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Ancient Mayan ‘Night Sun’ Temple Found In Guatemala – 21 July 2012

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Drake – Update – 21 July 2012

Voluntary Dismissal



What has been said about the Keenan lawsuit, myself (Drake), and David Wilcock.
Candice seems to not be able to read…posting anything?
-Her source is unable or unwilling to do his homework/due diligence…
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Wanderer Of The Skies – 21 July 2012

The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies
Greetings from the Federation:
While you may not believe so, there is much that is going on in your world toward the results that the divine plan has been anticipating for a long time.  We are here to see you through these times of doubt and help you in your mission.  We understand the hardship that your memory loss of who you are and where you came from have brought upon you.  We care and we are here.  While you may not understand all the actions and non-actions that have been played out on the world stage, we say to you that all is proceeding according to the plan that was put in place long ago and you are all on course. Continue reading

Australia’s Carbon Tax Only A New Way To Increase Prices And Debt-Slavery ! – 21 July 2012

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Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – The Secrets To Transcending Laziness – 21 July 2012

“See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be.” ~ Lester Levinson

Some people find that one of the most challenging experiences in life is a lack of inspiration and laziness. The experience of lethargy in itself is not actually a problem, yet its your reaction to it that makes it an issue. There are key times in our lives when we need to deeply relax and rest completely inside. The body may be going through profound internal changes where it requires twice as much rest, and naps throughout the day. The busy on-the-go society doesn’t necessarily support this behavior, so you may feel guilty or incapable of truly relaxing into the experience. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – Extra Message Regarding The Olympics – 21 July 2012


(Lucas: Others like  Cobra and myself  have also been asking to meditate, visulatize etc. but not only on the openings day but from now on every day a minimum of 5 minutes. )


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War On Health – Gary Null’s Documentary Exposing The FDA – 21 July 2012

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War on Health – Gary Null’s documentary exposing the FDA. Posted with permission. A must-see documentary. Learn more from Gary Null at the Progressive Radio Network: http://www.PRN.fm /www.garynull.com Video for educational and informational purpose. Thanks Dennis!

Ann Albers – World Prayer – God Bless Planet Earth – 21 July 2012

Divine Source

We call to You with open hearts
and the innocence and purity of children.

Bless each of us, our families, our communities,our nations & our world with sweet peace. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Matt Taibbi – From An Unlikely Source, A Serious Challenge To Wall Street – 21 July 2012

Something very interesting is happening.

There’s been so much corruption on Wall Street in recent years, and the federal government has appeared to be so deeply complicit in many of the problems, that many people have experienced something very like despair over the question of what to do about it all. Continue reading

Ann Albers – A Message From Ann And The Angels – 21 July 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Why waste your time on worry dear ones? It is a learned habit that unfortunately serves no purpose but nonetheless plagues a great many of you upon your planet earth. Children don’t worry. They cry and expect to be cared for. Animals don’t worry, they exist in the present moment surrendering to the instincts within them and the world around them. Humanity is unique in that it is the only species that feels as if fretting about the future is actually a way to demonstrate love and responsibility. It is in truth, a way you avoid responsibility, and a rather awkward demonstration of love at that. Continue reading