Visionkeeper – Rejoin Mother Earth – 14 July 2012

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I cannot stress the importance of staying grounded these days. We have tons of energy bombarding us from the solar flares which can have a very unsettling effect on us and cause tensions to rise and tempers to flare as well as the sun. If we are not grounded securely to Mother Earth our capabilities to assimilate this extra energy is strained and we tend to fly off in all directions. Take time out to become with nature, to hear the trees talk in the wind and smell the richness of the forest soil and watch God’s creatures darting and flying about.

Move outside for the summer months in one way or another. Set up an eating space or sleeping place or a space for just sitting and being with nature. Become familiar with your space and the creatures that share it with you. Make friends with them and talk with them. They have a great deal to teach us about reconnecting and staying alert. We are entering a time of unprecedented earth change activity and it would be wise for us to learn how to reconnect and get the warning signs before disaster not after! Once you start reconnecting with nature it becomes addicting as it soothes us within and fills a void we were constantly aware of.

For too many, time spent in nature is few and far between. We have become addicted to our technological gadgets forcing us to stay indoors or close by cell phone towers. We wake up to our gadgets and put them beside our beds at night. We’ve taken root in front of our televisions now that we have remote controls and are no longer required to get up and change the channels. The incredible inventions we were so in awe of that made our lives so much easier are fast becoming our downfall. They seemed great when they first arrived on the scene, but over time they have overtaken our lives and trying to break the addiction to them is showing to be quite difficult. Soon we will need hospitals for technological detoxing.

Being awed by the beauty and power of nature can be humbling. It softens our sharp edges and instills in us, the balance we need. Nature is an amazing pallet of brilliant colors we often find lacking in our work places where we spend hours upon hours of our time. Nature recharges us and reminds us of the beauty we had forgotten about as we trudge along through our gray colored lives. Nature provides us with scenes that can take our breath away and put back the magic we have lost in our lives.

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All of creators special creatures can offer us so much as well as beautiful scenery. They are entertaining and intriguing and if we are patient, we can often forge friendships with them. They fly and glide about the blue skies in majestic colors singing sweetly despite the chaos in the world. They are soft and furry too and cute as they scurry about within the rocks and trees, or they are regal and elusive as they stalk within the ground cover watching us closely and deciding if we are friend or foe. Be it a deer or a bobcat or a tree swallow or a chipmunk, they are all out there living their lives in harmony and balance and can teach us many lessons we need for our survival. The days of regarding animals as less than humans are over. We are all one on every level.

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Our disconnect from nature was all part of the well planned agenda of the dark ones. If we lose our knowledge of nature and survival we are vulnerable and if we are vulnerable we tend to look to be saved by them in some way. We will comply and do as we are told. No longer! It is time to find OUR strength again and put down our grounding roots in Mother Earth again, listen to her heart beat and adjust to her rhythm and become one with her. Between her teachings she can share with us and the guidance the stars in the heavens provide, we will never be lost or vulnerable, we will be grounded and strong and sure at heart of who we are and where we are going.

Blessings to you all,

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