Jamie Bazil – The UFOlympics 2012: Nick Pope’s Alien Warfare Claim Exposed – 23 July 2012


In this article I will not waste time going back over the information covered by other researchers, namely Rik Clay and Ian R. Crane, who are the most obvious sources of information when it comes to the Olympics 2012 False Flag UFO connection. They have done a great job in bringing this possibility to our attention, and I recommend you check out their information.

Rik Clay 4 Hour interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-mu-GcCvG8

Ian R. Crane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkOna62b-Zs

Instead I will concentrate on presenting you with my own research. Let’s just say that I have personal experience regarding one of the key players in this “mind game” – namely the MOD’s affectionately dubbed “Fox Mulder” ex Secretariat 2a “UFO expert” – and have been wondering whether to share this information for quite some time. I have informally shared this story with a select number of people, but as the actual Olympics ceremony looms ever closer (indeed we are in the last 6 days now), it seems ever pertinent to share said information with the world, which I hope may spread far and wide.

We are in very special, if not tumultuous times, and simply sitting back and doing or saying nothing, afraid to embarrass one’s self or draw attention to one’s self – indeed, frightened to cry wolf in case the “big bad wolf” eats you to shut you up – is not the way forward. The way forward is to stand tall and strong, and fearless.

With that in mind, the following article is written in memory of Rik Clay, who passed over (apparently by suicide at only 27 years of age) shortly after sharing his groundbreaking information with the world back in 2008. Whatever the truth might be as to his transition, it is to brave souls like him – willing to embrace the unknown and the darker side of life in pursuit of greater truth and transparency on planet earth – that the following is written.

The Background to the Olympics

In short, the Olympics 2012 in London appears to be a carefully staged ritualistic event. There are endless astronomical “beyond coincidence” facts regarding the Olympics. The ghastly 2012 sign created by a likely FreeMason  (Wally Olins) appears to spell out Zion, the Olympics is situated in an area where all the street signs have religious names, and we must not forget that there was a surprise “UFO event” at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. This is the year, coincidentally, of George Orwell’s infamous novel 1984, which many see as a prophetic representation of the totalitarian Big Brother society that we appear to be moving into. Los Angeles also means “City of Angels”, (Angeles from Angelos or angels). This is also the location of the UFO movie “Battle Los Angeles”:


The Summer Olympics begins Friday, 27 July 2012, and ends Sunday, 12 August 2012, and is to be held in London, England, my home country. So why not the City of Angels, Los Angeles? Why London this time? Well according to the brilliant detective work of Rik Clay and Ian R. Crane, London is the location of the “New Jerusalem” or Zion. In other words, London is the Holy Land of the secret societies that have been planning this event for easily a hundred years, maybe longer. A clue to this is found in the writings of William Blake, a known Freemason, who wrote:

“I will not cease from mental flight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Till we have built Jerusalem, In England’s green and pleasant land.”

I would ask you to check out the work of Rik Clay to continue looking into the reasons for London being the centre of attraction in 2012. Not least of all is the assertion that Princess Diana represents the Fertility Goddess Isis, and William the Son of Isis. Why? Well he may be next in line for the throne, and is born June 21st on the Solstice, meaning “Son of Most High” or “Son of God”. He will be 30 years in 2012, the same age when Jesus began ministering, and we are in the 30th Olympic games, and 30 is XXX in Roman Numerals, which is associated with “triple X” or “X rated.”

The bottom line is: We are only 6 days away from the beginning of the Olympics and as the future of humanity hangs in the balance I choose now to disclose the following information with that in mind, information which convinces me – like many other researchers and individuals – that we are being set up, yet again, by the old powers that used to be. The only question is, set up for what?

Nick Pope’s Interview with the Daily Mail

On the 7 June 2012, the Daily Mail interviewed Nick Pope. When I read this newspaper report, I was totally flabbergasted. I was left thinking “I knew it, he’s a government shill”, and then after calming down, “But maybe this report is inaccurate.”

I suggest you go and read the full report here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2155885/Keep-eye-skies-saucers-Olympics-Games-warns-MoD-UFO-expert.html

To highlight his words:

‘The government must – and has planned – for the worst-case scenario: alien attack and alien invasion.

