Kryon – The Mind Of A Master – 16 July 2012

Uploaded on on 4 June 2009.

This video was created around an intention that I first read in Kryon Book 11 called Lifting The Veil. And I believe that it was this intention that had helped me to begin my journey. . . .a journey towards awakening to my own divinity.

In the chapter called Becoming Masters Kryon gave us the perception of past Masters. And one of the attributes all past Masters had was their ability to be a master survivor.

Please enjoy this video.

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2 responses to “Kryon – The Mind Of A Master – 16 July 2012

  1. As there are a number of “Kryons” -Your Link to Kryon fails to mention the channeller.

    • A bit of search would have given you with all the information given your answer. But it is easy to have not asked but to criticise when there is no need for it. Please next time do without that and seek yourself without blaming others for it first. But as you did not ask a question, I will satify your need with seeing it as a question without the blame intent and criticism in it: the author/channeler is Lee Carroll – KRYON BOOK ELEVEN – Lifting the Veil (The New Energy Apolcalypse) ISBN 1-888053-19-4 (Shopping cart # KB00-11) 2007 – The Kryon Writings, Inc. Next time don’t blame or criticise if you have a question.