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2 Minutes News – The Rest Of Today’s News – 20 July 2012

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Teal – How To Live From The Heart? (Ask Teal Episode on Living From Your Heart Instead of Your Head) – 20 July 2012

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The Wave Of Love – 20 July 2012

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Lucas: I have posted this one already some time ago in the Facebook Groups. Now it popped up again in another group, Thanks Phil for reminding me, it still is a great video.


Bill Ballard – (An Other One) – False Flag Events Designed By The Illuminati – More Will Be Coming – 20 July 2012

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Here You Go! False Flag Terrorism In The Making – Gordon Duff’s – Veterans Today – BREAKING/CONFIRMED : Sec. Clinton Assassination Attempt In Israel (Update 18 July 2012) – “Shoes And Tomatoes In Cairo – Bullets In Israel” – 20 July 2012


Breaking/Confirmed: Sec Clinton Assassination Attempt in Israel (Update), July 18, 2012

“Shoes and Tomatoes in Cairo – Bullets in Israel”

Al-Alam and Reuters Report Hillary Clinton Convoy Attack in Israel


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
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Ellen Brown – Titanic Banks Hit LIBOR Iceberg: Will Lawsuits Sink The Ship? – 20 July 2012

At one time, calling the large multinational banks a “cartel” branded you as a conspiracy theorist. Today, the banking giants are being called that and worse, not just in the major media but in court documents intended to prove the allegations as facts. Charges include racketeering (organized crime under the US Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO), antitrust violations, wire fraud, bid rigging and price fixing. Damning charges have already been proven and major damages and penalties assessed. Conspiracy theory has become conspiracy fact.

The whole story you can read at:  http://www.truth-out.org link to original article / http://www.jhaines6.wordpress.com l

Drake – 2 Updates – 20 July 2012

Bill Summary & Status

This amount of new laws/legislation is scary at best…
~ Drake

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Lisa Gawlas – Solar Proton Storms Electrifies The New Energy Of Earth Into LIFE! – 20 July 2012

I am finding it quite interesting how our sun and what it is doing to earth is being reflected within the readings.  I am also realizing those moments in readings when I am trying to understand why I am seeing what I see that the field seems to fall silent (more than likely with a shit eating grin on its collective face too!)

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White Hats Report #46 – Critical Information – 20 July 2012

A different call to action …CRITICAL INFORMATION!

First agenda item:  Over the last week we have heard of many different types of “calls to action”.  The “calls” have to do with militia style activism and, although we do not discourage these actions, we realize how difficult it will be.  First and foremost, Brother Drake has been putting the word out to a lot of folks during his weekly broadcasts.  We have heard many of his shows and his briefings are informative and the depth of knowledge is heart warming to all of us here at the White Hats.  The clear and precise message is “be informed” and “take action” when required to do so.  The folks in the hallowed halls are listening to the thunder clouds of a pissed off nation and world, clearly approaching the steps of the Capital.  So, to all of our “friends” in the Washington D.C. beltway, listen carefully, soon the people will be on your door step, taking you away.  It’s not just Obama they will be after … it’s you. Continue reading

Sponsor Scandal Rocks Olympics – 20 July 2012

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