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Wes Annac – Cahokia: An Ancient American Metropolis With Cosmic And Galactic Ties – Part 3 – 22 July 2012

Continued from Part 2

It is clear that the Cahokians were very advanced in nearly every avenue of their society and with the constructing of the grand mounds and the possible contact with benevolent, Loving and helpful Galactic humans it should seem plausible that this civilization would have lasted for a very long time, and yet they did not. We will get into the reasons for this soon enough. Continue reading


Lisa Gawlas – We Are In The Birth Canal Of Life And We Are The Ones Giving Birth! – 22 July 2012

There is one very big lesson I have learned so clearly living this life of spiritual awareness and remembrance, Ascension: death and rebirth, is not a one time event at all.  It is a continuing series of events that I have a feeling will last the entirety of this incarnation. Continue reading

4 Stories – One Event Other Worlds UFO Video – 22 July 2012

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Drake – 7 Updates – 22 July 2012

Military Cue + Militias + We The People…and ‘They’ Lose

Robust agenda of change Soetoro’s 2012 election contingency

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Hillary’s End Run On Gun Control

Only IF We The People remain subjects is this true. ~ Drake

Please look at this (4 min video) regarding Vienna Convention treaty signed by US.  What it means:  If Hillary signs the ATT on July 27th AND the Senate does bring forth a bill to vote upon and reject this treaty AND if the president does not renounce the treaty signed by Hillary, IT BECOMES INTERNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEABLE IN US COURTS!!!!!


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Money Report on Elites

Money Report on Elite

UK Guardian:    http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/jul/21/global-elite-tax-offshore-economy

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Correction of funds quote & website: LA TIMES ARTICLE – CAFR1

There was an error in the amount of money in these stash accounts it is 110-125 Trillion not billion as was submitted


I entered an additional comment on 07/22/12 to the LA Times article.
The comment was as follows.
Walter Burien – CAFR1

WalterBurien at 4:47 AM July 22, 2012

For those who have a sharp mind and the ability for cognitive thinking to learn quickly, a retired federal auditor of 30-years, Gerald Klatt at my prompt in 2000 put up a website to show CAFR reviews that highlighted government surpluses.
From his front page http://cafrman.com/ on the left he has listed CAFR reviews of most States. His reviews stop at 2003 being that he died mysteriously in July of 2004. The reviews are valid today being that they are a line-item guide that can be used for 2012.
Gerald points out “true” surpluses and for CA on the State level notes 59.83-billion dollars.http://cafrman.com/Articles/Art-CA-S1.htm
A false misconception has been floating around the internet that CA on the State level has 600-billion in surplus taxation held. This is NOT true. Yes they have in excess of 600-billion of investments but a truthful independent audit of the same could determine what was true surplus and what was truly needed to fund needed programs / projects.
My estimate is that 30% to 40% is strictly, and would be determined as “Fat Cat Stashes”.
It is very important to note: “This is just on the State level“. Local government operations “in” California (thousands of entities) each have their own holdings separate from the state.
Collectively totals there are in excess of 8-trillion dollars. A complete and “honest” audit there is needed.

Free Cell Phone? Think Again!

This is another look at our out of control
Government in action!

Check your Cell phone bill at the
bottom……….. You’re gonna need some blood pressure pills after watching
this one!!

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The NEON God We’ve Made

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Cobra – Portal 2012 – The Red Pill – 22 July 2012

(Lucas : It seems Cobra has also taken the matrix as an inspiration for his writing, as I myself wrote an article with analogy of the matrix red and blue pill  lately.)

The Red Pill

I have been delaying the release of this for as long as possible because this intel is very disturbing.  But people have the right to know the truth. That is the only path towards healing. Continue reading

John Ward – The Olympic : A Concerned Events Organiser Speaks – 22 July 2012

Danny Stapleton is high up in a large multinational events provider. Being in charge of the British operation, he wants the London Olympics to succeed. He explains why:

“It’s going to have a massive impact on our sector. If it goes well, clients will mentally upgrade the UK as a source of good event management. At the moment we’re something of a backwater. Sourcing major events help here is very difficult. The key expertise just isn’t there. If the Olympics is a badly-organised flop, then we will go further still down the league of people who know how to put on a great event. At the moment, I’m very worried.” Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Minor Spaceweather – Noticeable Effects – 22 July 2012

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