Wes Annac – SanJAsKa – Feeling Is The Basis Of Counsciousness – 16 July 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Fear and the vibrations that continually feed fear have been significant factors in holding the collective of humanity back in your growth and in your finding of the higher realms in the ways you have all been wishing to. As individuals feed fear and the energies that accompany fear in their various different forms and facets, so is the collective held back exponentially in the finding of the energies and heart sets that fear thoroughly enjoys tearing down in oneself.

Many of you will realize so very soon, the central theme that fear has played in holding you back as you realize that indeed, there is no need to fear or even be in concern of anything, ever. Imagine, dear souls, the perspective one gains after ascending to the higher dimensions. Imagine never worrying, never being in concern over any matter, and never having to experience the accompanying drop of your vibrations.

We ask you now to begin to imagine this experience as you integrate it into yourselves and turn it into a pure Earthly experience. You are finding the energies of the higher realms which are exposing the deepest and most ingrained fears and concerns within yourselves, as the process of evolution in an Earth human is one that completely illuminates all past mindsets and heart sets that have been based in illusion and in fear.

There are many lower astral beings within the realms of your world who take their very power and sustenance from the fear-based energies that humanity gives out on a daily basis, and these souls have been distorting and controlling the minds and hearts of humanity for generations, only with your subconscious permission of course.

It has been expressed endlessly that one should not fear these beings and rather Love them, as if one chooses to fear or feel anger toward these lower beings, one will only make them stronger and increase their influence within one’s perceptions as again, [collectively-fed] fear and the lower energies accompanying and feeding fear is how these entities receive their sustenance.

Were fear to be completely diminished on your world in an instant, these beings and the elites whom these beings employ would find themselves transmuted in an instant, and would find themselves inhabiting other lower planes of different worlds as the collective vibration of the Earth would have no longer resonated with their energies.

Of course, dear souls this is a process and one that must be steadily performed, as the collective energies must not be tipped in too intense of ways, lest we wish to cause unnecessary problems for the collective.

Every single day, you all have the opportunity to assess whether you are letting the energies of fear or of the lower vibrations into your Life, or whether you are letting those of Love and Harmony into your Lives and as you are all growing, evolving and learning to discern in incredibly pure and Masterful ways, you are beginning to tell quite easily which mindsets and heart sets will only continue to feed the energies of fear and of those lower astral beings who have wished to control humanity through humanities’ emotions and feelings.

You were given feelings and emotions in your third dimensional Lives as such things are the accompanying advancements in one’s own evolution and perception whenever one evolves to the realms of the third density.

In second density one does not have quite as much awareness and one is just beginning to become introduced to the very concepts of emotions and feelings and indeed dear souls, every animal on your world at present is long beginning to become familiar with emotions and heart sets.

Even first dimensional plants experience their own distorted versions of human third dimensional emotions, as feeing is the basis of consciousness, of Life. It would be impossible for any speck of consciousness, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, not to feel in some way or another because if one is not feeling, than one is not existing.

Everything around you, even that which you brand as inanimate, is experiencing consciousness and is itself consciousness.

Do you see, dear beautiful souls? Everything around you is consciousness, is soul, and it simply takes opening up oneself to this mere possibility to begin finding a harmony with everything around you that the unawakened collective would likely assume is impossible.

Indeed, it is very possible to find a working, Loving relationship with even that chair you are sitting in or that food which you put into your body, and it is with this admission that we wish to discuss the importance of giving thanks and blessings for all of that which you receive during your daily Lives.

Again, dear souls, everything around you is consciousness and that includes everything you put in your bodies.

Much of the food that humanity has been given has been distorted at a cellular level so that rather than keeping humanity in good states of health, it purposefully brings the vibratory signature of your bodies down and many can feel the effect of eating heavy, processed foods. We say that such effects are not only meant to keep your bodies unhealthy, but are meant as well to keep you in the vibratory state that the most dense of ingredients in such food would have originated from and existed within, [and this happens] as you are consuming such things.

However, there are very many foods on your world that have not yet been distorted and that will never be fully distorted, and one can look to the Monsanto corporation with Love knowing that their ultimate aims and goals in distorting [and genetically modifying] all of humanities food under the guise of humanitarian efforts, will not come to fruition.

No dear souls, there are real humanitarian efforts underway on your world at present being led by souls whom the majority would not even know or hear of, as these souls stay away from the public limelight in an effort to keep themselves as shielded as they can from the perceptions of those who would try to tear down their humanitarian efforts.

There are many incarnate Ascended Masters on your world at present who are overseeing the giving of clean water and food to African villages as well as other parts of your world experiencing great poverty and destruction.

Many of such souls are concerned little with the date of 2012 as an end-point for third dimensional Life and a beginning-point for the emergence of the higher realms unfolding on the surface of Earth, as these souls are rather focusing in every moment on bringing this new future forth, as they know of such a future but are instead taking to doing everything they can to bring this future about, rather than letting themselves feel hung-up on specific dates and timeframes.

Dearest souls, we have expressed before, the need for all of the awakened humanity to ‘get out there’ and begin doing anything you can to enact the change on your world that has been needed.

