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Ann Albers – World Prayer – God Bless Planet Earth – 21 July 2012

Divine Source

We call to You with open hearts
and the innocence and purity of children.

Bless each of us, our families, our communities,our nations & our world with sweet peace. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Matt Taibbi – From An Unlikely Source, A Serious Challenge To Wall Street – 21 July 2012

Something very interesting is happening.

There’s been so much corruption on Wall Street in recent years, and the federal government has appeared to be so deeply complicit in many of the problems, that many people have experienced something very like despair over the question of what to do about it all. Continue reading

Ann Albers – A Message From Ann And The Angels – 21 July 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Why waste your time on worry dear ones? It is a learned habit that unfortunately serves no purpose but nonetheless plagues a great many of you upon your planet earth. Children don’t worry. They cry and expect to be cared for. Animals don’t worry, they exist in the present moment surrendering to the instincts within them and the world around them. Humanity is unique in that it is the only species that feels as if fretting about the future is actually a way to demonstrate love and responsibility. It is in truth, a way you avoid responsibility, and a rather awkward demonstration of love at that. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Raining Fire, Ionic Earth, Quake Watch – 21 July 2012

Uploaded on 21 July 2012 by Continue reading

Drake – 5 Updates – 21 July 2012

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield


Oh Freedom – Harry Belafonte


Teach Your Children Well – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Golden Country – REO Speedwagon


Behold a Pale Horse Trailer


Lucas – The Many Levels Of Truth On The Road To Ascension – 21 July 2012

It is still difficult for us to let our spirit and heart guide us to the truth that is the truth from your perspective and level in the spiraling vortex of energetic growth and expansion. What is yours is still yours but also is One with that what is of the greater picture and beholds all views, opinions, information as it all. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Expect Strikes And Protests To Spread To Italy; Another Look At Why Italy Will Exit The Eurozone Before Spain – 21 July 2012

Anti-euro sentiment in Italy is already very strong and about to get stronger. Eurointellihence has some interesting comments today regarding Italy.

The demonstrations and protests [in Spain] are very likely now to spread  to Italy. The country’s largest union, CGIL, said there would be a public-sector strike in September to oppose the Italian government latest austerity plan, Il Fatto Quotidiano reports. Continue reading