Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – The Secrets To Transcending Laziness – 21 July 2012

“See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be.” ~ Lester Levinson

Some people find that one of the most challenging experiences in life is a lack of inspiration and laziness. The experience of lethargy in itself is not actually a problem, yet its your reaction to it that makes it an issue. There are key times in our lives when we need to deeply relax and rest completely inside. The body may be going through profound internal changes where it requires twice as much rest, and naps throughout the day. The busy on-the-go society doesn’t necessarily support this behavior, so you may feel guilty or incapable of truly relaxing into the experience.

This may come as a complete shock to you, yet the experience of apathy, laziness or lethargy are always caused by an over-efforting mind. Your internal world desperately wants to come to a full complete stop, yet for some reason it cannot. The mind feels exhausted and drained when its neural pathways are always pushing away from some experience and become congested from being over stimulated. The bombardment of information from people, the news, internet, emails, bills, the media, and many opinionated over exaggerated egos can force your mind to retreat into a lethargic zone and feel the need for a deep catharsis. The cure for this issue is simple. Consciously remove yourself from all stimulation and completely empty out the mind.

The first step towards emptying your mind is to practice sitting still, and not moving your body at all. The breath will flow on its own accord, don’t manipulate it in any way. Just relax and practice being unfocused, experiencing pure presence. Depending on how much inner chatter you have built up through your life, cleaning out all of the mental and emotional clutter from your mental closets will take many weeks, yet not years. This emptiness inside you is a space of pure effortless peace, the most lazy of the lazy places you can imagine, where no movement exists at all. It is absolutely blissful when you arrive. It is sooo refreshing and rejuvenating to the soul as it contains a pure potential energy inside it that is deeply energizing. When you tap into this pure emptiness, a creative spark is re-ignited inside you. There is a revitalized sense of excitement and genuine motivation throughout your day.

Since laziness is sending you a strong message to do nothing, then do just that! Do nothing, absolutely nothing. Do not even watch TV, read a book, or speak on the phone. This is too much effort and you will not refuel your system. Simply be completely still for 20 minutes and rest in the divine essence of your being. Your mind will eventually slow down and discover that the greatest energy in the entire Universe lives inside it! Truly do nothing. Feeling like you should be doing something while you are sitting doing nothing can continue to drain your energy. Relax and let your energy surrender and merge with everything. You will find that true laziness is replaced by a real passion for being alive.

“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. ~Jules Renard

Nobody has ever accomplished anything amazing in their life without hitting massive resistance and obstacles along the way. The thicker the wall you hit, the more spectacular your experience will be in breaking through it. If you are experiencing a huge challenge in your life, this is simply an invitation to go deeper inside and step through the comfortable velvet rut you may be in. Every obstacle is an opportunity to evolve and make a personal breakthrough in your life. If you keep revisiting a certain mental or emotional block repetitively, its because your system has become lazy and somewhat comfortably numb to the being stuck in that experience.

The secret to moving out of any lazy rut you may feel trapped in is very simple. The next time you hit your mental or emotional block, dive into the feeling of it and see what is on the other side. Is there a deeper feeling or thought that you are resisting or avoiding? After you explore this, start intensely focusing your energy on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Why do you want to be here on the planet? What do you like doing that makes your heart really sing? The moment you consistently hold your attention on what you want, you break through your stuckness and start to experience a mini taste of the success you’ve been seeking.

One of the greatest secrets to transcending the lazy habit is to get intensely curious about your experience. Notice what are the lazy thoughts you’re repeating in your mind. For example, if you listen closely you may find yourself internally repeating thoughts like, “I’m always feeling so tired and lazy” or “I don’t have the motivation or desire to get out of bed”. Watch what you’re programming your mind to believe is real. Notice what you’re teaching your mind to experience in life. Whatever you tell the mind is what the mind is going to believe. Your thoughts create your experience. If you get curious enough, you can surrender through the thoughts and find the conscious awareness that is responsible for telling the mind what is going on. Then you can grab the steering wheel and tell the mind something miraculous is about to happen in your life! This is like grabbing the microphone of the radio station your mind is listening to and announcing that something very exciting and energizing is going to happen in your world right now.

“You can’t imagine what a pleasure this complete laziness is to me.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

The true passion for being alive comes after you rest deeply inside. The moment you truly surrender to the experience you’re having, you can relax through to the other side and see what really makes you get excited. On the way you will encounter resistance. Don’t resist resistance, meet it directly and greet it with a smile. It will propel you forward in your life in the most intuitive ways. If you spend your entire day unmoving, being like slug in a puddle of warm mud, you’ll probably wake up tomorrow morning feeling totally alive and excited about taking massive action in the world. Just make sure you’re feeding your body healthy foods instead of crap. What you put into your mouth is a HUGE factor of what goes on inside your head.

Remember that this life is about getting the most out of every experience. When you squeeze the juice out of the most dry and boring moments and you’ll truly master this lifetime. You can have fun with your life and be excited again by this world. Just focus on what you truly want to manifest, and only take on actions that you take feel genuinely good about. Do not force yourself to try to enjoy something. Only do inspired actions in the world because you want to, and not because you have to. As a result, you will live an inspired life and your dreams will easily materialize into your world.

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