Bix Weir – All Eyes On Azkadellia! – 18 July 2012

This is turning into a VERY tough month for the Federal Reserve. Congress is going to PASS the Audit The Fed Bill and this testimony by Ben Bernanke has assured it!

Santelli On “The Smoking Gun”

This IS the end game and it continues to play out as designed.

Which brings me to the title of this email alert “All Eyes on Azkadellia”.

For those of you who have been on my “Road to Roota” for a while you’ve probably seen this movie and understood it’s meaning but for those “newbies” here’s a little treat for you from the original CIA insider Robert Halmi Sr….


Yes, it is all true and even though this movie was made in 2007 (right before the first attempted take down of the banksters) it is still playing out today.

Take note of the line in the movie right before they invade the castle where the Tin Man says to DG…”You might not be able to save your sister.” DG’s sister is Azkadellia that represents the Federal Reserve Bank. This line is a direct reference to what is about to happen to the Federal Reserve.

Sorry sis…we’re gonna have to take you down!

PS – Yes. It is SILVER that ultimately melts the witch so hang on tight to your metal!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

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