‘Space shuttles, lasers and directed-energy weapons are all committed via the Alien Invasion War Plan to defend against any alien ships in orbit.

‘If UFOs came into our atmosphere, RAF jets such as the Eurofighter Typhoons, and missiles such as the Rapiers guarding the Olympic Games would be well equipped to enter the fray.

‘And if the aliens landed, in an unprecedented move, I am in doubt that the entire Army would be join the fight.

‘The TA and the Reserves would be called out and conscription potentially introduced. ‘

His words are primarily negative, suggest that the government have made some kind of “alien invasion” plan – indeed going as far as using the actual term “Alien Invasion War Plan” – and also has the nerve to talk about conscription; mandatory service in the army. I’d like to see them enforce that one.

Nick Pope continues:

‘Aliens may possess weapons or advanced technology we’ve no idea of. Aliens may have invisibility, a death ray, teleportation, force fields and other things we can’t even guess at.”
Wow. As an alien abductee, I have wondered if I have misrepresented the field with my unabashed weirdness, over-excitement, and forwardness over the years. I have been misquoted in the media and made to look like an even bigger idiot than I already am in all my human foibles. But these are meant to be the words of an experienced Civil Servant? One would be forgiven for thinking that Mr. Pope has totally lost the plot. Ah well, look on the bright side Mr. Pope: at least your not working for the government anymore, so you won’t be getting sacked for making such sensationalist statements any time soon. Then again, if this “Ex MOD” claim is as patently ludicrous as his recent outbursts are, then it may just be that he will – on the contrary, like all the bankers – be receiving a payrise for being a good little civil servant and doing the dirty on humanity.

Or I could simply have this all wrong, of course, and in fact our beloved Pope is alerting us to a genuine alien threat and potentially saving us from War of the Worlds. Oh please…

Giving Mulder “The Benefit of the Doubt”

So naturally I calmed myself down and decided to give Fox Mulder, I mean Mr. Pope, the benefit of the doubt, all too aware of how people can be misrepresented by the media. So I decided to email Mr. Pope, not expecting an in-depth reply as I am not exactly a big name or know him that well, but what I received back from him was meaningless obfuscating dribble.

My email to him is as follows, asking I am sure you will agree reasonable questions trying to get “to the bottom” of the matter:

Nick, I am totally flabbergasted by your interview with the Daily Mail. …it is not clear why you think the Olympics would be targeted? We have had Olympic games before. So why 2012 in London? You are of course aware that the Olympics in Los Angeles 1984 featured a UFO encounter? And I assume you are aware of Ian R. Crane’s and Rik Clay’s theories, which I was informed yesterday you discounted? Logically speaking, why London, why now? Why not any other location or time? I cannot see the logic of your claims. It sounds like a prophesy.
best wishes,

His response was as follows:

I’m aware that the recent Daily Mail article and other related media reports have caused considerable controversy. Some people theorized that the government is aware that some extraterrestrial-related event is going to occur during the Olympics, while others believe the article is part of a process to lay the ground, ahead of a false flag alien invasion.

I can see how these theories might take hold, given my government background. While some of the media reporting of my recent remarks has been a little wide of the mark, it is true that I’m working on some parallel projects that involve thinking about a range of post-detection/post-contact scenarios.

To respond to the specific allegations, however, I’m no longer employed by the British Government and I’m skeptical about the idea of a false flag alien invasion.

In relation to Olympic security, the Games remain a high-value terrorist target and the military assets being deployed are entirely appropriate. While photographs of military equipment in Central London might look spectacular and unusual, the military support being provided is entirely consistent with that used in many other Olympics and at other high-profile/significant events across the world.

The strategic aim of all this is to ensure that the Games are safe and secure for all those who come to London for the 2012 Olympics.

But why was I experiencing déjà vu whilst reading this? Was it because I was becoming aware of my self in some kind of time-loop, suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy, or …Stop there! The penny dropped. It was less glamorous than any of these hypotheses. It was because I HAD read this before, the exact same words in a report by Donna Anderson of Examiner.com.


