Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 15 July 2012

What we are doing here is building you a new home, a new home built on trust, on hope, on dreams, on possibilities, on the air, the land and the seas that you have created through your thoughts, your words, your actions and intentions and everything that you wish for yourselves, your families, all your loved ones and friends. All your new home needs is the lumber, the nails, the knowhow and the effort to put it all together. You are being supplied all these tools and materials to construct your new home by the higher dimensions, by your Creator, who loves you and cares about you and your new home and wishes for you the new home built of every dream you have ever had.
What your new home is not built upon is a faulty foundation built on distrust and suspicion, blame and finger-pointing, argument and hostility, anger, objection and judgment. Your new home will be a safer, sturdier and more beautiful and more perfectly functioning home if you build it upon a firm foundation of trust, of honor, of kindness, of love, of tolerance, of politeness, of sharing and caring for each other. You are building your new home each and every day through your words and your actions throughout your online communities that are the nails that you are driving through the beams that support your new structure. This is the building of your new home. If you would like to see how well your new home is being constructed, all you have to do is go back and reread the posts and the comments that you are leaving for others and observe how well you drove your nails through the lumber that will support your new home. This will give you a very clear indication of how your house is being constructed.
Taking a look at many of the comments left under our message shared with you yesterday about the arrest and the sentencing of a member of your society, we need to point out that the building of your home that was experienced yesterday did not at all help your home being built in any way, shape or form. Instead, the construction that was carried out on your new home yesterday needs to be all torn down, as boards were nailed in crooked, foundational cement was poured unevenly and firmed full of cracks, and shingles were hung misaligned with others. Yesterday was a poor day out on the construction site. We are not judging you, the builders of your new home. We are merely pointing out which we feel should be obvious to all, that yesterday was a day where of waste of an opportunity to further strengthen your new home and inch one step closer to its completion.
There have been other days that were on par with yesterday’s construction, but not too many. Many of you have been doing such an amazing and wonderful job in the construction of your new home that most days see wonderful improvements and advancements in construction. Yesterday was a day where many of you were tested and many of you failed to reach a potential that was certainly in reach for you. Instead of demonstrating love and compassion, understanding and tolerance for each other, there are a number of you who chose a different way to treat others. Again, we are not judging, but we ask you how can you view the results of your work together yesterday any differently than how we have just described?
This is what we are asking you today; can you possibly describe in better terms how your home was constructed yesterday? Would you say that verbally attacking and abusing others and their views was a productive day in any way for you, your people, and the building of you your new home that you will very shortly share together? There is no other, nicer or sweeter way to explain this to you. We must be honest with you, we must speak clear and we must be forthright and say that many of you who engaged in this sort of behavior of rudeness and abuse perhaps were better to take the day off and leave your tools at home and allow others to show up at the construction site to continue the building of the house that you will share, for much of the work that was done yesterday needs to be completely torn down and rebuilt starting today.
This is what we would like to see today. It is a beautiful day no matter where it is in your world that you live. It may be raining, it may be hot and may even be cold, but today is a perfect day to pick up your tools and repair the portions of your home that were built through faulty construction yesterday. Let us begin to repair some of the damage that we did by making amends with those that we may have trespassed upon by hurling insults and defamations of character upon. Let us today pick up our tools, and the first nail we drive be apologies to each other in the form of expressions that today we will instead choose to honor and respect the views of others. That is all. This is not too difficult a task is it dear ones? Many inroads that had been paved in the past as you have worked on your new home were damaged yesterday through all the hostility and the arguing and the shouting back and forth, and we wish to stop right there and repair this damage before we continue to build this home on a cracked, shoddy, weak and dangerous foundation, for this is not how your new dream home should be built.
It is your home, and it is you in the end who will decide upon its construction, its design, its beauty and its function, but we, as master builders and architects, will suggest to you that you take this afternoon and re-familiarize yourself with the blueprints that you have drawn up in your dreams and compare them to the construction that went on throughout the hours of yesterday and ask yourself if the work done did justice to your wonderfully designed architectural plans. We feel if you take the time to look over these plans you will agree that your work did not do them justice, and we feel there will certainly be a few less days in the future where it would be better to leave your tools at home.
We love you all, and we wish to make it very clear again that we are not judging you, no, not at all. Instead, we simply offer our advice to you, as from our vantage point we clearly see each day’s production throughout the construction of your new dream house and we feel if it were you that were helping us design our home, you too would offer us your expertise and your wisdom to help us better strengthen and construct the house that we will call home for a very long time. Thank you so much for your time today my friends and we look so forward to seeing the results of your reconstruction today. We are confident you will strengthen and straighten some of the work that was performed yesterday.
Until tomorrow, we are your fellow architects, planners, designers and construction workers of the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles link to original article

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