OpEdNews – Jon Larsen – Attacking Democracy In Paraguay – 24 July 2012

Once again, a democratically elected leader of the common people has been ousted by the forces of wealth and corporate power. The ousting of President Fernando Lugo could be termed a corporate coup–although it is more than that.

Why was democracy thwarted? The following six reasons offer an explanation:

– Monsanto and Cargill have interests in Paraguay for GMO crops despite the Paraguayan National Service for Plants and Seeds’ refusal to approve Monsanto’s GMO seeds in Paraguay.

– Wealthy Brazilian land owners gain more wealth if Paraguayan natives along the border with Brazil are displaced from their ancestral lands.

– Wealthy Paraguayans fear the rise of land reform, which would reduce their rising wealth and power (a fraction of 1 percent owns 77 percent or arable land).

– The U.S. wants a right-wing government in Paraguay in which they can control.

– The U.S. wants a military base in Paraguay to advance the corporate goals of Monsanto and to suppress the many liberal South American democracies which have, in recent years, succeeded in throwing out despotic dictators.

– Lugo was a Catholic bishop who advanced Liberation Theology and has supported land reform and democracy for the native people over the greedy interests of the 1 percent, the corporations and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, which has turned its back on Jesus Christ and the poor. It is in the Catholic Church’s interest to support money and power.

How was democracy thwarted? The ousting of Lugo and Carlos Filizzola, Interior Minister of Paraguay, removed the barriers to Monsanto’s plans to replace family farms with monocrop plantations (as they have been doing worldwide), spreading corporate fascism and destroying democracy. This was accomplished by the Central Intelligence Agency’s false flag operation in Curuguaty that left six police officers–including the chief of police and his deputy chief–and 11 peasant farmers dead. An additional 54 peasants were arrested and are now facing serious charges.


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Jon Larsen is a retired educational psychologist and carpenter/contractor who lives in a small town in southern Arizona. He enjoys nature and being an amateur primatologist, playing tennis,golf and writing. He volunteers at the Food Bank, the (more…)

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