Very limiting mindsets have been drawn-up and fed in humanity, and these mindsets have to do with [humanity] not feeling strong or influential enough to be able to enact much of the change on your world that you have been wishing to see.

Such mindsets have been fed to humanity by the cabals and by those in power for so very long, as it is perceived that only those with money or wealth can make changes to your world in any way and unfortunately, many of those with wealth have taken to enacting devastating change on your world, the majority of which they still attempt but will no longer get away with, provided their actions are not in alignment with the collective density that needs to be cleared.

Each and every one of you do indeed possess the power and the opportunity to get together as a collective and begin demanding for and enacting in any ways you can, all of this change which has been discussed.

Indeed, dear souls, a mindset in much of even the awakened humanity has been fed, and this mindset will tell you that you do not possess enough power as an individual to enact any type of positive change on your world.

We say that this mindset is completely false, as you actually hold and possess all of the power within you; you have simply been asleep to this power as you played around within the lower dimensions, enjoying the various temporary stimulants and amusements that the lower realms had to offer and at times, going through great pains and hardships as a result of one’s own manifested densities in past interactions within the lower dimensions.

As individuals you have much, much more power than you realize at present and as a collective, the elites would not stand a chance against your Light. Technology has been made available on your world that allows you to get together, even those of you Living very far away from each other, to discuss various facets of bringing forth change on your world.

Some have utilized this opportunity to get together, plan meetings and actions that will be and have been based on getting some type of Lighted change enacted on your world and this is good dear souls, for these actions have very dearly needed to be taken on your world.

There are many who have gotten together and formed very potent meditation groups and dear souls, even this action will see much Light delivered to your world; not by us beings within the higher realms, but by you on Earth who would be manifesting such Light as a collective and as individuals and we say that your collectively-manifested Light on Earth is much, much more potent than the Light you are being given from innumerable higher realms because the intents of the collective of Lightworkers giving this Light will have seen an energy of intent added to your Light which, provided your intents are aimed in the right, Lighted directions, will see this energy so very pure and Lighted.

The majority of the collective has been completely asleep to your higher dimensional roots and abilities for a very long time whilst in the lower dimensions, and many have spent so many Lives within the lower dimensional structure that they have consciously forgotten about any other type of reality, any reality that can be even slightly different than your own.

Many do not recognize the inherent significance of your dreams and dear souls, this is because as one spends many, many Lives within realms that they become used to, the mindset of such realms being the only ones in existence becomes attached to that soul as they subsequently hear in many of their Lives that their reality is the only reality there is.

Dear souls, your reality being the only one in existence has been a very potent, fabricated ‘truth’, and has been the basis of much debate and argument by many who do [and do not yet] believe in the existence of purer realms beyond their own perception, as it is perceived that only that which can be studied and proven to be real within the third dimensional reality structures and limits must be the only realties out there.

We feel such Love and laughter whenever any Earth soul assumes that because they cannot [consciously] sense or feel another reality, such a reality must not exist for dear souls, it is a very limiting concept for one to feel and believe but as always, each and every path and mindset is honored.

There are going to be many who have quite a bit of trouble coming to terms with the reality of higher realms and planes of existence, as some have nearly indoctrinated themselves into the belief that only third dimensional reality exists. This is as well a ‘truth’ that has been purposefully fabricated and fed to your mainstream perception, by souls who routinely make interactions with other realms beyond the perception of the third dimension.

These souls that we speak of have for so very long, been feeding themselves and the Earth the energies of fourth density-negative and as a result of the continued feeding of these energies by the majority of the collective of humanity as well, these realms have become quite strong in their influence and grasp.

We say this not to put anyone in fear, as these realms will never reach the fore of your perception to the point of being overbearing [karmic measures wouldn’t allow it], and will only come to one via the egotistical, patterned influences that one is continually feeding and letting into themselves; these realms are only able to reach you via karma and your freewill choices.

What we mean by these realms being quite strong is that the collectively-fed densities have made these realms so, and there are now innumerable beings from the higher realms offering assistance to these [lower] realms and to the beings who have, at times willingly, suffered within these realms for so very long.

There are a few different ways that the influences of these realms are able to reach one, and all of them have to do with an individual or collective falling back into old and ingrained mindsets and heart sets, or with one discovering such mind and heart sets while finding themselves willingly feeding them. This rounds back to the discussion of the very potency and power of any energy you let through yourselves and any actions that you choose to feed or commit whilst on your world and whilst within the structure of the lower dimensions.

Again, you have so very much personal and collective power, and which mindsets and heart sets one chooses to let into oneself will be the most important deciders of events to manifest in one’s Life at a later point.

Some choose to feel that they are giving their power away when listening to or reading messages from sources existing in the higher realms, and we say that you will only be giving away as much power as you let yourselves give away, [if one feels one is doing so] when reading a channeled communication or when doing anything else whilst on the Earth.

Dearest souls, the very purpose of us speaking to humanity through channels at this time has been to assist you along your beautifully and marvelously unfolding Life paths, in ways that allow for the collective freewill to be experienced and fed, in that you all have the choice not to believe that these communications are genuine.

