Lucas – Still Not Believing Your Not Having A Say In Your Democracy? – 18 July 2012

After the Citizens United court case the unlimited spending by the corporations and wealthy is now sanctioned. People in USA do not see the real for what it is. Your democracy is ruled by capitalism and greed, lobbyist and corporations and not “We The People” and the real things that should be addressed.  You see corruption, interests entanglement, lobbying,  senators and congressmen and campaigning for funds for re-election as less time is  spent on Capitol Hill for the duties they are elected for and in keeping their oaths of office. Approximately 2 till 3 days they spent on the Hill. Reading the bills and amendments they should pass they do not.  Yes unread they vote on and pass bills that limit and steal the rights you have as sovereign beings. You should ask them what they voted on. You’d be surprised! 

We see an increasing flow of unconstitutional bills pass. In my opinion ‘The High Court  judges’ approve of apparent infringements on the bill of rights and the rights the constitution has given you in political motivated decisions that are not allowed to be made. Judges are prohibited to make law, they can make weighted decision on the merits of the constitution and nothing more. Also the political appointments of judges for live is also a questionable practice. What is then being neutral and not biased.

I see in the pre-election campaigns of the parties the vote rigging, fraud, manipulation, biased and forfeited and bought media attention and so on.  I believe if people say they have the greatest democracy of the world should really think again. Now the domination of money is key in buying and manipulating your vote.  Yes the superpacs are now the way you get your democratic say and all with money. The by a few monopolists controlled media say what you should believe on their news and talk programs. Really?!  One Billion is said to be spent till the election in November  at campaign ads and air-time.

Should not be that money for those now living on the streets without food and shelter in the land of opportunities where the corporations and bankers and money rule and control your world.  They even let YOU, pay the bill for their rigging of Libor, the FED scandals as seen and the other banking and financial institutions scandals, deceit and fraud and crimes are now daily exposed and reported. Do not forget the  fraudulent disclosures that are flooding the courts now in claims .What about your democratic government and its institutions also being directed by the money controllers. Did they not get you  in treaties that your thought to be sustainable loving eco happy.  It was an attempt of a hidden NWO agenda to be put in place. Do you see the Treaty of the Law of the Seas that will give your waters and what is on, in and beneath it in the hands of the UN with the possibility of taxing you saying what you should do or not. Do you see the ruling and bills passed in favour of corporations that have been proven over the world to be crooks and criminals.  Do your see you are inch by inch now inclosed by surveillance and control, you may even not have a say over your own sovereign body by having to eat GMO (processed) foods and proven unhealthy additives and being forcefully vaccinated with deadly vaccines.   Do you see the misconduct, abuse power, unlawful and unconstitutional actions, unlawful arrests, intimidation, violence of your authorities, police and law-enforcement agencies.  Do you see the spying on, and weaponization of your  law-enforcement agencies with military technology like ray and magnetic pulse crowd control weapons, drones in your skies and a gun treaty against your second amendment rights almost in place.

And this is just a quick review.  Is this not enough proof to say: “It is enough we want  the constitution restored”. The only thing you have to do is take peaceful and civil disobedient actions and stay within the law even if those others break it. There are people who are now together with outside help busy already to try to change the things again in favour of the people. You can unite with them and give your assistance and support. Go change things before you are all real debt-slaves that only as zombies obey  their masters control as in Orwell’s  1984.

Get up, Stand up! Stand up for your rights! : sings Marley. And oh boy was right.

Love and Light,


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