Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – What A Beautiful World – 15 July 2012

God said:

The world is a blur. You don’t see it clearly. Even when you think you do, you have seen only a faint-hearted picture. Instead of the word world, perhaps it is more helpful to think of the world as Creation, what God created, God’s Creation. You live in God’s Creation and, of course, yours.

Beloveds, consider that you sought admission to Creation. You did. Admission was free, and, yet, you had to wait in line to get in. The fee was waived. It would have cost a good sum of gold to gain admittance to the beautiful world I spread before you. Think a moment, My beloved teen-agers. You no longer have to be an adolescent. Be an innocent child, or be a well-versed adult who values each drop of water and the streams it comes from.

Now that you think in terms of God’s Creation, in the morning when you get up, you won’t think: “Ho hum, another day in the world.” You certainly won’t think: “Rats, another day in this world.”

You would think. When you think God’s Creation, you will certainly think: “Wow, another day in God’s Creation!” There will be wonderment. There will be appreciation. There will be service.

You, who are God’s Creation, live in God’s Creation. Place has been made for you. You were invited, and you accepted. Be a guest who appreciates the accommodations given to him.

If the paint is chipped in your room, you don’t think something is the matter. You do think, however, that your host might like the room ship-shape, and you get out a scraper and you get some paint, and you scrape and you paint the room. You make it nicer for the next guest, and you know that pleases your host immensely.

You mow the grass, and you plant a garden for all to see and pick flowers in.

You desire to serve your host, and you desire to serve all the visitors who also came on this tour of Creation.

I am your Host. I am the Host of everyone who visits My Creation. Naturally, I created with you in mind, and all the guests in mind. It is good for you to remind yourself that you are a guest. Be courteous.

If an earlier guest left your lodgings a mess, you won’t complain. You will simply straighten up your accommodations and be glad to give the world, not only new paint, but a deep cleaning and be glad to remodel your accommodations from inside out and outside in. You will be glad to accommodate.

I created a beautiful world, and you recreate it. Make it nice. You make it nice best by your appreciation. What a wonderful invention appreciation is. I built it into Creation. If you were the first people on Earth, you would look around you in amazement and say, “Ah, ah, ah. What a beautiful world!”

At that time in Creation, world was a beautiful word. It was not an outcast. It was not snubbed. It was not looked down on. As time progressed, some children started complaining. They complained about the world I had made. This has continued generation after generation. I certainly hope you are not one of My children who complained.

Beloveds, take another look. Watch the sun as it moves across the sky. Watch the moving clouds. As the clouds burst open, and there is a rain, let your heart burst open in the same way. A cloudburst of rain. A heart-burst of love. How simple. How easy it is to renovate the world. How easy it is to become an admiring guest of God’s world. Your world, God’s Creation. link to original article


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