Lucas – The Many Levels Of Truth On The Road To Ascension – 21 July 2012

It is still difficult for us to let our spirit and heart guide us to the truth that is the truth from your perspective and level in the spiraling vortex of energetic growth and expansion. What is yours is still yours but also is One with that what is of the greater picture and beholds all views, opinions, information as it all.

It confuses people if they see glimpses of truth peaking through in their level of development from 3D to 5 D. As I used already the analogy of being on the same road together towards  the same endpoint  I will build on that further. We are on the our  own illusionary created road with all our own different means of transportation. Some are going to take detours or even shift in reverse to head back.  It is in those differences of speeds, the power of transportation and choice of fuel that make the road ahead a bumpy ride, a smooth one or one with a lot of crashes and accidents.

We need not judge or comment and criticise others road. It all is merely a view from a window of a certain car, truck, bus, motor, etc., on that road.  You can close your window screen and choose to ignore the view, see it for what it is or choose to take it in fully.  It is your road and free will to choose and discern.  So do not jump on or  into the transportation of others as it is not the road to go.  Keep your road and adjust steering in as you see fit or not.  But do not steer the wheel for others or even block the steering of others.  Maybe in this analogical way you understand what I wanna give you as a message you have to choose to take in or not.

The many levels of truth make it difficult for us to see all as it is at the right place and at the right time and at the right level always.  As All Is One. Future, Past and Present  are One and Now. It is all in us and surrounding us in the creators vast realm of experiencing the unbelievable greatness of our inner and outer-universe in time, space and multi- dimensions .  I do not worry or fear that what has to come as all is coming to the same endpoint that is merely the last stop before transforming and going on our new road(s) and destination(s)  on a new map of exploration and experience on a new level of understanding in unconditional love and unity.

So drive along safely and stop aggressive and abusive driving, let go of drunk drive and driving under influence and do not honk too much on your road as it reflects back in your mirror at you.  It is all truly a wondrous road we go together and let us make an effort in not competing and knowing the best way but respect the other drivers along that road.

Love and Light,


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  1. amen brother 🙂