Lisa Gawlas – Opening The Golden Gates Of August Energy Requires Completion! – 19 July 2012

Man oh man are we getting walloped with energy!  Thru July we have been kneaded, blended, puree’d to the hilt… and now we are being baked and icing-ed.  Even tho the energy coming in at this moment is sweetening our pie, it is still exhausting none-the-less!!

Shortly after I connected to my last reading of the day yesterday, I could feel my brains starting to crumble.  This is becoming such a familiar energy in my head these days.  It is like one by one my neurons just unhinged and let go.  Tired rushes into the cranium and before I know it, my eyes are like lead and cannot stay open.

I fought the sleep overtaking my whole body yesterday for 2 hours.  At 3pm I couldn’t even move.  So I just laid on my couch (my first mistake) to watch a movie… I woke up at 2am this morning!!  For me personally, 11 hours of sleep is not refreshing at all.  I did manage to open my eyes at 6:30pm last night and thought to myself… ohhh just 5 more minutes (my last mistake.)

Of course, thru the readings I do I am able to see the radical change that is taking place in so many lives.  The binding of earth energy into your next version of the game, the infiltration of codes from the sun, so incredibly much is happening to us, thru us, this week and the one big spiritual message has become clear… it is not for us to understand.  Dammit!!

But… a little sneak peek into one mans near future should give us all hope and excitement that we may actually stay awake during August to reap the rewards of this massive change… constant sleep, July is loosing on us!

Before I even connected to him, as I was doing my potty thing before our appointment… I just gotta say, I get the most profound and intense visuals on the toilet (smile,) I could see him with this massive down-flow of energy like a super waterfall into his crown.  I thought, shit, we are not going to see a whole lot with such intense energy running thru him… not completely so!

When I did call him I saw the rest of his story.  Massive completions taking place all at once.  This super energy spout running thru him had the image of his physical body creating circle and circle of energy in his present moment.  It was all happening so fast… like someone put his reading on fast forward only we never moved out of the current moment.  I realized he was in the midst of completing 5 separate cycles all at the same time.

He had told me how exhausted he had been and even went to the Dr’s to get a B12 shot, which did absolutely nothing.  Of course not, this is not a true physical exhaustion thing, it is a serious energy thing.  For the most part, we have no clue what we are doing inside and out… energetically speaking, but WE ARE DOING it none the less.

I swear spirit takes up the same rules as our military does.  We are on a “need to know” basis.  If we don’t need to know exactly what is happening, we don’t get to know at all!  Pesky rules for the intensely inquisitive human trying to keep up with it all!!

As I tried to see what all this completion was for thru his reading, we got a glimpse… albeit a keyhole type glimpse, but at this rate…. we’ll take it!!

About two feet in-front of his present moment there was the most wonderful golden gates.  There was such detail to this double gate image.  The gold was soft yet shiny, the golden bars actually had three aspects to it.  Top, bottom and middle (three is all about action and communication.) on both sides (spiritual life equal to physical life.)  They opened away from him… towards the energy of August.  Today I am realizing that August thru the Fall Equinox is going to be one huge breath of energy for all of us.  A playground like we have never known before!!

His gates were just starting to open, but I could not see a darn thing past the slow movement of opening into August and September.  The light was pure white, but not blinding at all… more like… hmmmm… tangible.  Alive.  Thick.

We are already getting the back-flow of the August energies that will only pick up with intensity as we move thru the remaining days of July.

I have had my spiritual eyeball on August since the end of last year.  It has remained a constant vibrant vision of potential thru out every month.  An energetic month so different from all the others.  Gel-like, tangible, mutable, intensely red in color.  It has only been this month, July, I have started to feel and see the movement of the August energies… and experience what August really means to all of us.

First of all, there is a key factor for full use of the August (and beyond) energies that you MUST be in harmony with.  The only way I have explaining this is the “Community of Heart Energy.”

Community would take on the “group,” each other.  Heart energy would be the pure soul love flowing thru the human in service to the community.

The true awakened “heart energy” lives via the high heart, passion center.  Remember, the high heart only has one flow… outwards.  Serving the whole of the community (each other) thru their passion.

This is truly the magnetic pulse of our experience we call Life… when we are (often unknowingly) serving the higher good of the community (group energy/consciousness) we reside in and take time to help others in neighboring communities (consciousness levels.)

The more we purposely move away from the self-serving aspect of the ego (need, greed, self-survival) and naturally (ya can’t fake this one not even an ounce) serve to group, the more intensified our magnetic field becomes.  Literally pulling to you all you need and even that which you desire before you can say Holy Shit!!

The new energy, what I will just call the red, gel-like molecules of the new earth energy is already back-flowing to those who are living from the High Heart.  Things, experiences and/or people just seem to be arriving faster than you can keep up with the thank you’s!  And to think, this is simply the back-flow!!

For those still waiting to be in the fullness of that energy it all comes down to one answer when you ask yourself… who am I serving with all that I do?

If any part of the answer comes down to yourself (small s, human there) then until you genuinely make the shift up into your high heart, living and breathing a passion that serves all life… the new energy cannot bind to you… yet.  To live from this space does not take conscious thought at all…. ever.

But you will find, as this becomes your natural way of Living, you will move in and out of this experience thru your conscious thoughts/participation with Life.

There is a feeling that runs thru you when you are in your high heart living space.  No thoughts, no worries, no analyzing, which you feel as a pure, unencumbered freedom of Being and living as your Heart Desires not as anyone or anything else expects you to.  Unconditional living is as important as unconditional loving.  The goal is to have those two expressions equal one.

THAT is when your magnetic flow goes into overdrive.  When the magnetic energy of August has reached so far back to have touched your March and multiply’s itself forward.

How do you live in this space?  By breathing in the same air you exhale.  That means being quite fussy who and what spends time in your energy field, in your house, where you work.  You cannot inhale toxic energy and still think your going to exhale sunshine.  Remember, like attracts like… what you breathe in, you exhale into your creation.  How’s your creation??  How’s the air around you?  How’s your breath??  How’s your creation?  (cycles, ya know.)

Now to be very clear, some are still very much in lesson… learning how to reclaim their inner power.  Some, still burning off old Karma.  To really know yourself, and what and why you may be enduring things you just don’t want in your life is key!!  Or even those returning to old energy relationships…

We are all on a different point of our path moving forward.

For those who have put the full on energy into your life to remove yourself from all old energy… as my man with the golden gates had done (he just completely picked up and moved out of his home state with all his family connections into a place his heart had been prompting him towards for a long time… many states away.  He moved all by himself, waded thru the resistance of family, on what many may call a whim.)  He moved straight into His Golden Age, right now, he is exhaustingly speeding his vibration up to meet the energy of the golden gateway thru all the endings happening from his move.

To the community of all life… I LOVE YOU!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of bright red, magnetic love energy to YOU!!

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