belief that this ascension being brought forth is even possible but rest assured that in the immediate period ahead, the truth of your past, present and future alike will be made known to all.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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