Judge Dale (Ret’d) – The Great American Adventure 2A: The Indians Weren’t Savages And The Tax Fight Was About Gold – 24 July 2012

King George III

King George’s historic claim of ownership of the 13 American colonies (aka The Virginia Colony) was a prevarication. This false claim was made by a king, a pope and by Mayer [Bauer] Rothschild despite clear evidence that America was already inhabited. It was inhabited by the Red Race, the surviving descendants of Atlantis, a continent destroyed around 9600 BC during a world wide continental land shift.

The Emperor of America at this time was an Indian named Moy Toy.  In order for King George to lawfully lay claim to America it was absolutely necessary for England to either conquer the Red Race or negotiate with and procure land grants from the Red Race.  This was substantively impossible at the time. Therefore King George’s Land Grants issued for the American Colonies were a complete fraud and contrary to the ancient international treaty law titled The Ancient Rights of Discovery.

The Ancient Rights of Discovery stated that only new, uninhabited or conquered lands could be claimed by a sovereign king or by his discoverer acting on his behalf. Representatives of The Virginia Colony negotiated separate Territorial Treaties with eastern tribes of the Red Race. It was these King George used as his base authority to issue his bogus land grants.

Factually, Land Grants could not have been obtained from the American Indian because the Red Race culture believed that “No man can own the wind or the sun any more than he can own the land, which the gods have created for their use and benefit.” Since the Red Race was more than capable of repelling any armada sent against them by any of the super powers of that time the King and the Pope deduced that their demise would need to be accomplished by other means.

The Red Race was a gracious host and landlord and was willing to share what they had with the white immigrants, a disposition they would eventually learn to regret.

Pilgrims Discover A New World

The Pilgrims were a persecuted and exiled religious order originating from England and Holland. Some of the Pilgrims who eventually made it to America migrated from Holland to England on the Speedwell.

This initial migration to America was to be made on 2 British ships – the Mayflower and Speedwell. The first attempt departed Southampton on August 5/15, 1620, but the Speedwell developed a leak, and had to be refitted at Dartmouth on August 17/27.

On the second attempt the ships reached the Atlantic Ocean but again were forced to return to Plymouth because of the Speedwell’s leak. It would later be revealed that there was in fact nothing wrong with the Speedwell. The Pilgrims believed the crew had sabotaged the voyage under the pretense of refitting the ship. Their indifferent behavior while operating the vessel suggested they would rather not fulfill the year-long commitment their contract called for.

The Pilgrims were greeted by The Iroquois Indian Nation when they finally anchored in Plymouth Harbor. The Iroquois Federation Government consented to permit the Pilgrims to live with them providing they first agreed to experience life as an Indian and were willing to comply with Indian Federation rules.

The Rules Of Admission

The Iroquois Federation Government and Constitution was a carryover from Atlantian times when the Red Race was the dominant civilization on Earth. The rules included:

  • No one owns the land
  • A prohibition against slavery
  • No theft of another man’s personal property
  • No persecution for religious beliefs [i.e.] freedom of religion

George Washington was supposed to negotiate an all-inclusive treaty with the Red Race, which at the time consisted of 568 separate tribes.  To avoid this Washington requested a meeting with Emperor Moy Toy. Moy Toy refused to grant him an audience due to Washington’s status as a commoner.  However, Moy Toy gave the eastern Tribes permission to negotiate separate treaties with the white immigrants, if they so chose.

The Treaty of 1791 was created between the whites and the Indians for Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and five additional states located in the Cherokee Indian Nation Territory . This treaty is still valid and enforceable today.

The Great Mistake

The Red Race made a huge mistake in their dealings with the white immigrants.  They were complacent. They believed themselves to be in control and undefeatable.  Fights broke out among the various tribes in an effort to establish superiority over neighboring tribes. (This particular human flaw has occurred since ancient Babylon and continues to this day.)

During these tribal distractions the colonists broke many of the strict rules that bound them. The Red Race ignored these minor breaches of Federation Government rules because they considered the white immigrants to be an inoffensive, physically weak, uneducated and slow witted group. However, the white immigrants weren’t as ignorant as was believed because every minor breach was intended to chip away at the strict rules the Red Race had established for them with the clear intent to establish their own superiority over the Indian Tribes.

Many Pilgrim women chose to remain with and marry Indian braves because of how favorably women were treated by the Red Race. This particular fact was distorted by white settlers and government leaders to justify their attacks, theft of North American land, and attempted extinction of the Red Race.  For many years, in fact, white colonial women who were supposedly rescued from captivity escaped from their white liberators to return to their Indian husbands.  This happened so frequently and became such an embarrassment to white colonial men they established and introduced “standards of conduct and behavior for women.” Violators were frequently ostracized by the white community.  Unsurprisingly, white men were never held to the same standard as the women.

