Steve Beckow – To Serve The Light – 18 July 2012

To say that we’re lightworkers is to say that we serve the Light. And to say that we serve the Light is to say that we serve the Father/Mother God, which is the Light.

And to say we serve the Father/Mother God is to say that we emulate the divine qualities. God and His/Her qualities are not different. God and love are not different; God and peace; God and integrity.

In fact it may even be true that the only way we know God is through His/Her divine qualities. I don’t know.

Sometimes to serve the Father/Mother God, we must suffer. We must put our duty as lightworkers before pride, before comfort, before gain.

Sometimes we must put everything at risk or we’re not serving. I talked a few days ago about emergence. Sometimes emergence is forced upon us by needing to put everything at risk or knowing that we’re not serving.

It’s OK that we not serve. It’s just not OK to misrepresent ourselves as serving when we’re not.

Sometimes we’re called upon to forfeit career; sometimes inheritances; sometimes health. In facing each circumstance, what enables us to maintain our sanity when our egos cry out for survival is remembering that we’re eternal souls and that our actions in life have meaning far beyond this day.

What we do matters. What we say matters. Evidently even what we think and feel matters. If our choices don’t go beyond mere survival, simple comfort, or simple ease, we’re allowed to do so. But we do not serve. To serve is to choose what the divine qualities demand rather than what our egos want, or even in some cases what our bodies want.

Those who walk in the valley of the shadow of death and are unafraid are so because they feel their connection to the Divinity they serve. They’re ready to make the hard choices. And they’re ready to restrain themselves when they must and place themselves in jeopardy when they must.  They’re ready to put all at risk when they must. And they’re ready to remain consistent with the divine qualities, no matter how much they lose.

To call oneself a lightworker, one must be willing to put behind oneself so much that the common person values and make one’s will, body and being an instrument in the hands of the Divine. One does not do so for gain. One does so for love of the Divine. link to original article


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