Bill Ballard – X Flare Incoming Tomorrow 14 July 2012 At 05.00 AM (USA) This CME Is Straight Towards Earth Full Force! – 13 July 2012

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Well, the Largest CME from a Sun Flare we have seen yet will be hitting tomorrow morning at around 5 am… This may even change again.

An interesting thing about this flare was the duration of it’s CME which lasted between 30 minutes and 1 hour. One of the Sun watching satellites was damaged in previous flares so we dont have all the data and photos that we used to have information from.

Knowing this CME is Earth directed and it will hit the East Coast of USA and the Atlantic around at 5am and will last throughout the day on 7/14/12, I ask everyone to remember the pressure these CMEs exert on the Earth’s Ionosphere has been linked to major Earthquake events. There is much spoken about this in the videos below.

Since we have so many shallow Earthquakes now occurring in the Canary Islands and on the western side, which IS America facing, I would suggest a heads up  for all on the Eastern America seashores, just in case! Pay attention!

See Mary Greeley’s first vid on the Canary Island’s earthquakes below to understand what I mean here. Dont be alarmed as we dont “know” anything that will happen, but there is a possibility the pressure exerted on Earth’s Ionosphere by this incoming CME could have an influence on Earthquakes there since it will be inline with the incoming CME.

We do know that these CMEs are definitely affecting our DNA and increasing our physical vibrations ascending humanity up to their next levels. For those who will feel the intensity of this on their bodies, please understand you are not sick… ha… You WILL be feeling ascension symptoms from this… NO ONE will escape whats going on. This is a process of change we all are going through during the cycle of the End Times… Cooleo!

Detoxing WILL OCCUR for EVERYONE like it or not. Dont do drugs trying to cover the symptoms of your detox or even those will have to come out at some point. Expect you will sense a change!

Stay in your hearts and enjoy this incoming Bliss Buzz!


Bill Ballard

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  1. The last time a CME hit I felt it, didn’t know we could physically feel it. It made my heart race and i could feel like a high frequency sizzle through my body, also my house cracked and popped. I was glad to see you mention the sensation. At least i know i am not alone. I am anxious about this one. How strong it might feel.