Fran Zepeda – Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven – Be Your Divine Truth – 21 July 2012

AA Michael and the Company of Heaven:

Hello beloveds. We come before you today to speak of Truth again. It is a highly used topic in your World. Everyone is searching for the Truth.

The Truth we refer to here is, and you guessed it, the Truth of the Heart. Many are experiencing changes, and so the truth feels like it is illusive, at best. Do not despair. You are going deeper into your Heart and shedding the vestiges of what truth felt like to you before, and coming up with what you know is the Truth.

You may not always trust it, dear Ones, because so much is changing. So this is why we speak to you today about it. So many changes are occurring in your Light Bodies, as we speak, and so you wonder sometimes if you really know yourselves or know what is real.

Take Heart in the fact that you are uncovering your True Essence, and as you become more comfortable with it and more on-line with it, and more integrated with it, you will be more confident of what is bubbling to the surface through your Heart as Truth.

Many eons have passed but you will begin to, as some already do, remember so many things that you once, all those eons ago, took for granted as Truth, like justice and fairness, and the well-being of others being just as important as your own well-being.

You will start to feel others’ plights as your own, and we are not referring to being burdened by them. We are referring to the notion that you will understand it at a deeper level as if it is happening for you, but still remain detached enough so as to not take it on.

This will allow you to tap the pulse of the Collective Consciousness and also spread your Love out to those who need it without it draining you. This is the beginning of knowing what it is to be One with Source; to be vital and unique in your own energy, yet to be cognizant of others’ energy in a positive milieu of Love and Light.

These concepts and ideas we present here may feel new to you, but you are taking them into your Being and assimilating them as we speak, and so, in time they will not feel so new.

Take a moment now to consider these questions: Do you derive your sense of Truth from what others are expounding around you, or do you run it through your Heart as a great sifter and detector of Truth?

Feel what it does to your body as you hear or read information.  Does it make your heart sing? Does it make your body shiver? Does it “ring” true in every sense of the word? Or does it make your energy drop, and give you sensations of fear or anger, or judgment coming from what you are reading or hearing?

As you become more telepathic or shall we say, as you uncover those abilities more, you will discover that people cannot lie to you or fabricate the truth without some part of you knowing. This is the great equalizer. In addition, as more come on-line with their Hearts, their purity will shine through more and more and you will just  “get” what is the Truth.

Some of these things we are telling you, you know already, but we are submitting them now so that you take it in on a much deeper cellular level; so that you are able to tap these abilities of discernment on an energetic level, with a much more automatic reaction coming from your Light Bodies, and from your Heart.

You see, many changes are happening in your energetic bodies that are part and parcel to your True Essence; it is taking over and your ego will be receding to the background much more readily. That would be wonderful, would it not, to have everyone operating from a Heart level, from an Energetic level, from a level of non-judgment and universal knowing?

We present these notions, these Truths, to you as a precursor to Ascension, for you are beginning to fathom the ramifications of it, and beginning to surrender to it. This we feel in Our Hearts, dear Ones.

Please take moments in the day to just feel Joy and Bliss, and to send yourselves Love in addition to what you are sending others. Fill yourselves up with Love, moment by moment, and take everything else around you in stride. One step at a time.

I AM Archangel Michael, and I am with you always, along with the Company of Heaven, for we Love you dearly.

Thank you to AA Michael and the Company of Heaven.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)


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