Lucas – A Whole Lot Of Love Coming In – Where Is The Bridge To Jump – 15 July 2012

Oh my God.  What is going on? There is so much love energy poured from our Sun down on us and mother earth we have difficulties to get it integrated. You feel disturbed and some even act like the angry birds.

We see the clearing energies doing their business and that seems to result in storms, flash floods, sinkholes, small quakes and foremost people disturbed in their normal ways. I bet you felt the still in waves coming in energies. You felt the headaches or pressure on your body at several points, you felt the tinkling sensations, the feeling like being statically charged, the feeling of you burning up, you having no good or a restless  night sleep, feeling sick or overly tired or awakened, being fighting or having conflicts pop up everywhere, being judging, accusing  and pouring extra coals on a heated fiery situation or debate, or did you have lucid and strange dreams. Yep than you have experienced the energy cleansing that is going on still will go on for a couple of days to come.

You have been warned and did not listening. We see all the things unfolding look around.  Even people you did not expect to do “in your view” strange things did. It seems everything and everybody is going mad.

But that is too much honour for you all. You have been mad not staying in your  heart center when asked and keep having your being in a state of peace and love.  Do not worry because you still can do.

Visualize the love coming in that is sent and see it replacing all that you have to get rid off and have to let go. Feel the removed being filled by love and light of the highest order leaving no place empty.

You can help yourself in not having apparatus arround you that generate or receive energy fields.  Keep use of WiFi, Cellphones, Radio, TV to  a minimum It can amplify or disturb the energies coming in.  And you will feel it.

Now see it for what it is and take it as it comes.  No more complaining and start coming back to your center in being grounding yourself. Walk for a moment with bare feet in your garden or on your  floor. Feel connected to the ground and feel like that tree of 100 years being deeply rooted in mother earth.

Try to do this every day, all will be all right eventually. So it is intended and shall it be.

Love and Light,


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  1. I love you Lucas. 🙂