The Iroquois Federation Government, Constitution and Postal System was eventually copied by the Founding Fathers. The Universal Postal Union (UPU), is a direct product of the Iroquois Federation Postal System. These concepts were then modified by the white race to define money, generate money, to permit control and ownership of land and license personal and intellectual property, which has always been a part of the white race’s culture, idealism and preoccupation to own and control people, places and things.

The Puritans educated Europe in the Iroquois Federation doctrines when some of them migrated back to England upon the removal of Oliver Cromwell from his position as 1st (and only) Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.

The Great Deception

Standard American history texts teach us the Founding Fathers originated these doctrines. That the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were the fruit of their intellect and invention. Many erudite historians actually went a step further and identified the Red Race as savages.  What is much closer to the truth is many of the Founding Fathers were often stoned on hemp or drunk on rum, and incapable of concocting anything as rational and complex as a Constitution or Declaration of Independence.  They were from a privileged class who frequently partied with prostitutes and cheated on their wives in secret sex societies.  As far as the Indian being savage think about this – if someone kept breaking his word and stealing from you, you might begin to behave savagely too.

The Colonization Of America Proceeds Apace

The colonization of America continued to expand while King George grew deeper in debt to the Rothschild Bank.  It was Mayer Amschel Bauer (a Sabbatean Jew and founder of the Rothschild Banking Empire) who suggested to King George that he tax the American colonies and demand this tax be paid in gold.  As George was so thoroughly in debt to the Rothschild bank he (through his advisers) decided to follow Mr. Rothschild’s request to tax all commerce entering or exiting the Americas and to demand that payment in gold.

His first tax was on tea.

It Was The Demand For Taxes Paid In Gold That Sparked A Revolution

The colonists did not trade in gold but had developed a system of exchange based upon promissory notes called Colonial Script which is both similar and quite different from the “Federal Reserve Notes” of today.  The similarity is these are both promissory notes. The difference lies in the areas of “consent” and “interest payment.”  The colonists consented to establish and honor the Colonial Script as a fair medium of exchange, one devoid of interest charges. Federal Reserve notes were thrust upon Americans by Rothschild family agents in 1913, without the people’s consent, with interest, and with the despicable intent of stealing the fruits of American labor, equity and assets.

The King’s demand for payment in gold is what ignited the Boston Tea Party. It was not the historic claim of “No Taxation without Representation.”  The Colonists were quite willing to pay King George’s tea tax as long as he would accept payment in Colonial Script, which could then be traded back to the colonies in exchange for tobacco and hemp products.

The king refused.

In response to the Boston Tea Party revolt King George sent his military in force to intimidate the colonists.  This resulted in armed confrontation and many skirmishes later billed and classified as the Revolutionary War.

The fifty-one colonists counted among the “Founding Fathers” prepared and served a Declaration upon King George, declaring America’s Independence from England under the name “The United States of America.” This did not sit well with the king’s advisers.  In fact it outraged them, and through them, the king.

The Colonists had learned to fight guerrilla style warfare from skirmishes with and against the various Indian tribes. As a result they won many revolutionary skirmishes. However, they never had a prayer of winning a war against Britain, and many knew it. However, they also knew King George did not intend to kill all the colonists because were he to do so there would be no one left to pay his tax.  All he was attempting to do was regain control over his colonial white slaves and any new slaves who had joined forces with the colonists.

The Pothead, Rum-Drinking Founders Would Be Appalled

Another concealed  historic fact is the first and foremost crop grown in America was “hemp” or “marijuana.”  That’s right. America got its commercial start from a plant that is now classified as a Schedule I Drug.  Each of the Founding Fathers owned large hemp plantations. The colonists made rope, flags, homespun clothing, sails, writing paper and medicine from the processed hemp. The plant’s sterilized seed was used in baking, called sesame seeds.  In point of fact, the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution were actually written on hemp paper.

The introduction of tobacco eventually changed the score because tobacco was so naturally addictive that England couldn’t get enough of it and purchased all the colonists could grow.  Tobacco sold for more money than hemp. However hemp had many more practical uses.  Many colonial farmers split their land into two  – half hemp and half tobacco. Others changed over entirely to tobacco.  All the colonists grew corn, potatoes, squash, apples, cabbage and raised chickens, beef and dairy cattle, and sheep but that was for their own personal consumption and not for export.

