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Anaheim Police Shoot At Women And Children, Unleash K-9 Attack Dog – 22 July 2012

Uploaded on 22 July 2012 by ( Lucas:  It seems to me the police are once again overstepping the boundaries of lawfulness. This is very seriously looking as unprovoked and unfounded  police violence against innocent people  and even if they were protesting.) Continue reading


Earthquake Watch: Planetary Positions & Spaceweather – Current Watch Peaks 28 July 2012 – 22 July 2012

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Reuters – Matthew Goldstein, Jennifer Ablan And Philipp Halstrick – Exclusive – Prosecutors, Regulators Close To Making Libor Arrests – 22 July 2012

Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:18pm EDT

(Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors and European regulators are close to arresting individual traders and charging them with colluding to manipulate global benchmark interest rates, according to people familiar with a sweeping investigation into the rate-rigging scandal. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 22 July 2012

Knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge is essential at this time of great turmoil and change. The Cabal is searching for ways to keep you in the hypnotic slumber from which you are awakening. At the conference you attended, yesterday, you heard some of the most awake and aware people, who devote their lives to serving mankind. Their work is vital and must be brought to the attention of as many as possible. It is a team effort. Every assistance must be given to enable the message to get to everyone. The contacts you made will assist in opening eyes to what the psychopaths who “rule” your world are planning. It is, after all, their last chance to take over and create their New World Order. Continue reading

The Power of Group Meditation – The Power Of Light – 22 July 2012

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John Ward – Mastering The Numbers 1 And 2 – 2 Episodes – 22 July 2012

MASTERING THE NUMBERS (1): Privilege, greed and security at the London Olympics

The Slog interrogates some of the more unseemly statistics of the 2012 London Olympic Games

After Clarkson’s somewhat superficial piece about Olympics ‘belly-achers’ in todays Times – well below his normal standards, and having an air of being rushed out to a brief – it might be useful to point up what we naysayers are bitching about: in terms of everything from the ‘Olympic ideal’ and a ‘people’s event’ right the way through to the slapdash planning – and commercialisation in the very worst sense of that word. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Bringing Our Dreams Into Reality – 22 July 2012

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Let us all be dream catchers! Like the picture of the dream catcher to the left, we must catch the bad dreams of the dark ones in a web and allow only our positive and loving dreams to come through and manifest in our new world we are creating. We have the ability to watch what thoughts we have, whether positive or negative, and the same goes for our dreams. If we remain in our hearts and allow ourselves to feel only love and gratitude, we will manifest our dreams in a way the world will flourish and prosper. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Cahokia: An Ancient American Metropolis With Cosmic And Galactic Ties – Part 3 – 22 July 2012

Continued from Part 2

It is clear that the Cahokians were very advanced in nearly every avenue of their society and with the constructing of the grand mounds and the possible contact with benevolent, Loving and helpful Galactic humans it should seem plausible that this civilization would have lasted for a very long time, and yet they did not. We will get into the reasons for this soon enough. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – We Are In The Birth Canal Of Life And We Are The Ones Giving Birth! – 22 July 2012

There is one very big lesson I have learned so clearly living this life of spiritual awareness and remembrance, Ascension: death and rebirth, is not a one time event at all.  It is a continuing series of events that I have a feeling will last the entirety of this incarnation. Continue reading

4 Stories – One Event Other Worlds UFO Video – 22 July 2012

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