I pushed Mr. Pope one more time, and he replied, “I’m afraid that I’ve got nothing to add to my original statement for the time being.” His putting the same statement out twice and not answering any of my questions reminds me of the standard response letters I used to get from the MOD when reporting UFOs or asking questions. Old habits die hard hey, Mr Pope. So I gave the benefit of the doubt, but Mr Pope wasn’t willing to play ball. But in no way did he deny the words quoted in the Daily Mail, so we can take these as his actual claims, and, if he is still working for the MOD or at least loyal to his “country” or whatever it is he thinks he is loyal to, potentially an unofficial statement coming from the powers that were.

The Plot Thickens

I can clearly remember being up late one night, and seeing Nick Pope the Governments “ex” MOD UFO expert being interviewed on Newsnight in 1996.


It all seemed plausible back then, but as I’ve grown older I’ve either become more cynical, or, I’d like to believe, more discriminating. It is now very clear to my mind that Nick Pope would simply not be allowed to go around saying whatever he wanted to. He signed the Official Secrets Act, and at the very least the MOD would be keeping a tight rein on him. In any event, it is known that his books, starting with Open Skies, Closed Minds, had to be passed by the MOD before official release.

Which brings us on to his fictional works, Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike, which were like blueprints for possible UFO invasion and other crises. We can relate this to Mr. Pope’s interest in computer gaming as evidenced in his Daily Mail interview:

…’It is interesting to note that we are all in some ways equipped to deal with alien invasion – games such as Resistance: Burning Skies on PlayStation Vita help acclimatise people to the reality of extraterrestrial life – and in particular that they might be hostile.

Hmmm. A lot of focus on the idea that they might be hostile, don’t you think? There has been no mention of the possibility that they could be benevolent or just neutral. So I did a little more research, and was doubly shocked to find that he was being consulted by Sony, the creators of “Burning Skies”, and wrote the “War Plan” apparently as another work of fiction. Yet it doesn’t read like one. It reads like a very detailed and plausible piece of Public Relations. Check out the following and make your own mind up:



So what is going on here? Well, it’s what is known as “Predictive Programming”. Subtle (or not so subtle) and consistent psychological conditioning that will acclimatise people to a new reality, that when it happens will be accepted as the next natural progression. Certainly, there is some kind of conditioning going on at the moment and Mr Pope seems involved in it. Some key quotes:

The limited number of psychological studies undertaken on this issue suggests that if the government announces the imminent arrival of extraterrestrials (as it will have to do preemptively, to better control the news agenda), societal panic or collapse is unlikely

He goes as far as to suggest that Computer Gaming can be used to acclimatise people to the alien threat and even prepare gamers by imbedding classified information

13. Computer games have also played a key part in acclimatising people to the

reality of extraterrestrial life – and in particular, the idea that aliens might be hostile.

…Given the popularity of such games with young people likely to form the basis of

resistance should our military be defeated, it is interesting to speculate whether

classified information about weapons and tactics that may be useful in fighting an

alien occupation could be embedded into the gameplay.

Preparing our youth for alien warfare hey?

President RayGun and the Star Wars Defence Initiative

Could it be that we are seeing a continuation of a theme? President Regan, for example, is famed for talking seven times about the possibility of a UFO invasion. Maggie Thatcher suggested that he was going mad on one occasion, but surely there is more to it than that.


President Regan is accredited with the creation of the Space Defence Initiative (SDI), derided by the media as “Star Wars”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_Defense_Initiative Some suggest that SDI has already been used against our so-called alien invaders. In the following STS 48 NASA footage observe the moving object to the left hand side, a flash of light, then rapid change of direction by the object in the opposite direction, followed by a projectile moving through the same space the object previously occupied.


Professor Jack Kasher has done research to suggest that the projectile may have originated from a  location in Australia that has SDI capabilities.

Then we must not forget the ideas of a “Disclosure” type event, where the governments of the world officially declare that ET has landed, or the idea of Project Bluebeam, a clandestine plan to use holographic projections and other technologies to create a UFO invasion or some kind of world-wide religious event to homogenise everyone on the planet to go along with the New World Order. A New World Order would include a central bank, central government, and a one world religion which would likely be a new age synthesis of all faiths.


