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Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – The Mighty Angels Of The Present X-Class Solar-Flare – 14 July 2012

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Transmission Of The Mighty Angels, Touching Earth: 
We are part of a bigger process. The information we are now delivering, together with it’s innate  powerful energy aspect, is about the clear and undeniable process of implementation and magnification of the new era to be established on your world. What you experience now with our arrival is not unique to Earth though, you are participating in a greater process that includes your whole universe. Continue reading

Gonzo’s Do-It Yourself Enlightenment – 14 July 2012

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Eckhart Tolle – How To Dissolve The Egoic Self By Using Non-Identification – 2 Parts Video – 13 July 2012

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David Henry And Aruna Viswanatha – Reuters – JPMorgan Traders May Have Hidden Derivatives Losses – 13 July 2012

(Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase & Co said its traders may have deliberately hidden losses that have since climbed to $5.8 billion for the year, in a development that may result in criminal charges against traders at the bank. Continue reading

Infographic : The Libor Scandal Explained – 13 July 2012

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Bill Ballard – X Flare Incoming Tomorrow 14 July 2012 At 05.00 AM (USA) This CME Is Straight Towards Earth Full Force! – 13 July 2012

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Drake – 2 Updates – 13 July 2012

Correction – Phone Number to UN


On the radio program of July 11, numbers were given to contact the UN re: the Arms Treaty – Both of these were wrong.
UN office for arms 212-963-4587 No one answered this number
fax 212-963-9942 Recorded message for Yemen Continue reading