The British Troops Tire Of War

England had just defeated France in the 7 Years War and the English soldiers were battle weary and most of the English soldiers refused to fight the American colonists because so many of the colonists were their relatives.  So Mr. Bauer traveled to Prussia and engaged the services of unemployed Hessian mercenaries for the career English officers to command.  The Hessian Soldiers had also fought in the 7 Years War and there was little need or employment for career soldiers.  Their contract pay with Bauer was 50 cents a day. Mr. Bauer (Rothschild) billed the King 1 dollar a day.  Since King George had a revolving charge with the Rothschild bank, repayment for these soldiers would eventually be required of him in gold.

Upon defeating the French Bauer (Rothschild) suggested that King George arrange (through his newly appointed Civilian Administrator of France) to loan the Continental Congress the appropriations needed to supply and finance the Revolutionary War.  The  plan and logic was simple – Bring America to its knees in debt and then foreclose on it!

Of course colonial America didn’t have a prayer of winning and most of the money and appropriations loaned or sold to them went into the pockets of Founding Fathers.  King George possessed one of the largest, most efficient military forces known at that time.

The Virginia Colony was populated by three million men, women and children in total and most of the men were farmers and tradesmen or bond slaves, armed only with knives and flintlock muskets.  So it is beyond imagination that anyone could possibly believe that American colonists won or possessed a chance of winning the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812!  But then ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will begin to believe you!’

Nobody won the Revolutionary War but since the English military was first to stop fighting the Continental Congress declared that America won the war based upon an old maxim of law, which states  “He who leaves the field of battle first …. loses.”

Twenty members of the Continental Congress were Founding Fathers as well as English lawyers and aristocrats who had received considerable training in the art of English law. They thought up that little jewel.  Need I say more?

This situation however posed a new problem for the Continental Congress to resolve, which was: ‘How to place their debt to France on the backs of the American colonists?’  They decided to tax all alcoholic beverages, which was the impetus that started the American moonshine business and rum smuggling trade.  One of the largest rum smugglers in America was Founding Father John Hancock.

America’s Natural Wealth In Resources Proves A Great Temptation

Mr. Bauer (Rothschild) had another motive (in addition to collecting repayment of the King’s debt in gold).  Bauer viewed the American colonies as an untapped resource and prime location to establish another branch of his Rothschild bank.  He knew the State of Virginia was as rich in gold deposits as the State of California and the Dakotas. This piece of information was kept secret from the public because the high contracting powers wanted to expand the Virginia colonies to the West Coast of America and defeat the Red Race at the same time. This is why the California Gold Rush rumor was started by the American government.  It was a rumor spread throughout the then-known world to entice immigration and replace immigrants who died during the westward migration.

Rothschild’s plan was simple. He would establish a branch of his banking empire in the colonies, replace the Colonial Script with his Corporate Bank Script, then extend unlimited credit to the colonists with a repayment in gold.  This had worked with King George’s advisors so why shouldn’t it work in the American Colonies?  Bauer also changed his last name to Rothschild around this timeframe.

Rothschild however was unsuccessful in accomplishing his plan for the American Colony because the Continental Congress rejected his proposal based in part on a business plan they were drafting or modifying that was designed to insure and protect their individual interests. This plan titled “The Constitution of the United States of America,” was a modified version of the Iroquois Federation Government Constitution.   The Articles of Confederation was the outline for the Constitution and which spelled out their business plan to control America.

The colonists were never asked if they wanted a Constitution nor were they asked to vote on this document. The Continental Congress had always intended to steal North America for their own personal posterity.  The term “We the People” was defined to mean “We the Delegates” by the Articles of Confederation.

The safeguards found in the Constitution were not for populace protection but intended to prevent any one or group of Founding Fathers from cutting the others out.

While Mr. Rothschild openly condemned the use of “Colonial Script” as money by calling it worthless, his agents and employees who had secretly infiltrated the American Colonies were instructed to buy up or trade for all available “Script” that they could lay their hands on.  While this was going on, Rothschild sent his top banking agent – Alexander Levine – to further infiltrate the new American Government.

Once in America, Mr. Levine changed his last name to Hamilton to obscure his Sabbatean Jewish ancestry and conceal any connection as the CFO of the Rothschild Banking Empire. Alexander Hamilton secured employment as the personal secretary to General George Washington. After Washington’s election to the Office of President, Alexander Hamilton was appointed by President Washington as the first United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Alexander Hamilton always remained loyal to the Rothschild family and the Rothschild bank. As the first United States Secretary of the Treasury he manipulated the value of Colonial Script Rothschild agents had accumulated and drafted and proposed a 20-year contractual Charter for the first United States Central Bank.  President George Washington signed the Central Bank charter into law, therein successfully entering the Rothschild banking empire into American commerce with the stroke of a pen.

To be continued . . .

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