Madrid, Spontaneous March Of Police And State Employees – 17 July 2012

For the third time in just three days, a spontaneous demonstration has tilt the center of Madrid.
Police officers, doctors, firefighters and teachers have gathered in thousands on the streets of the capital, blocking city traffic  and without displaying flags of political parties or trade unions. “We feel cheated by those who pay less and increases taxes, “summarizes a Guardia Civil.
The police mobilized by the Ministry of Internal Affaires have been advised to follow the non-authorized event without intervention.
Before midnight, the protesters have gathered in the vicinity of the Congress, where on Wednesday the government announced a maneuver of 65 billion. The

rise of  V.A.T., the elimination of the Thirteenth and reductions in subsidies f or unemployment are the most contested measures by public employees. For the upcoming July 19 trade unions have called for nationwide protests against the government’s recent cuts.

Via  The Galactic Free Press – link to article Original italian article

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