Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation of Light – 16 July 2012

A major offensive has been carried out by the forces of light operating on the front lines in an attempt to eradicate the stronghold of the criminal cabal here in your world. A frontal assault has been carried out, taking into custody many hundreds of members of the criminal cabal and some of their underlings here in cities such as Atlanta Georgia, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Dayton Ohio, Bloomington Minnesota, Aspen Colorado, Peoria Illinois, Sacramento California and within the state of Delaware.  These cabal agents put up a hostile fight in some of these locations. Casualties were experienced on both sides of this struggle. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, monitored all of these situations and we were able to repel an attempt by rogue military forces that attempted to interfere, at least on some level, with one or more of these proceedings. We initiated light technologies and defenses and stopped their forward momentum and blacked out their communications to, and through, their satellites to cabal leaders and other rogue military units. We have assured your men and women in the fields and on the front lines of these actions that we will do whatever it is we must do and we can do to protect them from these military factions sworn to the allegiance of the cabal. We have kept our word, though it is unfortunate that we must report that there were some casualties experienced by your courageous men and women taking part in gunfire while making some of these arrests. We could not interfere in that particular situation as there are limitations to what we can do at times and the amount of protection we can offer. We will continue our efforts on every front to offer the highest level of protection that we can, and we say to you have confidence in us and have faith and know that many more lives could have been lost if it were not for our efforts that succeeded in stopping additional rogue military forces from becoming involved in the conflicts that are now scattered all over the United States as well as throughout some parts of your world.

We will continue to give you updates to these developments as often as we can as we feel it is very important for you, the people of Earth, to be kept abreast and made aware of what is truly the most significant event in the history of your modern world. We salute the brave and courageous men and women who are on the front lines and who mourn the loss of those who have given their lives in service to their brothers and sisters, to love, to light, to freedom, to the decree of their Creator who now has greeted them through his open arms of the higher dimensions, as this is where these beings have now emerged, through the veil, on the other side of where there is only light and where their loved ones who are their family and their friends were waiting for them and who have now joined them in cheerful and joyful reunion.
We say to all of you, the people of your world, that this is the destiny that awaits you, and although it may appear to your senses here under this illusion of a lower dimensional world that the experience you understand as death is some kind of mortal end, is some kind of finale, it is not even remotely the truth of what it is a being experiences once they are freed from the limiting confines of your human vessels. What awaits you is glorious, is momentous, is gorgeous, is freeing, is liberating, is joyful, is exhilarating, is blissful and in very many cases ultimately surprising, yet there is one thing for sure; the death of the human vessel is not the end, for the living spirit of a being is eternal, and this spirit is never ending in its journey beyond and through walls of dimensions that only present themselves while encased within a lower dimensional physical vessel.
Once freed from the confines of this vessel, a spirit can take shape beyond this realm, reemerging back home, if you will, to where is they come from, where it is they belong, where is they have missed and have longed, in some cases, for many eons of time. This is an occasion to look forward to, not to fear and not to regret. The brave men and women who gave their lives in the gunfire apprehending the members of your criminal cabal will be missed, for a time, this cannot be denied, but they will not be missed for very long as many of their friends and family will be reuniting with them very shortly in the days ahead. This is one of the surprises awaiting so many of you who have seemingly lost loved ones in the past, as when our two dimensions merge there will be nothing, not time, not walls, separating you from joyful embrace, together again. This we promise you.
This is what some of you have to look forward to at the culmination of this great shift that these arrests are an essential part of. We wish all to know that the men and women who gave up their physical vessels at this time in love and service to the light and to you, their brothers and sisters, have been greatly rewarded for their heroic efforts, and their reward comes not in a lie of a medal handed to them by members of the cabal, but their reward has been bestowed upon them from their Creator, the Creator of all things ‘good’ or ‘bad’, large or small, dark or light in this, his magnificent kingdom where we journey to experience ourselves in every aspect of ourselves, in every shade, shadow or lighted day of ourselves. These experiences where gunshots ring out and lives are seemingly lost are one aspect of what we have come here to experience, and not a single moment is ever rightfully mourned as each moment of every experience is to be treasured and is to be recognized as an experience that has enabled us to learn more about ourselves and to understand greater who it is we are, once reflected on to the backdrop of this wonderful universe.
Moments like these that may seem to family and friends of departing souls as tragedies are not at all moments of sorrow or tragedy. They are moments that define more sharply and more clearly who it is we are and magnify what it is that we are made of in form and substance, in spirit. Please take a moment to honor these men and women who unselfishly and for the freedom of all of you sacrificed.  Pay them their due respect for what they have given, which was to depart early, leaving family and friends behind to mourn, as many of them have not reached an understanding that their separation is only temporary, and some of these individuals feel they have lost a loved one forever even though they have not. We all will experience a day when we will have the opportunity to reunite with each and every soul that has touched our lives, has been a part of our lives, and who we may miss greatly today. This is one of the joys in store for each and every one of you, and in the days ahead there will be those of you who will once again come face-to-face in joyful reunion with those loved ones of your past that have gone on before you into the higher realms of this multidimensional universe.
This is where we, the ascended beings that speak to you through these communications exist. It is here, within the ethers of the higher realms that we call home, and where we await our reunion with you as well. Do you have a clearer understanding of where it is we are and where it is you are? Do you see why much work needs to be done to tear down this wall that separates us, separates the physical from the spiritual? Now that many of you have a clearer understanding of how great our task is together, we ask you to please do what you can to get along with each other as we, day by day and step-by-step, inch closer to the salvation of our entire mission here together with you.
These men and women who are on your front lines are not fighting and sacrificing without cause. They are participating in events that are Earth changing, life-changing and future course altering for your planet and your entire civilization. What they are fighting for can barely be adequately described through the use of words, and we say to you that a clearer picture will be made available to you once you can emerge beyond these limiting confines of your dimension when many greater understandings will be experienced by you. This day will come; there can be no denying this now. The final battle has begun. It had been written in your ancient texts as prophesy many thousands of years ago that this battle would be waged and it has now begun and will not end until there is a victor, either the light or the dark, and we are here to make certain it is the light that is victorious and shines upon your new day, illuminating your way to the higher realms of this universe.
We are your ascended friends and family here on the other side with those who have recently departed your dimension. They are safe, they are sound, and they are now with us waiting for your arrival in the days ahead. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles link to original article

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