A Voice Of Truth And Love – Five Year Old Shuts Down Armed Soldiers – 19 July 2012

Uploaded on 18 July 2012 by Lucas : A five-year old speaks up for freedom and peace in love. This is the voice of freedom, the voice of peace and the voice of love.  If we stand up in non-violence,  confront in love and stay in our hearts we all can be free in the name of love and light and manifest peace and harmony for ever together.

I have transcribed it,  she says  :

Stop, Stop. Stop, Please!  Why you treat my friend like that!?! He  is my bestest friend!!  I LOVE HIM!! I Love  .. If you hear me you go not crazy. You are really crazy! I do not want to go!! Just you, want to go from my space! I want justice! Why do you come in the night? I can’t sleep in the night! That’s all the night! You are coming and coming and coming…. Why you coming? Why you coming?  In his eyes I see the sun.  In his smile I see the moon. And I wonder…. I always wonder…. who is right and who is wrong… and I wonder… And I wonder and always wonder… if the truth has a tongue.


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