“But They Wouldn’t Dare Do It, and We Would Not Fall For It”

I can hear cries of “They Wouldn’t Dare do it” and “Even if they did, we wouldn’t fall for it.” Unfortunately, I think plenty of people could fall for it. Unlike 911, we are more aware of the possibility of a False Flag Event these days, are now starting to guess them at their own Game. But naturally, like a game of Chess or Poker, there could be bluffs and double bluffs. Maybe, because many of us are aware of the seeming game plan, they could choose to abandon it or move in another direction. They could also be setting us up to look like idiots when the day comes and goes and nothing out of the ordinary happens.

My own reasoning is that yes, all these possibilities are true. I think the powers that were are so desperate and so psychotic, and think so little of us, that yes they might go ahead with the craziest of possibilities; a fake alien invasion and/or major terrorist event. When I came back from a festival recently with no access to media, I almost rolled over laughing when I saw all the newspapers declaring that the government is angry at the GS4 security firm for not delivering the goods, and the government declaring that they have been “forced” to bring in the military. The media suggested GS4 would lose 52million and that their CV would be tainted. I suggest that they did their job wonderfully, giving the powers that were the excuse to bring in as much military might as they could get away with.

I recently came across a guy that was convinced that the alien invasion could be a real one. He said that a crop circle featuring a Polar Clock had appeared in Manton, Wiltshire, on 2 June 2012. A Polar Clock is a way of representing time that has appeared on android phones. This one apparently refers to the date 4 August 2012, and to his mind represents a message that we are going to be invaded. Why? Because he thinks crop circles (including this one) are too big and complicated to be made by people. I, on the other hand, think certain features and qualities distinguish genuine crop circles from man-made one’s. I have no evidence that this crop circle is genuine, neither does he, but to his mind something “major” and negative will happen on 4 August. In addition he thinks the date 4/8/ and the time 1900 hours could be an anagram for 1984. Flimsy logic at best I’d say. Either way, I say we stay calm and realise that this crop circle could be a hoax anyway, even a government sponsored one purposely making references to the Olympics and maybe 1984.

Will the Real Fox Mulder Please Stand Up!

So now it’s time to share why I am almost entirely convinced that Mr. Pope is no Fox Mulder, but in all likelihood a government shill.

Back in 2003, when I was studying reiki and clairvoyance at college, my teacher spoke with myself and another student about learning CRV – Coordinate Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing or RV is the scientific protocol employed by the military for successful psychic spying. We don’t have space to go into this in too much detail, so I refer you to Wikipedia for an overview. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_viewing

This other student was an alien abductee or experiencer, just like myself. I will refer to this student without name or even reference to gender in an effort to protect identity. They had shared some of their experiences with me, and I discovered that they used to be considered hopless at math until they figured out that they processed maths in 3d visual terms. For example, they could see calculations as 3d geometry, learning to synthesize one with another, creating a third geometry. Once they figured out their synaesthesia, they became genius at math. They also possessed a knack of making quantum mechanics easy to comprehend by acting it out, by for example imagining a chess set. It was quite entertaining to see them stand up then hopping around, using the concept of a chess set to make sense of previously complicated science!

In any event, one day they informed me that they had come into touch with Mr. Pope about their abduction experiences. They also started work at a MOD facility called Abbey Wood in Bristol. One day they told me that they had been asked to Remote View by the MOD. At that stage they were just training with false targets. I thought nothing of it at the time, until a few weeks week later when walking home from college they said “You know about CRV don’t you”. I nodded my head, and then they said “I want to share some co-ordinates with you, tune in and see what you get.”

So I did exactly that. I went away and, although not trained in the militaristic protocols, I nevertheless repeated the coordinates in my mind a number of times and waited. I had an incredibly realistic vision and gathered tons of information. I also asked my partner at the time to do the same, and whilst her symbols were different they seemed to match my own. When I next saw my college friend I shared what we both sensed. She smiled and said “Yes, spot on, I thought so.” What did we see? I don’t want to give the coordinates or too many details as I think this could be dangerous and distracting, and these were at the end of the day sensitive targets, but let’s just say the targets were of events in our distant future involving some kind of alien warfare and environmental disasters, and what to my mind appeared to be artificial intelligence. I also met a psychic some time later who had a dream matching one of the target items.

Back then I didn’t think much of this. But a few years back, I remembered what happened and did a random search. It turns out that the MOD had conducted a study in 2001, but concluded that it was almost entirely a waste of time or at least of no value to the MOD. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6388575.stm  Or so they say. I mean, have we not heard this kind of rhetoric before?

