Drake – Update – Think And Relate – 16 July 2012


Think and Relate

The slavery of employment.
Each of us has a routine in life described in many ways.
That idea of a ‘ball and chain’ gives meaning in this song.
To those who have stepped outside the routine, many are forced to return.

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No privacy because of the god of business we built and
the philosophy of that thought is captured here.

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Where are we and what is happening today…

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The reason is FREEDOM.

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This is designed to bring things into focus for those who can hear.
There are a lot of people who at least feel a twinge of patriotism, that
this country should belong to them, and maybe a possibility of a real
American dream.
Those who feel that they should do something, might start by talking
to those listed above. Maybe find out that you have a better way…
Many follow directly into the cause, just like Marines running to the
Question is, who has the courage?
Act according to how you feel. Those who have just a small feeling,
need to talk to those who are looking to go into action.
Those who are coming to the fight, enlist all those who are not fully sure.
Those who can not bring themselves to be so directly involved, need to
ALL go into the streets.
Do not be fooled.
The bad guys will try to stop anything we do.
I have it on good authority that most of the military will join with us.
You are to form up with the Sheriff and FBI, and support them.
Make no mistake, this is the end game.
~ Drake

http://www.americannationalmilitia.com  link to original article

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