Lucas – Our Hearts Deepest Wishes Are Beginning To Manifest – 19 July 2012

Amongst the beginning to awaken  and awakened people the longing for things to change and happen is strongly felt. Energies creep in places you never imagined. They bring you the  incentives for change within and the start of your inner change. It opens for some also the for long still closed vaults of darkness of the own self.  All needs to transform and things that not suit your new energy signature anymore  have to let go of. 

Still we hear people’s  voices cry for hearing the change or seeing the change with their own eyes. They seek tangible evidence. But there is no need for this call. There is no need to doubt and not see the things already happening around you. You just have to go inside and see the change is already in you. The world around changes accordingly. But still you say show me! Give proof.  If you open up you will see things are beginning to manifest in the flooding of the news as what was hidden is being shown and that what was concealed is exposed. Nothing can stop this anymore. Mother Earth is having also her cleaning and we see that is brings also some discomfort and trouble for us in quakes, floods, wild fires and sink holes, storms, etc.  This needs to happen and is contained as best as can be to do as little of damage possible.

Still it confuses you to see the dark ones still wanting to fulfill their agenda of control, enslavement, war, fear and whatever they have in mind. But you abandon the reality in not seeing there is every time a backlash that makes things not go as planned for them.  It is we that have risen in our energies to a higher level and are more in line with the coming unity  that makes things reverse or counteract.  We are awakened of are just awake. But First we have or had to learn and  understand what has kept us asleep. Then we can stand up against the rule of the few and their dark intent. It is all in this duality game. Also our helping brothers and sisters from above and below, our lightbeing  and (multi) dimensional friends and angels  are helping us.

We thought we had no involvement whatsoever in manifesting a new golden age in unconditional love, peace and unity and living in abundance for all human kind and “they” would fix it for us. That is still the old way of thinking.  We are responsible for our own being and creation. Our friends are here to assists but we have to do our part and show our awakened spirits are truly having the intent in changing this world in a peaceful and loving way.  It is ‘We’ that have to start things become real. If we make a peaceful and loving start, the help will make sure everything will go as planned even as they have done also their part behind the scenes.

We can do our part also in knowing we are creators and can manifest things if we focus and visualize, pray or meditate. The intent of what you do, what words you speak, what things you show, the way you act is crucial. All has an energy signature to it and things done for the good of all or with loving intent will give that strong energy the power of  manifesting.  If we do this with a whole lot of people we build a positive energy vortex that will bring forward that what we want faster or will stop that what is manifesting the opposite for the dark.

Thoughts can become true. We will manifest our deepest wishes for the good of all human kind and mother earth. Let us give the coming olympics opening  a boost of love energy in having all the same positive beautiful thoughts in manifesting the new golden age of free human kind in peace, unconditional love and abundance living and dancing in the streets of joy and happiness.  We can do this if you just have a minimum of 5 minutes a day to make a difference and focus with as many people around the world  at 20.00 pm daily (whatever timezone is not important) till the olympic opening ceremony has ended.  You miss  nothing in not watching and helping mankind and earth in this short action and burst of love and manifesting. Go start a group, join a group, or just do this from wherever you are as it is easy and simple just a matter of doing.

Do not worry anymore about the dark and fear not as we have become more powerful as the energies have been raised greater than the dark can imagine. We can make this change and end the old paradigm. We start now. It is time.

Love and Light,


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