Something fishy is going on here, because the study was concluded in 2002 stamped with the official seal of disapproval. However, my associate told me that they had met Nick Pope and begun RVing for the MOD in 2003,a year after the MOD study was disbanded and apparently forgotten about. To quote Mr Pope’s own writing on the matter:

The ultimate aim of this study is not apparent because much of the critical information is still being withheld by the MoD. But there is a telling clue in the documents that have been released. Reference is made to the first phase of the study, aimed at recruiting remote viewers. There is then mention of a second phase, which the report describes as being aimed at ‘the selection of one or more individuals who it is felt can be ‘trusted’ to be used for the sensitive targets’.

I underlined the last line on purpose. Because my associate had met Mr Pope and begun RVing in 2003, a year after the official study ended. Also, the targets being used in Phase One included “photographs of six targets, which included buildings, places, events, objects and people”. (Ibid).Not only did my associate share with me two sets of 3 figure numbers, rather than hold photographs in their hand, but also was sharing with me very unusual and detailed Target items representing scenes in our distant future!

This does not sound like she was an ordinary person recruited off the street, it sounds like they were inducted into the second phase of the MOD’s project and entrusted to RV sensitive targets. Now it could be that they were approached by someone at Abbey Wood to RV, but how on earth would they know that our associate was suitable material and/or interested in RVing? Is it not more likely that through their association with Nick Pope and discussing theircontact experiences, they were groomed as decent RV material. Mr. Pope, to his credit, half admits his complicity in the matter through his Daily Express article:

Although remote viewing was never in Nick Pope’s formal terms of reference, he was frequently approached by people who claimed to have psychic abilities and who wanted to volunteer their services as ‘psychic spies’. Nick discussed this with various colleagues in the MoD and carried out some basic testing of people claiming to be psychics, but was not sufficiently impressed by the results to take the matter any further.

Now you  might be asking yourself the question why were the MOD not more secretive on the matter. Well I have my own pet theory. RVers have traditionally been selected through the military by use of personality testing (ENFP on Jungian Myers Brigg typing) and blood type (rhesus negative). But what if our abductee is not an isolated example? Abductees as a group may tend towards ENFP and there is also evidence that they are rhesus negative. So what ifthe MOD see us as a resource to be tapped into? What if, moreover, employing abductees is also of interest to them because of their interest in the UFO phenomenon. And if some of the targets are UFO/ET related what better RVers than abductees?

This is all conjecture to your mind, admittedly, but for me it is intuition. Maybe in writing this further information or witnesses may come forth. In the meantime I ask you to use your intuition.

Exopolitics: favouring the Negative ET Hypothesis.

I once read our beloved Stephen Hawking say – “if extraterrestrials could visit us, we’d have seen them by now.” Maybe this is not as bad as the astrophysicist who once said to me: “We’ve probably been visited in the past, we’ll probably be visited in the future, but now is unlikely.” Good education these guys must have had, because I’m still trying to figure this one out!

More recently Hawking has made repeatedly negative statements about ET contact: “I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America. Which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” (Jan 2010)

I did some research and it turns out that Hawking was the youngest member of the Royal Society (or “Invisible College”) in 1974, their emblem being the Rosey Cross (a symbol of freemasonic Rosicrucianism). Simon-Conway Morris,  professor of evolutionary­ paleobiology at Cambridge was a keynote speaker at the Royal Society Extraterrestrial Conference in Jan 2010, giving a similar speech. Is this a coincidence? No. They are both members of the Invisible College.

I could be forgiven for thinking that Regan, Hawking (who also promotes transhumanism, by the way, the idea that artificial intelligence is superior to humanity), Morris, and of course Nick Pope, amongst others, all share something in common – promoting the negative exopolitical agenda.

If there is an alien invasion, real or holographic, just remember – stay calm. Oh, and nothing at all may happen at the Olympics. Nothing. It may all be a distraction, a chance to say “We told you so”, and an opportunity to drum more fear and negative conditioning into humanity regarding the subject of extraterrestrial contact. Right now, I think this is the most likely outcome, although no-one can say for sure. We need to play it by ear, as they say!

My message to Humanity? Keep it real and stay calm. Your Youniverse needs you!

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