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John Ward – Olympic Security Madness : Revealed – Mohammed Bari’s Selective Defence Of Major Suspected Terrorist. How Senior Locog director And Dissembler Bari Misrepresents The Evidence Of Spying, Money Laundering And Internet Incitement Against Babar Ahmad – 16 July 2012

Astonishing silence of the UK MSM in this regard

Babar Ahmad

Leader of the notorious East London Mosque Dr Mohammed Bari is always vocal on the subject of British injustice. He has defended long-held terror suspect Babar Ahmad and opposed his extradition to the US in every medium that will entertain his one-sided accounts. Ahmad has been held for seven years without trial: but Bari and his ilk always edit out the powerful evidence against Ahmad….and why he languishes in a British prison. The Slog details it in full. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – White House Gives Homeland Security Communications Control – 16 July 2012

White House Gives Homeland Security Communications Control

Steve: Perhaps let me add a word to Stephen’s explanation. A move like this in years before containment, previously known as the “mass arrests,” would have rattled everyone’s bones. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Video Evidence Of Troops Moving In For Arrests – 16 July 2012

Uploaded on 23 June 2012 by .(Lucas: This video was already posted a couple a weeks ago in evidence that there would be actions taking place. I still can not hear of see other evidence of real arrest,  if so your welcome to bring it to my attention via the e-mail.  But for now discern yourselves about all you hear, see, read as it can be a partial truth, a distorted truth or even not the truth or your truth. I do not say you what to believe just discern yourselves.)  Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Use This Intense Mercury Retrograde Your Advantage! – 16 July 2012

There is definitely a shift taking place within this intense energy influx.  The first half of July was infiltrating your inner energy field.  This served to line up your energy body with the new energy, expand the consciousness and link you up to other expanded consciousness, and so much more than that too.

I am now watching as the energies of readings are unfolding just at the doorway of your physical life (outer world.)  New networks of energy, connections to other people, other places and so much more is now underway. Continue reading

Lucas – This Is The Attitude We Are Up Against! – 16 July 2012

The crisis in The Netherlands deepens and I already reported on again a bank that was bailed out by the Dutch people as taxpayers that now says I can not repay this loan. The bank says this  after almost 4 years not paying the interest on the loan?!.  And now the war on the deficit  is  bulldozing the Dutch country and its people by  austerity measures taken by the government that are not helping but deepening the crisis.  The crux is if there is no money (and it can not be printed anymore) we, “the people”, should pay for it by taxes and other measures and cuts and also pay the blank cheques for banks, institutions and other countries in trouble as they do not go bankrupt or even pay it themselves.  I hear them say joking with each other: “We have to let someone pay for the debt ain’t it and that someone are you the  stupid idiots that vote for us and give the money to those who have been responsible and liable for the debts”.  Oh stupid us I say.

The hypocrisy and arrogance of the bankers and the ones thinking to be in charge see us like sheep as we  still act also like sheep. For example our own Dutch ex-minister of finance mister Gerrit  Zalm (see picture above) was responsible as financial director for DSB Bank  that helped costumers towards “affordable” mortgages in situations that (as also other banks did practice this) people could never pay back their mortgages in full in their financial situation. Continue reading

Washington Post – French Arrest Warrant For Son Of Equatorial Guinea Chief In Probe On Misspending Public Funds – 16 July 2012

PARIS — France has issued an arrest warrant for the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, a suspect in an investigation into the alleged misspending of public funds, a judicial official said Friday.

2 Minutes News – 16 July 2012

Uploaded on 16 July 2012 by . Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Be Free – The Grand Deception… We Are Awake! – 16 July 2012

Uploaded on 16 July 2012 by . Letting Go Off Society’s Expectations!

SolarIMG – KP6, Storm Continues! – 16 July 2012

How To Deal With Cops And Stay Free – Banned Police Video – 16 July 2012

Uploaded by on 3 May 2011.  How to deal with cops and stay free, how to put a police officer on his oath.

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