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Lucas – A Whole Lot Of Love Coming In – Where Is The Bridge To Jump – 15 July 2012

Oh my God.  What is going on? There is so much love energy poured from our Sun down on us and mother earth we have difficulties to get it integrated. You feel disturbed and some even act like the angry birds.

We see the clearing energies doing their business and that seems to result in storms, flash floods, sinkholes, small quakes and foremost people disturbed in their normal ways. I bet you felt the still in waves coming in energies. You felt the headaches or pressure on your body at several points, you felt the tinkling sensations, the feeling like being statically charged, the feeling of you burning up, you having no good or a restless  night sleep, feeling sick or overly tired or awakened, being fighting or having conflicts pop up everywhere, being judging, accusing  and pouring extra coals on a heated fiery situation or debate, or did you have lucid and strange dreams. Yep than you have experienced the energy cleansing that is going on still will go on for a couple of days to come. Continue reading

Jelaila Starr – Niburian Council – Weekly Message – Personal Update – 15 July 2012

How many times have we asked our guides to help us make a change?  I can’t count them all but when those answers come, they sometimes bring about more than we expected.  I’ve been making this request for some time and yep, it has created a big change for me.  That’s why I decided to write this message today; it’s the first day of what feels like a new life. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Traffic Jam Around The Sun – 15 July 2012

Assuming there’s nothing faked about this shot, and given that NASA posted it, it would be hard to understand why they’d fake a photo of so many apparent lightships around the Sun, it’s pretty dramatic. The area around the Sun has become a huge parking lot and it isn’t a shriners’ convention.  Thanks to Scott.

http://www.the2012scenario.com link to original article

VT – Gordon Duff And WNT – Confirmed By NASA – UFO Footage From ISS Real – 15 July 2012

192 “One Mile Diameter” UFO Filmed by Space Station, Now Confirmed … by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and WNT ——————- One of my friends, Editor of World News Tomorrow, sent me the following story. He got it from a high level source at NASA and called in a favor, having the material and story validated through high level intelligence and law enforcement channels, official channels. During the investigation, records of thousands of abductions were discovered, records of verified alien abductions, none of which were debunked. Information on this will be included below. A month ago, Veterans Today published a classified analysis, including full scientific data, of a UFO video from South Korea. Most videos we receive are CGI, computer phonies. I should say 99%, not most. These are the highest classified documents to have ever been leaked to the public, so far beyond the Pentagon Papers or anything Wikileaks has seen as to make make their efforts a joke. Our published versions are high resolution and we have a private download site available for access to the originals for organizations who submit requests. Continue reading

OpEdNews – Rick Staggenborg – We Are All Spaniards – 15 July 2012

This article is adapted from one of the same name that originally appeared on the website of  Soldiers For Peace International on June 8, when the newly elected Spanish government was arguing for favorable loan terms from EU bankers. Given the recent massive protests against austerity measures imposed anyway, it seems even more appropriate now. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Santa And The Toy Factory, Zero Point, Awake vs Aware. All Is One! – 15 July 2012

The one thing I realized this last week or so, is that our inner child aspect is more crucial to our path than I ever realized.  The child who loves so deeply and so unconditionally with ALL their Being.  The child who has always known magic is real.  The child who joyfully plays for hours with friends only they can see.  The child whose trust and belief in the beauty and excitement of life was unwavering no matter how many storms showed up in their lives.

Returning to the child within is more important than I ever realized. Continue reading

John Ward – Confirmed At Last : The Attempted Cover-Up Of How JP Morgan Torpedoed Lehman Brothers – 15 July 2012

As an early propagator of the allegation that JP Morgan Chase deliberately hastened the Lehman collapse, the Slog finds itself vindicated three years on by a successful regulator action against JPM, and contemporary documentation.

“And then when you have the suckers by the balls, you squeeze just like this” Continue reading

Occupy Protest At Bohemian Grove – Senior Citizin Assaulted And Arrested – 15 July 2012

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Citizen Doug Miller, being arrested at occupy bohemian grove by sergeant Williams with Sonoma County Sheriff  assaulted and arrested.

2 Minutes News – Magnetic Storm & Earthquake Watch – 15 July 2012

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Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – We are In A State Of Grace! – 15 July

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

(The recommended video version you find below)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

the latest powerful Solar-Flare brought indeed a further activation of our DNA with it and added new strands to it! I literally could see this as it was shown to me.  Continue reading