Suzanne Lie – Journey Into Gaia – Releasing Third Dimensional (3D) Habits – Part 3 – 19 July 2012

Dear ONE,
I have been thinking about Mytria saying, “My habit of doubting was because I was afraid that my happiness was too good to be true. That habit came from the remnants of my being a victim. After all, a victim is a martyr who can never be healed.” I want to be free of all doubt and I do NOT want to be a victim. Can you assist me in releasing ALL doubt?
We are The Mother, here to answer your question,
YOU, as well as all who resonates to this message, ARE the Mother.  Therefore, you are too powerful and have too much responsibility to indulge in the third dimensional habit of doubt. Doubt is a means of pushing away your true SELF. This habit was developed during your myriad incarnations of having to hide your true power. However, all of you NOW have the protection of being ONE with the Mother.
WE, the multidimensional members of the Mother, have incarnated again and again as Priests and Priestesses of the Goddess. We were on Venus for several incarnations before we could lower our frequency enough to encase our consciousness in an earthly vessel, and Venus is the embodiment of the Mother.
Sometimes we incarnated as men, and sometimes we were woman. Sometimes we were warriors; other times we were farmers. In far too many lives we were peasants. Once in a while we were Rulers, but, ALWAYS, we were OF THE MOTHER.
We have been the “Holders of the Planetary Form” for most of our incarnations. That is why Gaia survived the extreme darkness of the last 100 years. Mostly, we were not famous, and only once in a while, we were powerful. But, always, we loved the Mother unconditionally. That was our job.
Many of us took form on Earth at the fall of Atlantis. We came to assist Gaia in holding Her form until this upcoming prophesized “time.” Without the service of the Keepers of the Land and the Keepers of the Water, Gaia may not have survived the immense darkness that She has experienced in the last 70 to 100 years. We have been the Keepers both in human and cetacean forms for most of our incarnations.
We volunteered to assist Gaia during the fall of Atlantis because, at that time, the frequency of Her Keepers was too slow to maintain the 4D Matrix with their collective mind and unconditional love. We volunteered for the duration of Gaia’s ascension process, and our “contract” is fulfilled on 12-21-12.
However, we do not want to leave. We want to ascend. We came and/or returned to Gaia about 12,000 to 10,000 years ago. As measured by Cosmic Time, this was just a “minute ago,” but time greatly changed once we entered the wounded matrix of 4D Earth. In fact, Gaia’s physical matrix did not stop lowering in frequency until the third dimensional frequency of expression.
Our long journey through the extreme polarity of the third dimension is coming to completion now. We have learned much more than our third dimensional thinking can understand. Fortunately, we are returning to our multidimensional consciousness now and are able to remember our true SELF. Because of this, the unity of planetary consciousness is familiar.
However, our myriad lifetimes of being limited to the consciousness of our clay shells were extremely difficult. Unfortunately, or perhaps it was fortunately, we forgot who we really were, so our limitation became “normal.” Now as we return our higher expressions of SELF into our daily consciousness, our wounded self is healing, just as we have served to heal Gaia’s wounded self.
With our wounding being healed by the multidimensional light and unconditional love that is streaming into Gaia aura, more and more of humanity, the Keepers of the Land, are remembering that they, too, are “of the Mother.” Within the beingness of The Mother, we experience all life as ONE united force of expanding love and light.
While basking in this ONE more humans are NOW ready to release their third dimensional concept of “time.” In fact, except for some of the human community, we of The Mother have released our attachment to time and live infinitely in the ONE. Within this ONE, we can perceive our many, simultaneous versions of Earth.
These many frequencies of reality are maintained by the illusion of separation. This illusion of separation is created by the core illusion of time, which many of our humans still believe. In order for humanity to perceive reality as we do, they must release the illusion of time and embrace the NOW of the ONE.
Some of Earth’s many versions are filled with fear and resonate to a very low frequency of the third dimension and/or the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension. Others resonate to a higher version of the third dimension in which the humans are awakening to their responsibility of being a Keeper of the Land.
There are also many fourth dimensional versions of Earth beyond the Lower Astral, which resonate to increasingly higher frequencies of light all the way up the spectrum and onto the threshold of the fifth dimension.
These versions of reality appear to be separate because Earth’s 3D Polarity Matrix is still intact. The polarity of this matrix creates separation of spectrums of energy into opposites of light/highest frequency and dark/lowest frequency. As more and more of the Keeper of the Land pull their energies into the In-between of the spectrum, they perceive that separation is an illusion.
The Keepers of the Water, the cetaceans, have always known that fact. However, the power of humanity dominated and killed them during the dark times, which greatly diminished their ability to maintain the perception of all life as ONE. Fortunately, many humans are awakening to their purpose of being a Keeper of the Land and perceive the Keepers of the Water as their cherished partners.
As the increased frequencies of light enter our planet, the illusion of time is becoming increasingly difficult for humans to maintain, which is causing the concept of separation to fade, as well. In fact, many humans are embracing Gaia as their Mother and are caring for Her as if She were a “person.” In reality, it is not that Gaia is a person. Instead, the truth is that the humans are a “planet.”

We, The Mother, wish to thank our Keepers for assisting us through the long time of darkness. As we lovingly welcome our humans back into our Planetary SELF, we The Mother can collapse our myriad versions of “life on Earth” into the ONE reality of Planetary Ascension. link to original article

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