Many choose not to believe in the channeled communications and in the beings who are bringing them forth and guess what, dear, beautiful souls – such souls will always find their way to the higher realms as has always been intended.

This is something that has needed to be expressed – that no matter how you find your way to the higher realms, each and every one of you will in your own time and in your own way.

There are many who are not yet aware of channeled communications or the assistance that we have been giving humanity for so very long, and these souls are still very well along their ascension paths for the methods that one uses to get to these higher realms do not matter as much as the intent and willingness to give up lower-oriented mind and heart sets to resonate with the energies and realms of the higher dimensions.

This is what it has been about, dear souls – finding yourselves in a resonating state with the higher realms by tearing down, peeling away and integrating into oneself those energies of fear, of mistrust, of doubt, angst, anger; dear souls the list could go on, and all of this feeding has kept humanity back from the perception and resonation with the higher realms that each and every one of you deserves to feel.

Much of the density which keeps one completely within the mind and heart sets of the lower realms is again, fed to you quite literally by the lower-oriented food that humanity [has been] consuming.

Dearest Mother Gaia happily provided you with everything that you would need to survive Her surface whilst you went through your various experiences, and it has been the ingrained and fed density in humanity that has called for not only the influence of the elites on your world, but much that they have been allowed to commit as well, which has included distorting the food and drink that humanity consumes.

You dark wished to replace the healthy food and drink that humanity is given with their own versions of food and drink that would keep humanity in a lower state, wherein you could be controlled by them and by the lower astral beings who employ them.

We should say that soda is completely unnatural, as there is little in soda that will see one’s body healthy and one’s mind and heart more pure and clear. Rather, soda has been meant to purposefully and steadily tear down the body and various facets of the body that are very important to one’s [physical] growth and development, whilst filling the aura with dense energies that are again, a result of the ingredients put into them that the dark gives you.

Dearest Gaia has given you clean and pure water to drink and absorb, and your dark have taken to distorting and dirtying up much of this water as well but worry not dear souls, for you did not come to the Earth ill-equipped to handle such problems. Even the dark distorting your water has acted in accordance with the freewill of humanity or else it would not have happened; their plans would have been thwarted as the repercussions of their actions would not have resonated with repercussions and consequences that humanity has manifested for yourselves.

Each and every one of you have the power to neutralize the pollution put in much of your water whilst subsequently raising the vibratory state of your water to that of one that will match and resonate with your continually adjusting bodies and spirits.

You have the power to change at a cellular level, the very frequency of the water and food alike that you put into your bodies though in the avenue of food, some of your food is so very distorted to the point that it would take much collective cleansing to begin to raise its vibratory signature to one that would resonate with and help your bodies and sprits.

After our presence is made known to your world and you begin to feel comfortable with us as a collective, we will subsequently begin to feel more and more comfortable with landing on your Earth and making ourselves known.

At present, we venture onto the actual ground of the Earth very little because the collective density would pull us down, and even when traveling to our underground bases which are under your oceans or to Lemuria with access points which we must meet with your ground to reach, we shield ourselves in auras and energies of realms even purer than our perceptions, in an effort to ‘shield’ ourselves from the collective density manifested and fed all throughout your world on a daily basis.

At present as well, we hang in your sky, taking the form of stars and making ourselves known in subtle and bold ways to those who can feel open to such a sighting without feeling inherent fear in themselves.

We notice even many awakened Lightworkers still taking to a prejudice or fear-based mindset on the subject of our presence and assistance, and in the immediate period ahead whenever we can directly contact and talk with you on Earth, those who have remained in doubt and fear will see that we have no malicious intent, that we are real, and we Love you all so very dearly.

We have been with you for longer than the millennia that you have been steeped and ingrained within the lower dimensional experience in very intense ways, and the immediate period ahead will not be the only time we will have made ourselves known in bold ways.

In the times of Atlantis we walked your world freely along with you, and we were accepted wholeheartedly by the collective of humanity as you came so very close to ascending and reaching the states of consciousness that we had come to your world to attempt to help you bestow upon yourselves.

Whenever Atlantis and Lemuria ultimately fell in the timeline in which such things happened, we were given the blame for the destruction as the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria were told, in the select few generations of your time before the truths of these colonies’ existence and destruction were hidden from the ’mainstream’ perception.

Indeed, you will find that your current society has not been the only advanced society to exist on your world since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, and while the current accounts of your history have been so very distorted to keep you in states of ignorance as to the truths of your world and what has happened on your world for a millennia, there have indeed been societies and civilizations on your world even more advanced than your current.

Our message at this time has been one of Love, one of encouragement to break though the instilled barriers of fear in oneself and to realize your own strong and pure power, as well as your ability to utilize such power to begin initiating change on your world that has been needed.

Your individual power can see much accomplished even in the avenue of realizing this power, as well as in the avenue of Life and of evolution and whenever you begin to get together as a collective to perform various different tasks which will ultimately see you and your world better-resonated with the energies being given to you at this time in increased purity, our own presence on your world will become more and more the inevitability that it has always been.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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